Ways to Wear a Scarf
Popular as a head-wear, a scarf is an ultimate fashion accessory, which you can choose to grace up your attire. If you want to have a modish look with a simple outfit, just get a matching scarf. Buzzle offers you a few ways of...
Fashion Over 50
Fashion over 50 can be trendy, classic, formal, casual - it can be anything that the woman can carry off with sophistication and elan. Read on for some interesting fashion advice for women over 50.
Pillbox Hat
The pillbox hat adds that old-world charm to any attire. This article provides a brief history about this hat, and explains how to wear it and where to find one.
Jeans for Short Women
Searching for jeans for short women? Go through this article before you hit the stores to purchase a pair of jeans. Here are some tips that will help you pick the right styles and designs for your height and figure.
Spring Jackets for Women
Keep aside those bulky winter coats, and get ready to welcome spring in light spring jackets. Read all about spring jackets for women in this article.
Winter Coats for Women
If you are planning to shop for the best piece in winter coats for women, then make sure you know the hot picks and must checkouts of the season. Listed below are the best styles one can opt for.
Women's Plus Size Formals
There is a wide variety in the women's plus size formals that can suit anyone's requirement. Let us see the various types of formal attire in plus sizes.
Exercise Clothes for Women
Exercising is a great way to strengthen and tone yourself. There is a wide range of variety in exercise clothes that women can choose from.
16 Types of Collars for Women's Clothes
Types of collars: shawl collar and Peter Pan collar
Collars and necklines have the power to make or break a dress. They give the perfect fit and structure to our clothes, and of course make them look stylish. Many collar types can be seen in female clothes. Here is a list of 16 of...
Dresses to Wear with Boots
When it comes to pairing up boots, it is evidently done with skirts. However, dresses too can be worn with boots to make your look uber chic in seconds. Discover styles of dresses to wear with boots, to add the tad bit of oomph to...
What is a Moo Moo Dress?
Moo moo dress
If you love experimenting with fashionable dresses, you should definitely try a moo moo. In the first place, do you know what is a moo moo dress? Well, it is a loose, colorful, and comfortable dress, which you will surely love! We,...
What to Wear with Tunics
What to wear with tunics
The tunic, in itself, is an extremely versatile piece of clothing. All it needs is a bit of creativity to be transformed into an everyday masterpiece. Find out what your options to wear with tunics are, and exploit them as you wish.
Casual Dresses for Women Over 50
Just because you have hit your 50s, does not mean that you need to stop wearing casual dresses. Of course the cut and design of dresses need to be age appropriate and at the same time, fashionable.
Resort Casual Wear for Women
When we speak of resort wear for women it brings to mind tailored clothing that is relaxed but with a clean silhouette. Through this article, we will take a look at some of the latest trends in resort casual wear for women.
Cute Party Dresses
Cute party dress
Well, there's no single definition for nice party dresses because the pattern of your dress will depend on the type of the party that you are attending. So we have given you some ideas on dress codes suitable for different...
Outfits to Wear With Combat Boots
Are you confused about what are the best outfits to wear with combat boots? Well, here is the answer to your problem. Six great outfit ideas that you can try out and flaunt your fashionable self.
What to Wear with Cowboy Boots
What to wear with cowboy boots is a common question as these boots are mandatory wardrobe essentials; having come a long way from the vintage country look. They demand a completely different dressing etiquette, thus making the...
Tops to Wear with Leggings
Leggings look pretty and chic, if combined with perfect tops. Confused about what tops you can wear with them? Keep reading for more information.
Off the Shoulder Dress
An off shoulder dress can add that distinct touch of glamor and seduction into your persona. Here is why every women must have this dress in her wardrobe.
How to Wear a Maxi Dress
Maxi dresses are chic and stylish and are a fashion essential. But many women do not know how to wear them and what to pair with the same. This article helps with some tips on wearing maxi dresses.
Tuxedos for Women
Tuxedos for women are the best option for those who love to look out-of-the-crowd. When dressing up for a formal or black tie event, women can consider this outfit and don the perfect look.
Formal Dress Patterns
Even if you are not a movie star, and do not have the red carpet to walk down, you never know when you will have to flaunt a formal dress at a party. This Buzzle article enlightens you about the designs for a formal apparel that...
