Marsala Wine Substitutes
Marsala wine substitute
Though Marsala wine imparts a unique flavor to dishes, in its absence you will be forced to look for a substitute. Here is a list of some substitutes that mimic the wonderful flavor of Marsala wine.
Sulfites in Wine Side Effects
Are sulfites in wine bad for you? That seems to be the question plaguing the minds of many wine lovers. This article uncovers some myths about sulfites in wine.
Sweet Wines List
Dessert wine - could any other word couple sound more pleasant to an oenophile with a sweet tooth? I think not! Here's a comprehensive sweet wine list to refer to, if you wish to stock up on some sweet, fermented nectar!
Different Types of Wine
Different types of wines
Wine is the drink of the well healed, it is the toast of high society, and the best wine has conquered the best men of great tastes.
Moscato Wine
Moscato wine is an ideal drink for a bright sunny day. It tastes sweet and has a pale yellow or gold appearance. It is an ideal drink for wine beginners and is often served as a dessert wine at various events.
Wine Bottle Dimensions
If you are looking for information on wine bottle dimensions, then this article might help you in that matter. Here you will find a list of the standard wine bottle sizes, that are available in the market.
How to Pick Good Wine for a Party
If you are worried about how to pick good wine for a party, this article will help you out for sure. Picking up good wine isn't difficult at all. All you need are some tips and some warnings to keep you from selecting the wrong...
Madeira Wine
I am sure you like adding wine to many food recipes in order to alter the flavors of the ingredients. Try using Madeira wine the next time you wish to prepare food with wine, and experience its unique flavor.
Cooking with Wine
Cooking with wine would be an interesting thing to try out when you are thorough with the tips and tricks of the process. Here we have provided a complete guide, to use wine in cooking. Read ahead.
Sweet Wines for Beginners
Sweet wines are considered ideal for those who are not accustomed to drinking alcoholic beverages. They are also the perfect wines to be paired with desserts. Find out the various types of sweet wines to try out, especially if you...
How to Aerate Wine
Your dinners and dates are incomplete without the liquor of hearts. Talk about wine, and you already feel mesmerized. Here, we will see how to aerate wine, and the whole idea on it.
How to Store Wine after Opening
Storing wine after opening the bottle is a tricky thing to do. This Buzzle article will tell you the ways through which you can store your leftover wine and drink it later on, without having to worry about it getting spoiled.
Sediments in Wine
Sediments in wine are small particles that can be seen deposited at the base of a bottle. Wondering what are these made of and how to remove them? Read on.
Cooking Wine Vs. Regular Wine
While one would assume that you should use cooking wine for cooking, why is there still a debate about using cooking wine vs. regular wine? Let's find out here.
Sherry Wine for Cooking
Are you planning to use sherry wine for cooking? Find some useful tips on its varieties and storage here.
German Wine Types
Your search for information about types of German wine ends here. Read to get introduced to some of the popular kinds.
Wine Serving Temperature
A perfectly good wine can be ruined if it's served too cold or too warm. Take care to note the recommended serving temperature, to enjoy your wine drinking experience to the fullest. Here's some help...
Bottle Label Design Ideas
A lot of people like to give personalized gifts to other people, or just like to have custom-made things at home. One such great idea is to have personalized labels for bottles of water and wine. Read the following article to know...
How to Drink Wine
If you want to learn how to drink wine like an expert, you'll find what you need in the article below.
Mulled Wine
Mulled wine is a traditional drink, especially during the winter, and is enjoyed by the grownups to warm themselves when the weather turns colder. This wine is usually made at home, by adding an assortment of spices...
Wine for Beginners
Are you thinking about how wine is made and what is the difference between red and white one? Well, think no more, for in this article we have answered all these questions and given some tips on what is a good wine for beginners...
Wine Alcohol Content
Different kinds of wine have different amounts of alcohol content, altering its taste, smell, potency, and texture. Without a certain amount of it, these would be incomplete. The following passages give more information on the same.
