Cute Names to Call Your Pet Yorkie
Names for your pet Yorkie
With that fluffy little galumphing explosion of adorableness, you just can't help but get cuddly when you have a Yorkie around you. With those naiveté-filled-compassion-evoking eyes, you are forced to forgive its impish antics....
Silky Terrier Vs. Yorkshire Terrier
Comparison between silky terriers and yorkshire terriers
The debate of Silky terrier vs. Yorkshire terrier often stems from the misconception that they are one breed because of the remarkable similarity in their appearance. To clear things up, we examine both breeds...
Yorkiepoo Information
Fact about yorkiepoo
An extremely popular crossbreed, Yorkiepoo also known as Yorkipoo or Yorkie Doodle is produced by the mating of a Yorkshire Terrier and a Poodle. We enlist all the important facts related to this cute dog for prospective owners.
Personality Traits of a Chihuahua-Yorkie Mix
Personality trait of a Chihuahua-Yorkie mix
Small in size but big on fun, the Chihuahua-Yorkie mix is an excellent dog to have around. It has all the desirable characteristics of a small dog, and it is also hypoallergenic! Buzzle provides some facts about the Chorkie dog.
Yorkie-Pomeranian Mix Information
Yorkie-Pomeranian mix dog breed trait
The new age of designer dogs is here. There are many new breeds out there today, each as cute as the other. One such interesting mix is the Yorkie-Pomeranian hybrid, or the Yorkie-Pom. Buzzle provides more information about this...
Information on Teacup Yorkshire Terrier
Teacup Yorkshire Terriers are the new rage, with everyone wanting to own one of these small, cute bundles of joy. However, there is a slight hitch that can dampen your plans of owning one of these cute pets. Read on to know why...
Yorkie Teeth Care
Yorkshire terriers are extremely vulnerable to dental problems and need a lot of attention and care, in order to keep decay, tooth fall, and infections, at bay. Learn about Yorkie teeth care, so that you can look after your pet's...
Facts About the Shih Tzu-Yorkie Mix Breed Dog
Shih Tzu-Yorkie mix breed dog traits
The Shih Tzu-Yorkie, also known as Shorkie or Shorkie Tzu, is a cute, loving, loyal, and playful dog. Check out some must-know facts about the Shih Tzu-Yorkie mix, provided by Buzzle.
What to Look for When Buying a Yorkie
Are you planning on getting a Yorkie home? Then perhaps you should read the article on what to look for when buying a Yorkie before you go ahead...
Yorkie Behavior Problems
Though the Yorkshire terrier often comes across as a cute little dog, it can surely create huge chaos, if not trained properly. This article on Yorkie behavior problems will help owners understand their dog's temperament.
Toy Yorkie Information
Yorkshire Terrier information
Crazy about cute and cuddly pooches? Well, then you might be interested in reading some interesting Toy Yorkie information. Well, what are you waiting for......?
How to Breed Yorkies
Thinking of breeding your Yorkshire Terrier and need to know what are the correct techniques to use to make that happen? Continue reading this article for a complete understanding of how to breed Yorkies and make the plan...
Yorkshire Terrier Allergies
There are not a lot of allergies that Yorkshire Terriers can fall prey to. Nonetheless, we've mentioned the ones that could affect your Yorkie, so you know what to look for and what to do in case he has one.
Yorkie Health Problems
The Yorkshire terrier, commonly known as the Yorkie, is a very delightful breed of dog. This article lists some of the health problems that every Yorkie owner should be aware of.
How to Groom a Yorkie
Is your yorkie giving you trouble in grooming? We are here to help you tame the cute, little monster.
Teacup Yorkie Facts
The facts covered in the following article will help you learn all about teacup Yorkies. Read some useful information and understand how you could take better care of your dog.
Best Dog Food for Yorkies
What would qualify as some of the best dog food for Yorkies? Let us try to find out in the following article.
Yorkshire Terrier Pictures
Yorkshire terriers, or Yorkies, are universally known as small dogs with big personality. Here you will find Yorkie pictures and information.