Tips for Selecting Dressy Tops for Special Occasions
Along with other casual and formal tops, dressy tops are a must-have in your wardrobe. This article helps to learn about how and when to wear them, and where you can find the same.
Tea Length Dresses
Tea length dresses have made a comeback, and they are not just for brides anymore. This article discusses some of the most flattering designs and styles of these dresses.
Business Suits for Women
Does your dress code at work require you to wear business suits? Here's all about choosing the right business suits for women.
Khaki Pants for Women
Khaki pants for women are amongst the latest fashion clothing which look extra cool. You can pick one to suit your tastes and look uniquely stylish in these. Here's more about the khakis for women.
Overalls for Women
Jumpsuits, rompers, and overalls are the latest trends to take the world of fashion by storm, but wearing them can be slightly tricky. Here is how you can wear these outfits and not look like a farmer's helper.
Necklines for Broad Shoulders
Can't decide what necklines to wear because of your broad shoulders? This article has some fabulous scoops on what kind of necklines look good with broad shoulders. Read them and you'll never go wrong with necklines again!
Professional Clothes for Women
It is essential to choose the right professional clothes for women so as to maintain your image and a polished look in the workplace. What are the dos and don'ts to be followed while choosing the same? Here are some quick tips to...
Mink Coats for Women
Want to know about women's mink coats? What are the styles and colors available in these? Here's all the information you need to know before you move out for purchasing the same.
Beach Cover-ups for Women
Beach cover-ups are available in wide range of colors, fabrics, prints, and styles. You can go for rompers, sarongs, sundresses, etc., for a perfect clothing on your day at the beach.
Special Occasion Dresses
If you are confused about what to wear for the upcoming special event, you need to set your worries aside. From weddings to girls-night-out, this article will provide you with guidelines with special occasion dresses.
Sleeveless Turtleneck
A sleeveless turtleneck is one of those pieces of clothing that has so many forms and uses. In this article, we'll tell you all about how you can use most of them.
Neckline Styles You Should Know About
A perfect neckline not only helps you accentuate your bustline but also gives an overall chic look to your outfit. Read this Buzzle article to know more.
Dresses to Wear to a Party
Have a party invitation and wondering what to wear? This article will help you choose the dress you should wear to a party, be it casual or a formal event.
Gaucho Pants
Gaucho pants are definitely making a well-deserved comeback into women's wardrobes. Find out more about these awesome pants, in the article below.
Thigh-high Stockings
Thigh-high stockings are back in style, and if you want to sport these too, here's how to choose and wear these sexy items of women's clothing.
Look Good in Shorts
Ah! To wear shorts and look good in them? Everyone wants that. It is THE clothing to sport this season, and finally comes in enough number of styles to suit every body type. In this article, we tell how you can sport this fashion...
Formal Party Dresses
A formal party dress should be classy, elegant, streamlined, and dressy. It should suit your body type and complement your personality.
How to Choose Travel Clothing for Women
Wearing comfortable clothes during traveling is key to feel relaxed throughout the journey, whether you are going for a short trip or a long overnight journey. To understand more about the things to be considered while choosing...
Tall Women's Clothing
Clothing needs to be chosen carefully for taller women. A wrong outfit can make you look too tall, thin and obviously unattractive. So, don a killer look by following a few simple tips given in this Buzzle article.
Casual Clothing Styles for Women
This article deals with some styles and options that are available in casual clothing for women, that might help you revamp your wardrobe in a fashionable way.
Little Black Dress
The little black dress has always been a very important outfit for many women. Here are some details about this lovely piece of garment.
Hippie Clothes for Women
Being a hippie is all about being hip and cool! Hippie clothes are a fun way for us gals to dress down and look cool at the same time. Here's more on where to find these clothing items and how to assemble a hippie look for yourself!
6 First Date Outfit Ideas to Win His Heart
First date outfit ideas for a woman
Getting ready for a first date can be nerve-wracking. With these outfit ideas, win his heart and enjoy the feeling of excitement of the date, without obsessing over what to wear.
What to Wear with Animal Print Leggings
What to wear with animal print leggings
Should you wear them? Should you not? Well, since we, at Buzzle, are giving you seven gorgeous animal-print-legging outfit ideas, our vote is for the former. And once you see these options, not wearing them will be a thought that...
