Disclaimer: The team of Weight Watchers keeps updating the program, according to the requirements/feedback of their members. The program has been updated many times, the latest one being the Weight Watchers 360° program, which was unveiled on the 3rd of December, 2012. The program teaches members how to manage their food environment, claiming that we tend to eat what we see. It also guides people on ways to control their temptation, and to avoid pleasure eating. Weight Watchers has not increased their rates for this new approach, and all the meetings, eTools, and apps are included in the total fee.

The Weight Watchers Points Index is part of the old Weight Watchers program and does not hold any significance in the current program.

Weight Watchers is a program that practically works. Weight loss programs are a dime a dozen and it is very important to choose one that suits your current food habits, daily routine, physical structure and obviously, the level of inclination and seriousness. Weight Watchers points list is a well-researched structure in which points are assigned to every food item. In that way, you will get a well constructed exhaustive list of food items with their points and the best part is, you need not give up your favorite food items. Can you believe that? Yes, it is not at all compulsory for you to delete all the attractive chocolate mousse and cheesy hamburgers from your list. Consumption in moderation is the primary keyword of this program and let us find out how.

PointsPlus 2012

Weight Watchers is definitely a constant reminder to those too careless about their body, to buck up and see the sunshine. I mean it when I say that Weight Watchers is a program which has been adored (read worshipped) by people for more than 4 decades now. It has definitely been successful in helping millions of people out of their stupor and led them to start believing in themselves once again. Though the Weight Watchers program has mostly stressed upon the 'perfect diet', it has also included healthy lifestyle changes and exercise regime to lead a healthy, stress-free life.

With the advent of 2012, Weight Watchers has unveiled yet another change in their program PointsPlus 2012, which I am sure, would do good to those who follow it. And, the best part is, this time they have made changes according to the valuable suggestions of their members, which they have been collecting for a whole year.

It has been now known that PointsPlus program has been widely successful among members and has been beneficial in more ways than one. Therefore, perfecting the same idea was what members were expecting in the latest program. PointsPlus 2012 seems to be more flexible and is personalized. This is a great step, as we all know that it is impossible to categorize each person and there is absolutely no chance of two people having same physical structure, mental health and medical history. Therefore, it is but obvious that to personalize the program according to each individual will work very well. Also, the online tools or E-Tools (free for lifetime members) have been enhanced so that members can have easy access to healthy recipes, diet charts and plans, add their views in the comments column, even make changes to the already uploaded recipes and receive help to plan their long-term weight loss goals. For people starting with the Weight Watchers PointsPlus this year, they have put down some very interesting and easy getting started tools. Obviously, with increase in facilities, it is expected that the prices of membership would also increase.

All in all, the new PointsPlus 2012 is working quite well with the members and we just hope it continues to help people manage and maintain their food habits and live healthier lives.

Weight Watchers PointsPlus

Weight Watchers came up with their new approach in the late 2010, known as the PointsPlus system to keep up with the ever-changing trends of food consumption and lifestyle. Again, with the growth in the fields of science and technology, it is obvious that one must constantly re-invent himself. Weight Watchers has proved to be doing just that. Therefore, it would be worthwhile taking a tour of what exactly was this new system and how much different has it been from the previous approach.
  • Weight Watchers approach was calorie based previously where the calculation considered calories, fiber grams and fat, keeping in mind the age, weight, height and activity level of a person. But in the PointsPlus approach, the content of the food has been kept in mind, along with the protein content, carbohydrates, fat grams and fiber.
  • Nutritional value of the food is considered more important and thus the points have been planned accordingly.
  • You get 49 weekly PointsPlus values to use in any way that you want.
  • The person following the diet still needs to consume limited points on a daily basis as before, however, the points for food items have changed. They have also increased the "zero points foods". Since, people were going for foods with low points rather than healthy foods, things like whole grains, most fruits and vegetables were given zero points in this new approach.
  • In this new system, there are no half PointsPlus values. The new daily PointsPlus target is 29, which is higher than the previous system.
  • Activity PointsPlus values can be exchanged with food PointsPlus values. These activity PointsPlus values can be used by you throughout the week or you can use them on a single day.
  • The daily PointsPlus target is different for each individual and it is not just based on his/her weight. Factors like height, age, sex and the level of physical activity are also taken into account for calculating the daily PointsPlus target. The PointsPlus calculation is even different for nursing mothers who are following the Weight Watchers program.
For people who were already members of the old points system, it was difficult to bring them on to the new system. Adjusting to the new way was difficult, as the new points range was higher and entirely different. The members had to either call or contact Weight Watchers for finding the new points or follow the new formulas that were available only to the members. There are two formulas:

PointsPlus: (Protein/10.94 + Carbohydrates/9.17 + Fat/3.89 - Fiber/12.49)**

The above formula is meant for calculating the food points. However, there is another one which is used in case one needs points for foods along with alcohol;

PointsPlus: (Protein/10.94 + Carbohydrates/9.17 + Fat/3.89 - Fiber/12.49 + Alcohol/3 - Sugar Alcohol/23)**

(**Note: The formulas given above are not the accurate PointsPlus formulas. A member is the only one entitled to get accurate formulas and detailed information about the program. One either has to buy the entire book set of Weight Watchers PointsPlus program, make an appointment or take an online subscription or purchase a Weight Watchers points calculator from the market.)

Weight Watchers Points Index


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Food ItemQuantityPointsFood ItemQuantityPoints
Abalone3 oz2Adobo Sauce (store-bought)1 tbsp2
Alfredo Sauce (store-bought)1/2 cup10Almond Butter1 tsp1
Almonds 22 nuts4Ambrosia1/2 cup2
Anchovies6 or 1 tsp paste1Apricots (dried)6 halves1
Apricots (fresh)3 halves1Apples (dried)1/4 cup1
Apples (fresh)1 large2Applesauce (unsweetened)1 cup1
Apple Juice1/2 cup1Antelope (cooked)1 oz1
Animal crackers133America flavored clear water1 liter0
Armadillo (cooked)1 oz1Arrowroot1 tsp0
Artichokes (cooked)1 medium0Arugula1 cup0
Asparagus12 sears0Avocado1/42
Baba au rhum18Babaganosh¼ cup3
Bacon (Canadian style)1 slice1Bacon (crisp cooked)1 slice1
Bacon (fats)1 tbsp3Bagel1 small or 1/2 large3
Bagel chips1 oz3Baked Alaska1 piece5
Baking Powder/Soda1 tsp0Baklava1 piece5
Bamboo Shoots1 cup0Banana1 medium2
Banana Bread1 slice5Banana Chips1 oz3
Banana Split1 serving19Barbecue Sauce1 tbsp0
Barley1 cup cooked/uncooked 1/4 cup3Bass (striped, cooked)1 fillet4
Bean dip1/2 cup1Beans baked1/2 cup5
Beans baked (canned)1/2 cup2Beans black (uncooked)1 pound31
Beans black1 cup, cooked3Beans (cannellini, cooked)1/2 cup1
Beans (Garbanzo, cooked)1/2 cup2Beans (green, cooked)1cup0
Beans (kidney, cooked)1/2 cup1Beans (lima, cooked)1/2 cup1
Beans (re-fried, canned)1/2 cup2Beans (wax, cooked)1cup0
Beans (white, cooked)1/2 cup2Bear (black, cooked)1 oz2
Bearnaise sauce1/4 cup8Beaver (cooked)1 oz1
Bechamel white sauce1/4 cup4Beef (ground, regular)1 patty6
Beef (ground, regular, uncooked)1 pound25Beef (ground, lean, uncooked)1 pound22
Beef (regular, cooked)1 slice4Beef (tongue, cooked)1 oz2
Beef (dried, store-bought)7slices1Beef (steak, cooked)1small7
Beef (steak, lean)1small5Beefalo (cooked)1 oz1
Beef Bourguignon1-1/2 cup18Beef stew1 cup5
Beer (light)1 can/bottle2Beer (non-alcoholic)1 can/bottle1
Beer (regular)1 can/bottle3Beet (cooked)1cup0
Beignet1 (2" diameter)2Bialy1 portion5
Biscotti8 mini, 2 small or 1 regular3Biscotti Chocolate8 mini, 2 small or 1 reg.3
Biscuits (homemade)1 small3Biscuit (cheese)1 small5
Bittermelon1 cup cooked/uncooked0Black bean sauce1 tsp0
Blackberries1 cup1Black Russian15
Bloody Mary12Blueberries1 cup1