Shelf Life of Opened Wine
Once a bottle of wine has been opened it must be consumed as soon as possible as its shelf life is very low. Wine is an expensive beverage and seeing it get spoiled for no reason whatsoever will not go down well with many people...
Wine and Quotations about it
Wine is enjoyed by many people all over the world. It is packed with anti-oxidants that is good for the heart. Let us have a look at what great men and women had to say about this drink.
A Toast to the Health Benefits of Drinking Wine
The recipe for health can't be distilled into one cure-all drink, but sipping a glass of wine is a good place to start, because wine has been proven to hold many health benefits.
Wine - A Drink to Health
Drink to your health. Or is it just an adage? No. Wine does have some pretty interesting and proven effects on your health, mainly good ones.
How to Develop a Taste for Wine
Wine cognoscenti belong to a different class from patrons of liquors and spirits. Now, unless you understand wine and have a thing for it, you can never really understand the reason behind this difference. Read ahead to learn how...
Wine Tasting Party
A wine tasting party is an ideal way to spend time with family and friends. If you are looking forward to hosting such a party yourself, then here are some ideas that you can choose from.
Wine and Cheese Pairings
This article deals with some of the excellent wine and cheese pairings which will satisfy the taste buds of your guests.
Wine Tasting Party Ideas
A wine tasting party can be real fun, if organized in the proper manner. Here are some tips for organizing such parties.
Rice Wine Substitutes
Rice wine substitutes
Rice wine originated in Southeast Asia, where it is available in different types that vary in color and flavor. While Sake is a Japanese rice wine, Huangjiu and Choujiu are produced in China. Kulapo is a reddish rice wine from the...
Dessert Wines List
Types of dessert wines
Dessert wines are extremely sweet wines that are supposed to be consumed after meals. There are different kinds of dessert wines, and they all differ from one another.
10 Best Japanese Plum Wines Worth Trying
Best Japanese plum wines
Japanese plum wines are known for their versatility. They can be used as or in desserts, used as a base for cocktail, and served with or used while making the main course. Buzzle lists down the best Japanese plum wines that you can...
Best Wines to Pair With Chicken
Wines to pair with chicken
Pairing chicken with wine is not such a complicated task, as chicken is a wine-friendly meat and is quite versatile. Nevertheless, let's take a look at some of the best wines to pair with chicken, so as to make the meal even more...
Signs Your Wine Has Gone Bad
Sign to spot spoiled wine
Detecting spoiled wine is a far easier task than understanding good wine. There are just a few things that you need to keep in mind to spot spoiled wine, and Buzzle lists them all.
Tips to Read and Understand French Wine Labels
How to understand French wine labels
Mumbling and bumbling through ordering a French wine again? Well, a lot of people do, so here's a guide to help you read and understand their labels, and make the wine ordering a little less "miserables"...
Sherry Substitutes
Sherry substitutes
Usually served as an aperitif, sherry is also added to certain dishes. This post enlists some of its substitutes that can be used instead of sherry.
What Your Wine Preference Says About You
What your wine preference says about you
Wine, an all-time favorite drink for many, can speak a lot about your personality and characteristics. Are you a red wine or white wine lover? Find out what secrets your favorite wine has to reveal about you.
Best Wines to Give as Gifts
Best wines to gift
It's always a pleasure to pop a bottle of wine that you haven't tried before. There's always that eagerness to discover more about the intricacies of the wine inside. But, how do you choose good wines to gift someone?
Great Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers
Gift ideas for wine lovers
We all love our glasses and our drink, and an avid wine drinker will never say no to a couple of these gifts. Buzzle will help you choose the perfect gift for a wine lover.
7 Wines that Go Well with Pasta
Wines that go well with pasta
Wine is often served with pasta to complement the meal. However, serving the wrong kind of wine can ruin the whole experience. That is why it's important to be aware of which wines go well with pasta.
How to Pair Wine and Chocolate
A box of premium, extra rich chocolate and a bottle of vintage wine - that stands for nothing less than an epicure's idea of heaven! The art of pairing wine with chocolate, and the various possible permutations and combinations...
