Wiccan Names
Wiccan names are adopted by people who adhere to the Wiccan religion, as a symbol of rebirth and the alter ego of the person. Inspired by the pagan elements and nature, here are some powerful Wiccan names along with their meanings.
Wiccan Religion
Fact about Wiccan religion
Wicca imbibes earth-based spirituality in its doctrine and is often described as a neo-pagan religion. Here is some information regarding this religious belief system that professes harmony with nature, for the benefit of mankind.
Imbolc Traditions, Rituals, and Other Facts
Imbolc tradition fact
Pagans and Wiccans all over the world celebrate Imbolc as a festival of growth and renewal. This festival marks the passing of harsh winters as well as reckoned as a good omen since the ewe's lactation is invariably linked to the...
Candle Magic Spells in Wicca
Candle magic spells
A candle symbolizes the fire element and is greatly coveted by the Wiccans to perform spells so as to conjure positive energy in life. Buzzle discusses the significance of candle spells in the Wiccan belief system.
Wiccan Tattoo Ideas
Wiccan was an ancient pagan religion which believed in living in harmony with mother nature, and their tattoos represented this belief. Wiccan tattoos consist of pentagrams, the sun, the moon, the goddess, etc...
Wiccan Symbols
If you are looking for information on Wiccan symbols and their meanings, this article is a must read. It explains some of the prime examples of this symbolism.