Bluefish (cooked)1 fillet1Borscht (low-calorie, store-bought)1 cup0
Boston Brown Bread1 slice2Bread (whole grain)1 slice1
Bread (light)2 slices1Bread (pita)1 slice1
Bread Crumbs3 tbsp., dried)1Breadsticks1 piece2
Bread (focaccia)1 slice3Bread (garlic)1 slice4
Bottle Gourd1 cup0Boudin (store-bought)22
Bouillabaisse2 cups7Bouillon1cup0
Boysenberries1cup1Bran (corn, uncooked)1/4 cup0
Bran (oat, uncooked)1/4 cup1Bran (rice, uncooked)1/4 cup2
Bran (wheat, uncooked)1tbsp0Brandy1-1/2 fl. oz.2
Brazil Nuts8 nuts5Brewer's Yeast1 tsp0
Brioche13Broccoli (cooked/uncooked)1cup0
Broccoli Rabe1 cup0Broccoli (stir fry)1cup3
Broth (any type)1 cup0Brownie15
Brownie (fat-free)1 piece2Brunswick Stew1-1/2 cups5
Bruschetta1 slice3Brussels Sprouts (cooked/uncooked)1cup0
Buffalo (water cooked)1 oz1Buffalo wings39
Bulgurcooked 1cup/uncooked 1/4 cup2Butter (regular)1 cup51
Cabbage (all varieties, cooked/uncooked)1 cup0Caesar Salad3 cups7
Cake (fat-free)1 slice4Cake (sugar-free)1 slice5
Calamari (fried)1/2 cup11Calzone17
Candy (chocolate, any type)1 oz4Cannoli19
Cantaloupe1/4th melon1Capers1 tbsp0
Caponata1 cup2Cappuccino (fat-free milk)1 small1
Cappuccino (machine-made)1 cup2Caraway seeds1 tsp/tbsp0
Carambola (star fruit)11Caramels1 oz3
Cardoon1 cup0Caribou (cooked)1 oz1
Carne asada4 oz10Carob (unsweetened)1 tsp0
Carp1 fillet cooked7Carrots10 baby or 2 large0
Carrot Juice (canned)1/2 cup1Casaba Melon1 cup1
Cashews (dry-roasted)144Cassoulet1 cup11
Catfish1 fillet cooked4Cauliflower1 cup or 1 large head0
Caviar (or other fish roe)2tbsp2Caviar spread2 tbsp3
Celery1 cup or 1 stalk0Cellophane Noodles1 cup cooked3
Chicory1 cup0Cucumber1 cup0
Cereal (hot)1 cup4Cereal (fiber)1/2 cup1/2
Cereal bar (fat-free)1 piece2Cereal (cold, bran flakes)3/4 cup1
Cereal (cold, frosted)1 cup3Cereal (cold, puffed)1 cup1
Cereal (cold, whole grain)1 cup2Ceviche1/2 cup2
Challah bread1 slice2Champagne1 small glass or 1/2 cup2
Chef's salad (without dressing)4 cups8Cheese (Cheddar)1 cup4
Cheese1 ounce1Cottage Cheese1 cup3
Cheese (spreadable)2 tbsp1Cheese Wedge (light)11
Cheese with fruit3-1/2 oz3Cheese (Mozzarella)2 pieces3
Cheese (Ravioli)6 pieces7Cheese (Parmesan)5 oz3
Cherries (fresh)1 cup1Chestnuts6 small1
Chicken (fried, frozen)3 oz7Chicken (canned)1/2 cup4
Chicken (cooked)1/2 cup2Chicken breast, barbecued with skin (with bone)17
Chicken breast, cooked without skin (no bone)13Chicken breast, fried with skin (with bone)111
Chicken breast fillet, grilled, refrigerated13Chicken (drumstick, barbecued with skin and bone)13
Chicken patty (fried, frozen)14Chicken pieces (nugget-style fried)65
Chicken salad1/2 cup6Chicken salad, store-bought1/2 cup5
Chicken soup, hot and spicy1 cup4Chicken stew, canned1cup4
Chicken thigh (cooked without skin, no bone)13Chickpeas, dry1/3 cup1
Chili (frozen)1 cup12Chili, low-fat, canned1cup4
Chocolate hazelnut cookies1 piece2Chocolate eclair1 piece3
Chocolate, any type2 pieces3Chocolate (dark)5 pieces4
Chocolate or latte bar11Chocolate drink1 cup3