Best Wines for Valentine's Day
Wines for Valentine's Day
Choosing wine for a Valentine's dinner may seem a daunting task, especially when you so desperately want every detail of the evening to be perfect. Let's take a look at some amazing wines that will floor your valentine.
6 Best Wines Perfect for Pairing with Salmon
Perfect wine for pairing with salmon
Planning for a salmon meal tonight? But the dinner would be absolutely incomplete without a lovely wine. Wine, if wrongly paired, can be held responsible for spoiling your evening. Buzzle guides you with 6 best wines to be paired...
Basic Wine Terms with their Meaning
Basic wine terms with their meaning
Wine is an alcoholic drink produced by the fermentation of grapes. The study of grapes and the science of their growth and production is known as viniculture, while vinification is the process by which grapes are transformed into...
8 Best Sulfite-free Wines
Best sulfite-free wines
Sulfites are present in wines as they happen to be a byproduct of the process of fermentation. Read this Buzzle article to know the difference between the two terms "no sulfites added" and "no sulfites detected"...
Types of Port Wine
Types of port wine
So often do we pick up a glass of port wine after dinner and relish it without ever paying much attention to the style we're enjoying. Well, let's take a look at the different types of port wine from the following Buzzle article.
Best Wines to Pair with Crab
Best wines to pair with crab
Improper wine pairing can overwhelm the inherent sweetness of crab meat, which is why it is important to complement it with a low tannin wine, which will not only go well with it, but will also accentuate its flavors. Let's take a...
Top 5 Australian Wines You Should Try
Top Australian wines to try
We're all familiar with the famous Australian Shiraz; however, it's time we learn more about some other wine varietals produced in different parts of the Australian continent. Take a look at some of the finest ones by perusing...
Best Wines to Pair with Mexican Food
Best wines to pair with Mexican food
Mexican food being spicy must be complemented by wines that can handle its boldness. Find out which are some of the best wines to pair with Mexican food from the following Buzzle article.
6 Best Icewines You Must Try
Best icewines to try
Also referred to as liquid gold, this exceptional kind of sweet and luscious dessert wine should be definitely tried. Icewines differ by the grape varietal used to prepare them, region where they are prepared, etc. Let's take a...
Best Wine Books for Beginners
Best wine books for beginners
If you've ever tried to understand the world of wines, you know how intensely complex it is. Wine experts across the globe, with the intention of simplifying this subject for us, have brought forth various guides. Let's take a look.
Best Wines to Enjoy with Your Christmas Dinner
Best wines for Christmas dinner
With so many dishes being served at the Christmas dinner table, how does one narrow down on the wine to be served? Find out all about the best pairings with your Christmas dinner from the following Buzzle article.
8 Awesome Wines that Go Well with Steak
Wines to team with steak
With scores of different kinds of reds, whites, and bubbles flooding the wine market, selecting one to sip and savor with your steak can be mind-boggling. This Buzzle article tells you the wines that pair well with different kinds...
Best Wines for Your Thanksgiving Table
Best wines for Thanksgiving
With so many things to do before Thanksgiving, there's no time to try pairing wines with different foods. To make things simpler, we've compiled a few wines that are sure to please a diverse range of palates.
Best Spanish Wines Every Wine Aficionado Must Try
Best Spanish wines to try
Spanish wines are prized for their diverse range of red, white, rosé, and cava wines. However, of the numerous wines produced in the country, which ones are the most popular? Let's take a look at some of the best Spanish wines,...
Top 5 Wines for Halloween
Best wines for Halloween
Besides spooky decorations, appetizers, games, and favors, Halloween also calls for some creepy beverages that can be served during the night. Whether you present Halloween wines as favors, prizes, or even in cocktails, these...
Best Spanish Dessert Wine
Best Spanish dessert wine
Dessert wines are wonderful additions to dinner parties and festive occasions. The sweetness and acidity of these wines complement desserts very well. Let's find out which is the best Spanish dessert wine that you can serve with...
Benefits of Wine for Skin
Wine benefits for skin
Wine is rich in antioxidants, which fight with the free radicals and protect the skin from the effects of aging. Read on to find other skin benefits that are associated with wine.
