Wicca religion - often referred to as Witchcraft or the Craft - is a neopagan duotheistic religion that reveres the Earth for their Goddess and her consort, the horned God. The followers of this religion are denoted as Wiccans. It is believed that the origins of this Earth centered faith lie in England with most of the branches of Wicca being related to Gardnerian Witchcraft (which was founded in the UK during the late 1940s).

The Wiccans practice "magick" in an effort to manipulate the natural world and alter mental and material conditions. The rituals are directly linked to natural phenomena like the four seasons, the solstices and the equinoxes while their symbols are based on the connectedness of nature to human life. The paganism is very different from the extensive religious propaganda dating from the late Middle Ages that linked Wiccan to satanism.

How to Choose

Once a Wiccan has chosen his or her path they need to choose names. Unlike normal names, the choice of Wiccan names is not a simple decision. Not only are the names and meanings quite wide ranging, the choice is also, essentially, a personal decision. It is considered a symbolic rebirth and is considered to be a secret between the person and the gods and goddesses. There are a number of inspirations that you can draw from, when choosing your Wiccan name. The name could either epitomize your strongest personality traits or could be a sign from the spiritual world. Many Wiccans take inspiration for their names from nature. Remember that the power of the Wiccan names should not be underestimated and needs time and effort.

List of Wiccan Names for Girls and Women

AetherBright upper air breathed by Olympians
AgateA semi precious stone
AmayaNight rain
BerylA light green semi precious stone
CarnelianA red gemstone
FionaFair and pale
IsauraSoft air
KaidaLittle Dragon
MorganaDweller of the sea
NaidraSmall spring
SolaShe who is alone

List of Wiccan Names for Boys and Men

AidenLittle Fire
DragomirPrecious and peaceful
JadeThe semiprecious green stone
KeganSmall flame
LazarusGod is my help
RoaneRed haired
VardenGreen slope

In addition to these names for girls and boys, you can research different names and their meanings. Since Wicca is a pagan religion, most of the names are inspirations from nature, talents, elements, gods, and gemstones. So you can choose a name like Iris, Sage, River, Star, Forest, Moon, Rose, Topaz, Rainbow, Aurora, Raven and Wolf. While people may frown at these magickal names, remember that whether you are naming your baby or choosing a name for yourself, Wiccan names are filled with beauty and symbolism. To a person who is just entering the religion, this is a symbol of a new life and represents an alter ego. Most people are believed to grow from this foundation and move on spiritually.