Chocolate spread2 tbsp4Clams (cooked)1/2 cup1
Cobbler (fruit)1cup7Cocoa Hot (instant)1 cup2
Coconut1 tsp0Coconut juice or water1 can3
Coconut milk1/4 cup4Coffee (Jamaican)1 cup2
Coffee (latte or mocha with milk)1 can4Coffee mix (without sugar)1 cup1
Cognac1-1/2 fl. oz.2Coleslaw1/2 cup4
Cookies (any type)1 bar1Corn (frozen)64
Corn Chowder (canned)1 cup4Crabmeat (canned)1/2cup2
Crabmeat (cooked)1/2 cup1Cranberry Juice1 cup2
Cranberries, fresh1 cup1Crayfish (canned)1/2 cup2
Cream (clotted)2 tbsp4Cream, medium2tbsp2
Cruller1 small3Crumpet12
Currants, fresh1 cup1Custard1 cup6
Daikon1 cup0Daiquiri13
Dairy Shake1 packet2Danish (store-bought)16
Dannon Yogurt, light4 ounce1Dates (fresh)21
Del Monte1/2 cup1Dip, any type2 tbsp2
Dolma (store-bought)43Doro wat1 cup7
Donut (store-bought)15Duck, wild or domestic, without skin, cooked1/4 duck5
Eclair1 (4" long)9Eggplant, cooked1 cup0
Eggs, Fried1 large2Eggs, scrambled25
Egg salad1/2 cup7Egg whites31
Elderberries1 cup1Elk,cooked1 oz1
Empanadas23Endive, Belgian (French)1 cup0
Fadge1 cup3Falafel patties410
Fennel1 cup0Fettuccine Alfredo1 cup16
Fiddlefern (fiddlehead greens)1cup0Fig, fresh10
Filo dough, frozen1 oz2Fish (Anchovies, canned in oil, drained)61
Fish, baked, stuffed1 serving8Fish, Blackened1 fillet12
Fish, Bluefish, cooked1 fillet6Fish, Carp, cooked1 fillet7
Fish, Catfish, cooked1 fillet6Fish, Cod, cooked1 fillet4
Fish, Dried1 oz2Fish, Eel1 oz2
Fish, Flounder1 fillet4Fish, Fried1 fillet12
Fish, Haddock, cooked1 fillet4Fish, Halibut, cooked1 fillet5
Fish, Herring, cooked1 oz1Fish, Mackerel, cooked1 fillet8
Fish (dolphin fish), cooked1 fillet4Fish, Salmon, cooked1fillet7
Fish, Sardines, canned in oil, drained53Fish, Swordfish, cooked1steak4
Fish, Trout, cooked1 fillet8Fish, Tuna, cooked1 fillet6
Fish amandine1fillet13Fish Fillet (battered, frozen)1 small5
Flan3/4 cup8Flour, any type1 tsp0
Focaccia1 piece25French Fries (frozen, baked)152
French Toast (frozen)2 slices5Fried ice cream1 scoop9
Fruit salad1 cup2Fudge1 piece3
Frosting (regular)2 tbsp3Fruit Cocktail (unsweetened, canned)1 cup2
Gazpacho (canned)1cup1Gelatin (fruit flavored)1/2 cup2
Gherkins fresh1 cup0Gin1 jigger2
Gnocchi (frozen)1 cup7Goat meat, cooked1 oz1
Gobo (burdock)1/2 cup1Goose, wild, cooked1 oz1
Gooseberries1 cup1Gourd, white, flowered1 cup0
Grapefruit12Grapefruit juice, any type 1/2 cup1
Grapes1 cup1Grape juice 1/2 cup1
Green papaya1 cup1Guacamole (store-bought)1/2 cup2
Guava11Guinea hen, cooked1 oz1
Gum, chewing with sugar or sugarless1 piece0Gumdrops83
Haddock1 fillet4Halibut1 fillet4
Halvah1piece5Ham, cooked1 slice3
Haroset1 cup4Hazelnuts20 nuts4
Highball13Hush puppies24
Hoisin sauce1 tsp0Hollandaise sauce1/4 cup8
Honey1 tbsp1Honeydew melon1/81
Horseradish, prepared1 tbsp0Hummus, any type1/4 cup3
Ice cream, fat-free, no sugar added1 scoop2Ice cream, light, no sugar added1 scoop2
Ice cream, premium1 scoop7Ice cream, regular1 scoop4
Ice cream soda18Irish coffee14
