Effects of Alcoholism on the Economy
Drunk driving pictogram
Alcoholism is an illness that can cripple the economy by imposing a huge cost on the health care system - a cost that is paid by the Federal, state, and local government agencies as well as the alcoholic. It also lowers...
Command Economy Vs. Free-market Economy
Difference between command economy and free-market economy
The state of the economy of any nation is determined by the decisions taken by the government. And the degree of regulation and control the government has on the economy determines whether the economy can be termed as a command...
How does Inflation Affect the Economy?
How badly an economy is affected by inflation depends on its level at the time. This article gives an overall idea about the impact of inflation on the economy.
Fiat Money Vs. Gold Standard
Difference between fiat money and gold standard
The fiat money vs. gold standard debate has been doing the rounds for quite a while. The Buzzle write-up below explains the differences between the two.
Capitalist Economy
Capitalism or a capitalist economy is not a new concept and dates back to the industrial revolution. It is termed as an economy where the government does not take part in any kind of production process and entrepreneurs are...
Effects of Black Market on the Economy
Effects of black market on economy
Black markets occupy a prominent place in the informal economic sector of the world. However, the effects of black markets on the global economy are phenomenal.
How does Counterfeit Money Affect the Economy
Effects of circulation of fake money
Counterfeit money is being circulated everywhere in the world these days. While its circulation makes more money available to the people, it definitely does have some adverse effects on the economy. Here's how counterfeit money...
Dollar Sign: Origin and History
Fact about dollar sign
The dollar sign or peso sign ($) is a symbol mainly used to represent the different peso and dollar units of currency in many countries. The sign can have one or two vertical strokes.
Advantages and Disadvantages of a Traditional Economy
Pros and cons of a traditional economy
In a traditional economy, the economic decisions are predominantly taken by tradition and convention. Such economies use primitive methods of production in their occupation. But both the sides of a coin must be judged before coming...
Traditional Economy
Example of traditional economy
As the term 'traditional economy' is very vague and unspecific, you are less likely to see its application in the field of economics today. So, do we have traditional economies thriving in any part of the world? In order to figure...
Why Small Businesses are Important to the Economy
Every economy needs entrepreneurial skills to fully exploit its human resources and prosper. During the times of down-sizing and recession when everyone in big companies is running around like headless chickens, do small businesses...
Communist Economy
Fact about communist economy
In the 20th century, the communist economy was being pitched as one of the best alternatives to replace the capitalist market economy. Despite what we think of it today, back then it had become quite popular in various parts of the...
Financial Capital of the World: New York or London?
London and New York are two of the busiest centers for international trade and commerce. These cities have the infrastructure, government support, and a skilled workforce to play host to some of the biggest financial institutions...
Will China's Renminbi Become the Next World Currency?
Fact about China's Renminbi being world currency
Many experts opine that China's official currency, the renminbi, is fast-emerging as a reliable global currency. This Buzzle article discusses whether China's renminbi will become the next world currency.
How Did The Dollar Become The Global Reserve Currency
Reason why dollar became the global reserve currency
The United States dollar became a global reserve currency by the end of the 20th century, and since then, has been the world's most dominant currency. This Buzzle post explains how the dollar has become the global reserve currency.
What If There Was a Single Worldwide Currency?
Advantage of a single worldwide currency
Implementing a single currency for the entire world is, no doubt, an uphill task. But, will it be worth the effort? This Buzzle article discusses the possibility of having a single worldwide currency.
Pros and Cons of a Command Economy
Pros and cons of a command economy
Though every economic system seems perfect in theory, in practice, it isn't always so. Just like most economies, a command economy too possesses its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. Buzzle gives you a list of pros and...
Market Economy: Pros, Cons, and Examples
Fact about market economy
In a market economy, decisions pertaining to functioning of the economy are determined by the free forces of demand and supply. Ideally, there is no government intervention; however, there is rarely any nation that has a completely...
Functions of an Economic System
Function of an economic system
An economic system is one where the production, allocation, and distribution of resources takes place. The economic system has to perform the function of deciding what, how, how much, and for whom the production should be done....
Historical and Modern Examples of Command Economy
Historical and modern examples of command economy
A command economy is an economic system in which the government commands industries regarding what goods must be produced, how much should be produced, and at what price they should be sold. In this Buzzle article, we will see some...
Top 10 Oil Producing Countries in the World
Top 10 oil producing countries in the world
Saudi Arabia is the largest oil producer in the world, followed by the United States and Russia. Find out which are the other countries that have been able to secure a position among the top 10 oil producing countries in the world,...
How Does Unemployment Affect the Economy
Many of us know that unemployment rate is indicative of the state of the economy, but do you know how does it affect the economy? Here are the effects of unemployment on the economy, and when it is favorable.
Impact of a Stock Market Crash on the Economy
The world economy has witnessed many stock market crashes till now. The impact of such events results in a weak financial situation in an economy, along with several other long-lasting effects.
How Does Monetary Policy Affect the Economic Growth
Monetary policies are crucial in influencing an economy. Without efficient economic plans and organized efforts, a nation may fail to compete globally. The holistic effect of any monetary policy on a country's growth forms the gist...
The Economy Vs. Environment Debate
A vision to create a world where economic progress meets environmental conservation is the need of time. One cannot achieve much by just blaming the rampant industrial development witnessed in the 20th and 21st century. Changing...
How Gas Prices Affect the Economy
A short write-up on the relationship between gas prices and the economy intended to explain the intricate details about the economic repercussions of rise and fall in the price of gas. Continue reading for a simple explanation on...
Most Expensive Cities
Ever wondered which are the most expensive cities in the world. There has been a considerable change in the list due to recession and decline in the value of euro and dollar. Let us check out some of the world's most expensive...
Planned Economy
The concept of a planned economy, its advantages, disadvantages, and the list of countries in the world that run their economies on this concept are all explained in the article below.
Mixed Economy
The economy of a nation is based upon a certain ideology. A mixed economy is primarily a combination of a capitalist and socialist ideology, but may include other ideologies and influences too.
Monetary Policy Vs. Fiscal Policy
Monetary and fiscal policies are two parallel concepts that are used by governments all across the world as welfare and reform measures. One of the basic difference is that, fiscal policy is usually decided by the national...
Richest Country in the World
US... Norway... Luxembourg... Switzerland, which country do you think is the wealthiest in the world? What makes a country rich? Let's find out...
Purpose of IMF
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is an international financial institution that promotes economic cooperation among the member countries for ensuring rapid economic development throughout the world. Discover more about the...
History of IMF (International Monetary Fund)
Created in 1945, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is an international organization that supervises global economic affairs, and provides financial advice and aid to its member countries. Here is a brief overview about the...