Causes of World War 1
World War 1 was one of the biggest events in world history that changed the entire European continent. There were many causes of World War 1, the most important ones being militarism, alliances, imperialism, and nationalism.
Trench Warfare
A defensive warfare technique extensively used during the World War I, trench warfare did save thousands of lives, but then, it also had some drawbacks of its own.
Treaty of Sèvres
One of the treaties signed at the end of the First World War was the treaty of Sèvres. It was among the treaties that conclusively ended the war. Scroll down to read the summary of the treaty...
Treaty of Versailles Summary
It was the treaty of Versailles that ended the war between Germany and the Allied powers during the first World War. Scroll down to know more about the summary of this treaty in this write-up...
World War 1: Causes, Trenches and Timeline
The First World War was the turning point in human history.
History of the Hell Fighters
The Hell Fighters were all black, and the irony of being asked to fight injustice abroad while upholding bigotry back home was lost on none of them. Here's more...
Facts About Mobilization in World War I
Fact about US participation in World War I
War, a dreadful occurrence, that can plunge nations into long-term peril, somehow succeeds in being on the top of the list for many nations. But it takes a lot of coaxing on the part of the nations to prepare its people for such...
Facts about Mustard Gas Used During World War I
Protection against mustard gas during World War I
Gas usage was considered uncivilized, but as the saying goes 'Everything is fair in love and war'; so they experimented with deadly gases to produce something so potent to kill their enemies. Mustard gas was one such invention that...
Comparison of World War 1 and World War 2
Comparison of world war one with world war two
World War I (1914-1918) and World War II (1939-1945) were two of the most important events in world history. Almost all the continents were involved in the wars, and they led to a massive destruction all over the world. Millions...
Why Did the US Enter WW1?
Historians are divided over why the United States entered WW1 in 1917 after having stayed neutral for nearly three years. We will see what prompted President Woodrow Wilson to take a decision that he had avoided for most part of...
Facts About the Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
Fact about the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
We put forth some interesting facts about the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. This was the most high-profile assassination of the 19th century, for it triggered the worst conflict the world had ever experienced until then...
The Battle of Gallipoli
The battle of Gallipoli was fought during the First World War between the Entente Forces and the old Ottoman Empire of Turkey, supported by the Central Powers. The battle had far-reaching effects on all the countries involved. Find...
Women in World War One
Here's an insight into the lives and courageous acts of some outstandingly extraordinary women in World War One (1914 - 1918).
What was the Purpose and Significance of the Mandate System?
Significance of the Mandate System
The ongoing Israel-Palestinian conflict began as a result of the mandate system. But why was the mandate system created? Buzzle answers this question with the help of the definition, purpose, and significance of the mandate system.
Committee on Public Information (CPI): Purpose, Facts, and Significance
Purpose of Committee on Public Information
War can never be fought without public support and patriotic propaganda. During World War I the government's dominant project was to infuse the American minds into investing in the war, both financially and emotionally. Thus, CPI...
What Weapons Were Used in World War I?
Fact about use of tanks in World War I
World War 1 was one of the largest and most violent events of conflict in the history of mankind. This war brought in many new technologies and deadly weapons, that have influenced warfare strategies and weapons development till...
Facts about Flamethrowers Used During World War I
Fact about flamethrowers used during World War I
The fear of fire is deep-rooted in the human psyche, and the flamethrowers used during World War I capitalized on this very fact. In this Buzzle article, we put forth some facts about this weapon, which, despite being in the...
Facts about Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
Every country has a tomb of the unknown soldier, to remember the sacrifices made by the brave soldiers. Read on, to know more about these national monuments.