Jackfruit1/2 cup2Jalapenos, stuffed24
Jam, jelly or preserves1 tbsp1Jelly beans102
Jerusalem artichokes1 cup0Jicama (yam bean root)1 cup0
Kabobs, beef, chicken or lamb2 skewers8Kabobs, fish2 skewers6
Kasha (buckwheat groats)1 cup cooked3Kataifi1piece5
Ketchup1/4 cup1Kidney, cooked1/2 cup2
Kiwi fruit11Knish, any type16
Knockwurst25Kreplachs (boiled)25
Kugel (lokshen)1piece7Kumquats10 small/5 medium1
Ladyfingers, store-bought1 large/2 small1Lamb, ground, cooked1/2 cup4
Lamb, lean1 slice3Lard1 tbsp3
Lasagna, chicken, frozen1 cup5Lasagna, vegetable, frozen1 cup5
Latte, made with low-fat milk1 small3Lavash1/4 of 10" cracker or 2-1/4 oz.6
Leeks, cooked or uncooked1 cup or 2 oz.0Lemon10
Lemonade1 cup2Lentils, dry1/3 cup1
Lettuce, any type1 cup0Lychees, fresh10 medium (6 oz.)1
Licorice1 oz.2Liqueurs, any type1 jigger4
Liquor (gin, rum, scotch, tequila, vodka, whiskey)1 jigger2Liver, beef, cooked1 slice2
Liver, chicken, cooked1/2 cup2Liverwurst1 oz.3
Lobster meat, canned1/2 cup or 4 oz.2Lobster salad1/2 cup4
Lobster, steamed13Loganberries1 cup (5 oz.)1
Lollipop11Loquats10 (6 oz.)1
Lotus root, cooked1 cup or 16 slices1Luncheon meat, canned2 oz.5
Macadamia nuts12 nuts (1 oz. shelled)5Macaroni1 cup cooked3
Macaroni salad1/2 cup6Macaroons22
Mackerel, canned1/4 cup2Mackerel, cooked1 fillet8
Mandarin orange, fresh11Mandelbrot2 slices2
Manicotti shells,dry22Maraschino cherry10
Margarine, fat-free4 tbsp1Margarine, regular1 tsp1
Margarita15Marinara sauce1/2 cup3
Marshmallows2 medium1Martini13
Marzipan1 oz3Matzo, any type1 board2
Mayonnaise, fat-free4 tbsp1Mayonnaise, regular, commercial and homemade1 tsp1
Meat, canned2 oz3Meat, ground, cooked1 patty6
Meat loaf1 slice8Menudo, canned1 cup4
Mexican coffee1 (with 2 tbsp whipped cream)3Milk, calcium-fortified (1%)1 cup2
Milk, calcium-fortified, skim1 cup2Milk, evaporated, whole1/2 cup3
Milk, instant non-fat dry 1/3 cup powder2Milk, lactose-reduced, nonfat1 cup2
Milk, sweetened, condensed1/3 cup7Milk, whole1 cup4
Milk shake, any flavor19Millet1/3 cup cooked or 3/4 oz. uncooked1
Mimosa12Mincemeat, store-bought1/4 cup3
Minestrone soup1 cup4Mint, chocolate-covered1 (2-1/2" diameter)3
Moose, cooked1 oz.1Mornay sauce1/4 cup4
Muffin, any type (other than bran)1 large6Muffin, bran1 large5
Mulberries1 cup1Mulligatawny soup1 cup1
Mushrooms1 cup0Mussels, cooked1/2 cup1
Napoleon1 (4-1/2" x 2" x 1-1/2")13Nectar, any type1/2 cup1
Nectarine11Noodles, egg1 cup cooked or 1-1/2 oz. uncooked3
Nuoccham1 tbsp0Nuts, mixed1 oz. shelled4
Oat milk, any flavor1 cup2Oil, vegetable1 tsp1
Okra, cooked1 cup0Olives10 small or 6 large1
Onions, cooked1 cup1Opossum, cooked1 oz1
Orange11Orange juice, any type1/2 cup1
Ostrich, cooked1 oz1Oysters, cooked1/2 cup1
Paella1 cup7Pancake (homemade, frozen or made from mix)12
Panettone1/12 of 9" tube6Papaya1/2 (8 oz.) or 1 cup (5 oz.)1
Paprikash2 cups9Parsnips, cooked or uncooked1 cup1
Passion fruit31Pasta, any type1 cup cooked or 1-1/2 oz. uncooked3
Peach, fresh11Peanuts404