Choosing a Strapless Dress that Makes You Look Stunning
Tip to choose a strapless dress
An evening on the red carpet or a fun date with your better half; whatever the event, a strapless dress brings out the woman in you. Picking out the perfect dress though, can be quite the task. Here's how you can make the right...
What to Wear with Leopard Print Shoes
What to wear with leopard print shoes
Pops of color in your outfit are passé. Kick up the heat with a sexy pair of leopard print shoes. Here's how you can rock different looks with this pattern.
How to Dress a Rectangle-shaped Body
Style tip for dressing rectangle-shaped body
Dressing up a rectangle-shaped body is about creating an illusion of a small waistline. Here are five tricks that you can use to have a complete makeover.
Ways to Dress an Hourglass Body Shape
Wear high-waisted pants if you have an hourglass figure
Dressing an hourglass figure is a dream for every designer. After all, it is the ideal body shape any woman could ever have. Check ways of dressing up this desirable figure to accentuate the curves and bring out the femininity.
6 Outfits to Pair with Red Shoes
Tip on outfits to wear with red shoes
Alluring, tempting, seductive; there is something intangibly appealing about a pair of red shoes. But wearing them does not promise an instant change in your style quotient. You need to wear them with panache. Buzzle tells you how...
Useful Guide to Buy Women's Blazer
Tip to buy a women's blazer
Classic white shirt―check. Basic black trousers―check. Well-fitting denims―check. Essential blazer―huh? What? Are you, like most women, unsure of how to buy a good, look-enhancing blazer? Here's Buzzle's...
Tips to Wear Tropical Prints
Tip to wear tropical prints - wear no jewelry
Worried about how to carry off one of the biggest trends in the fashion world right now? Tropical prints are not for everyone, but that does not mean you can't learn to wear them. Just follow these tiny tips, and you should be good...
1920s' Flapper Dresses
Flapper dresses of the 1920s
The Roaring Twenties or the Crazy Years are significant in the history of fashion. Attitude and thinking changed along with time, and flapper fashion emerged in contrast to the more traditional Victorian Era. The 1920s saw the...
Women's Clothing: Wardrobe Must-haves
Loretta Young quote on women's clothing
A woman's wardrobe may appear as a mystery for some men, but owning a few essential clothing items is plain smart.
6 Ways to Accessorize a Metallic Dress
Accessorizing a metallic dress
Metallic dresses are back on the fashion scene. Are you wary of going for one coz you don't know what to wear with it? Fret not, accessorizing a metallic dress is actually very easy. All you need is confidence to rock it!
Fashion Clothing for Women
The latest fashion clothing for women are all about slim fits and bright hues. We are going to discuss all about fashionable clothing for women that are trendy right now.
Fashion for Women Over 60
Fashion for senior women
This article would be a wonderful treat for women who are above sixty. We have presented some excellent ideas on fashion over sixty and the ways to uplift your style quotient. Keep reading...
Designer Evening Dress Patterns
Designer evening dress pattern
An important event is lined up and you are stuck in an outfit dilemma? In this article, we will give you options of evening dress patterns to choose from, to flaunt that perfect look.
Women's Classic Professional Clothing
Professional clothing for women
If you're entering the corporate world and wondering if boring manly business suits are the only apparel choices for you; you couldn't be further from the truth. There are many outfits you can choose from, which are not just...
Dresses to Wear with Cowboy Boots
What to wear with cowboy boots
Sky-high heels are not the only shoes that you can wear with dresses. Boots, specially cowboy boots, can also be worn with dresses, provided it is the right kind of dress. Wearing boots with jeans is chic and stylish. For a...
Outfits with Leggings
Outfits with leggings
Fashion has come a full circle - outfits with leggings, which were a major fad in the '80s, are now in fashion again. It would not be wrong to say that, to a certain extent, outfits with leggings have become a more comfortable...
Dresses to Wear With Leggings
Dresses to wear with leggings
To those of you who are apprehensive about wearing dresses with leggings, it's now time to shed your inhibitions. Get creative because leggings are back with a bang, and are here to stay. We give you some styling tips.
Tunics to Wear with Leggings
Tunics with leggings
So you want to ape the latest fashion trend and are in the midst of buying tunics that you can wear with leggings? You need to know how best to wear this trend.