What Do You Need to Know About Wine Investment
It may be hard to believe, but investing in wine does make a good long-term investment. Of course, it is strange that something that is made through the process of decomposition can be invested in, and can also give back consistent...
Expensive Wine Brands
Oenophiles agree that even though some wines cost a fortune, their unique taste is what makes them desirable. Here's a list of some of the most expensive wine brands found around the world...
Wine of the Month Clubs and Memberships
Wine of the month clubs or winery memberships are great gifts for the wine lover in your life.
List of Best French Wine
You think of France, and the first thing to come to your mind is a nice bottle of wine! The French sure knew the importance of celebration, jubilation and having a good time - how else would they come up with such good types of...
Different Types of Italian Wines
Italy is famous for its cuisine, and more for the wines it produces. Here is a comprehensive list of the different types of Italian wines.
Dessert Wine Nutrition Facts
When it comes to nutritional value in beverages, some drinks are the villains (soft drinks) and some are good guys (unsweetened fruit juice). And then there are beverages, that walk a fine line between being good and bad for your...
The Health Benefits of Organic Wine
Organic farming is an farming mechanism that grows chemical free products, while minimizing the impact of farming on the environment. Read on to learn about a newly popular product, organic wine and its respective consumption...
Identifying Types of Sherry Wines
Wine is amongst the finest drinks that many of us prefer drinking during our meals. Different variations and tastes have been a popular choice all around the world. If you like sweet wines, then let's take a look at the ways of...
Riesling Wine Brands
Whatever you'd like to know about the most famous names in Riesling wines, you're likely to find it here. Find out the names that are worshiped by wine connoisseurs all over the world...
Wine and Dessert Pairings
Wine and dessert pairings
How do you choose a wine that goes perfectly with a dessert? We tell you everything that you would want to know about picking a wine to enhance the flavors of a dessert.
Merlot Wine
Softer, fruitier and earlier maturing. That's Merlot wine for you. To know more about the best Merlot wine brands, take a look at the following information.
How to Make Chocolate Wine
Enjoy the richness of dark chocolate and your favorite wine in a single drink by making homemade chocolate wine. The following article tells you about calories in the same, and how to make it at home.
Carbohydrates in Wine
There are newer and healthier wines being sold which have low carbohydrates and calories, making them a suitable option for weight-conscious wine enthusiasts.
What is Vermouth?
If you prefer fortified wine over all other alcoholic beverages, then you probably know what is vermouth and what all can it be used for. The following article sinks deeper beneath the surface to dig out all that you need to know...
Italian Dessert Wine
Serving dessert wine is one of the most common practices in Italy. Let us find out more about this unique type of wine.
Non-Alcoholic Wines
For people who love wine, but do not consume it because of alcohol, especially women, non alcoholic wine is a great option. This article enlists a few varieties and their brands.
How to Serve Wine
Whether at a restaurant or at a dinner party, it is important to know how to serve wine. In this article, we tell you what are the important things to keep in mind while doing so.
What is Fortified Wine?
Wine to which a distilled beverage has been added, is known as fortified wine. Most often, the distilled beverage used is brandy, and the practice is followed mainly to raise the alcohol percentage of the wine, thereby 'fortifying'...
Best Dessert Wines
The best dessert wines are those, which can be paired with an array of desserts, and perhaps, double up as desserts themselves. Check out the article below to know more about such wines.
Elderberry Wine
Elderberry wine is known to strengthen the immune system, and treat or prevent cold and flu. The wine prepared from elderberries have been subjected to several studies and research to find out its potential benefits for human...
Marsala Cooking Wine
Marsala wine is used for imparting delicious flavors in many dishes and is widely used in Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. To give your dishes that touch of Italian flair, use Marsala wine.
Wine Nutritional Information
From a health standpoint, drinking wine in moderation is definitely a good choice. Browse through the article to know how wine benefits the heart in the long run.
Elderberry Wine Health Benefits
One sip of the elderberry wine and your flu becomes less uncomfortable. Such and many benefits of the elderberry wine have been described in this article.