Bohemian Clothing for Women
Bohemian clothing symbolism
Bohemian clothing has come a long way since the mid 1850s, where signs of radical change were first evident. In the 21st century also woman's clothing is largely influenced by Bohemianism.
Corset Tops to Wear Out
Tip to wear corset tops
Corset tops are among the hot fashion outfits that can instantly give you a stunning appearance. There are many styles, options, and ways to wear trendy corset tops.
What to Wear to a Baby Shower
What to wear to a baby shower
Whether it's a sophisticated affair or low-key brunch, knowing what to wear to a baby shower is essential. Read this Buzzle post to find helpful inspiration to finalize your outfit for the day.
11 Cool Ways to Wear a Loose Shirt
Way to wear a loose shirt
Irrespective of your body size, a loose T-shirt/shirt has always been a style statement if worn properly and with the correct accessories. It adds an casual sophistication to your attitude and makes you look trendy!
Tips to Dress an Apple-shaped Body
Fashion tip for an apple-shaped body
Dressing up an apple-shaped body is always a task that seems difficult. However, here's some advice that could come handy, the next time you decide to go shopping.
How to Rock the Perfect Tomboy Look
Tomboy look
Mention the word tomboy, and the image that springs to mind is pop singers like Pink and Avril Lavigne. A cool dude attitude epitomizes the tomboy look. Here we help you with some tips and suggestions to exactly flaunt what you got...
Tips to Wear Lace Dresses Stylishly
Tip to wear lace dresses stylishly
Lace―the beautiful, dainty, feminine fabric that can make you ooh and aah. It can be gorgeous if worn well, but it can also be provocative if worn without proper thought. We, at Buzzle, help you maneuver this very tricky path...
Stylish Ways for Women to Wear a Leather Jacket
Stylish way to wear a leather jacket
It is a classic for sure, but there is no need to always wear it with blue denims and a white tee. Experiment with it to create looks that elevate it and make it deserving of the status it enjoys. Take inspiration from the six...
Menswear-inspired Fashion for Women
Menswear-inspired fashion for women
Did you think girly tomboy was not a possibility? Well, happy to prove you wrong. Welcome to a whole new (slightly crazy) world, where the women are donning menswear and making them feminine to boot.
Tips to Wear Floral Prints
Tip to wear floral prints
The romantic floral prints may have some women reluctant to embrace them, but Buzzle has great news for those who aren't. Here are some wonderful tips to wear floral prints, and look fabulous as ever.
Fitting Room Mistakes Women Make When Trying On Clothes
Colors impact how clothing looks on you
Shopping! The word sounds like music to our ears, isn't it? But the moment we enter that fitting room and figure out that nothing is fitting us, we face the moment of truth. That moment is nothing less than a nightmare. We, at...
What is a Shift Dress Style?
Shift dress
In this hot sweltering summer, all we ladies want is to wear a dress with a little breathing room but without compromising on style. And if you still want to retain that cuteness level, then a shift dress is the answer. But what is...
Elegant Ways for Women to Wear Striped Clothing
Ways to wear striped clothing - dress
Throw your worries that wearing stripes will make you look like a jailbird, out of the window. This guide on the different styles in which you can wear stripes will assuage all your worries.
6 Ways for Women to Wear a Military-inspired Jacket
Tip to style a military jacket
Hear Uncle Sam calling out to you? Maybe it's time to splurge on a military-style jacket and create a whole new semi-rugged, yet classy look. Don't know how? Well, here are 6 brilliant ways in which you can wear military-inspired...
List of Dress Cut Styles With Pictures
Dress cut styles
Selecting a dress which suits your body type is very important, especially when you are attending an important function or a party. There are many dress cut styles designed to suit various body shapes. Let's take a look at 14 types...
7 Awesome Ways to Wear a Shirt Dress
Ways to wear a shirt dress
A shirt dress is probably the most versatile piece of clothing in the world! You don't have to think much about how to wear a shirt dress, coz you can wear it with literally anything. Leggings, jeans, boots, jackets, scarves, skirts...
Cool Rules to Follow While Wearing a Crop Top
Tips for wearing a crop top
Crop tops are in! High enough to expose the midriff but below the bust line, they are bankable and varied, and can be worn in numerous styles without size restrictions. Of course, there are some cool rules to follow while wearing a...
Petite Clothing for Young Women
If you are short and have a small body frame, then you need to know about petite clothing for young women. We will discuss which designs and styles are suitable for petite women.
A-Line Dress Pattern
The A-line dress pattern has always managed to find its way back into the trends of the time. Ever since they were first created by Christian Dior, they have been a hot favorite among women all over the world.
How to Find a Maxi Dress for Your Body Shape
Maxi dress for pear-shaped body
With their floor-skimming skirts and colorful patterns, maxi dresses make a perfect choice for a chilled out look for summer. Perfect for beach and outdoor summer weddings, Buzzle will help you choose the right maxi dress to...
Fashion for Women Over 50
Clothes for women over 50 should be classy, sophisticated and extremely smart. Here is a shopping guide, that will help you find trendy, yet elegant additions for your wardrobe.
What to Wear for Your Body Shape
Following fashion blindly is definitely not a good way to look your best. Here are some fashion tips to choose clothing as per your body shape.
High-waisted Shorts
High-waisted shorts have always been in vogue. This article discusses some interesting patterns that are available and how to wear them.
How to Dress a Pear-shaped Body
Living with a pear-shaped body may mean much of your life is spent trying to find clothes that draw the eye away from your lower half. Well, you have reason to rejoice, because this article will give you some basic advice to get...
14 Online Stores Similar to Anthropologie
Online stores similar to Anthropologie
Women's clothing is a wide range to choose from, classics to dressy wear and pairing with gorgeous accessories. There are plenty of online stores that are affordable, and feature stunning collections. This Buzzle article lists out...
How to Make a Crop Top in 5 Simple Steps
Turning an old simple top into a crop top
Old tees? Top that got muffed 'cause you spilled something on it? Shirts that you don't like wearing now? It's time to get 'em all out. Crop 'em and bring the cuteness back! Buzzle guides you to make a crop top in 5 simple steps.
How to Dress a Wedge-shaped Body
Tip to dress a wedge-shaped body
Dressing up a wedge-shaped body always seems like a challenge. Take a look at some of the styling tips that can come in handy the next time you go shopping for dresses that complement this body type.
7 Cool Ways to Wear Colored Jeans
7 cool ways to wear colored jeans
The sheer vibrancy of colored jeans can totally transform you from a drab everyday girl to a fab oh-my-gosh-she-looks-gorgeous diva! That's the power of color! Invite the rainbow into your wardrobe, and take a look at some...
How to Match Your Hairstyle with Your Dress
Tip to match your hairstyle with your dress
Dresses and tresses go hand in hand; and when it comes to dressing up for an event, you have to give attention to how you're going to do your hair. So, if you want some ideas and suggestions on how to go about it, take a look at...
Slimming Dresses
Certain dresses greatly help in giving a slimmer frame appearance. However, it is important that you select these slimming dresses properly, read on to know more.
Dresses Under 20 Dollars
It's that time of the year again when you need to update your wardrobe and get some new clothes. If you are on a budget then don't fret, because we bring to you some gorgeous dresses under 20 dollars.
Long Sleeve Mini Dress
If you are one who loves to follow the latest fashion trends, maybe it's time you got yourself a mini dress with full sleeves, 'coz it sure is a must-have!
Dresses Under $50
Finding a beautiful dress, that too in your budget, is not an easy task. But with the tips given in this Buzzle post, you will see how easy it all can be to find dresses under $50, and be absolutely thrilled about it.
High-Waisted Pants
Leighton Meester, Gwen Stefani, Jessica Simpson; these are just some celebs who have been rocking the trend of high-waisted pants. But how can you wear these pants and get admiring glances from everyone? Read on to find out.
Body Shapers for Women
Body shapers are one of the best ways to get your figure looking toned and more appealing, so that you can fit into your favorite figure hugging dress.
Women's Clothing: Ways to Look Slim
Are you running the treadmill for hours with no visible effects of slimming down? Well, it's not always your exercise routine. How you dress also has an impact on how you look. Here are some ways to look slim, with simple steps...
Christian Clothing
Over the ages, as Christianity has become more and more modernized, modesty is one Christian trait or value that has not been lost somewhere along the way. Though the world has changed drastically, the word of God will never...