Peanut butter1 tbsp2Pear, fresh11
Peas, dry, split1/3 cup or 2 oz. cooked or 3/4 oz. uncooked1Pecans14 halves5
Pepper, bell/chili1 cup0Pepperoni1 oz.4
Perch, cooked1 fillet4Pesto sauce2 tbsp1
Pheasant, cooked1 oz.1Pickle, unsweetened1 cup/1 medium0
Pie crust, any type1/8 of 9" one-crust pie5Pigeon, cooked1 oz.1
Pike, cooked1 fillet4Pimientos, canned1 cup, 6 whole or 8 oz.0
Pina colada16Pineapple, fresh1/4 (12 oz.) or 1 cup2
Pineapple juice1/2 cup (4 fl. oz.)1Pistachios40 nuts4
Plums21Polenta1/4 cup cooked4
Pomegranate12Pomelo (pummelo)13
Popcorn, buttered, popped3 cups7Pork, cooked1 slice, 1 chop, 1/2 cup cubed or shredded5
Pork rinds1 oz.4Pork (lean, cooked)1 slice, 1 chop, 1/2 cup cubed or shredded3
Potato, white/sweet1 large3Potato chips144
Potatoes, mashed1/2 cup2Potatoes, home-fried1 cup4
Potato salad1/2 cup6Poultry, ground, cooked1 patty5
Poultry, ground, lean (10% or less fat) cooked1 patty4Pretzels, hard or Bavarian12
Prickly pear (cactus pear)11Profiterole1 small2
Prunes21Pudding, any flavor1 cup7
Pumpkin1 cup0Pumpkin leaves1 cup0
Quail, cooked1 oz.2Quenelles814
Quince11Quinoa2 tbsp dry1
Rabbit, cooked1 oz.1Raccoon, cooked1 oz.2
Radish, white1 cup0Raisins1/4 cup2
Raspberries1-1/2 cups1Ratatouille1 cup5
Red snapper, cooked1 fillet4Relish, any type1 tsp0
Remoulade sauce1 tbsp2Rice, brown1 cup cooked4
Rice, white1 cup4Rice crackers81
Risotto1/2 cup4Roux, store-bought1 tbsp5
Rugelach1 piece3Rum1 jigger2
Saimin1 cup2Salad, mixed greens1 cup0
Salami, any type1 oz.3Salmon, smoked1 oz.1
Salsa1/2 cup0Saltines62
Sangria4 fl. oz.2Sausage, beef or pork, cooked1 link or patty3
Scallions (green onions)1 cup or 16 medium0Scallops, cooked1/2 cup1
Schnapps, any flavor1 fl. oz.2Scone1 triangle5
Scotch1 jigger2Screwdriver14
Seafood salad, store-bought1/2 cup6Seeds, caraway/poppy/sesame1 tsp0
Seeds, pumpkin or sunflower1 tbsp1Seitan2 slices1
Shallots1 cup or 6 oz.0Shark, cooked1 steak4
Sharon fruit3 oz.1Shells, jumbo, dry32
Sherry, dry or sweet3 fl. oz.2Shrimp, cooked1/2 cup1
Shrimp, canned1/2 cup4Sloppy joe18
Smelt, cooked1 oz.1Snow peas (Chinese pea pods)1 cup0
Soda, club1 can or bottle0Soft drinks, diet, any flavor1 can or bottle0
Sole, cooked1 fillet4Sour cream, light3 tbsp1
Sour cream, regular1 tbsp1Soybeans, dry1/3 cup or 2 oz. cooked or 3/4 oz. uncooked1
Soy cheese, regular1 slice2Soy flour3 tbsp2
Soy milk1 cup2Soy sauce1 tbsp0
Spaghetti1 cup cooked or 1-1/2 oz. uncooked3Spaghetti Bolognese1 cup spaghetti with 1/2 cup sauce9
Spaghetti Carbonara1 cup10Spanish sauce1/2 cup1
Spinach, cooked or uncooked1 cup0Sports drink1 cup1
Sprouts, alfalfa/bean1 cup0Squab1 oz. cooked1
Squid, cooked3 oz.2Squirrel, cooked1 oz.1
Steak, cooked1 small7Steak, lean1 small5
Strawberries, fresh or frozen1 cup1Strudel, any type1 piece8
Sugar, any type1 tbsp1Sweetbreads, cooked1 oz.1
Sweet potatoes in syrup, canned1 cup4Swordfish, cooked1 steak4
Syrup, regular, any type1 tbsp.1Szechuan chicken,frozen1 cup5
Tabouli1/2 cup4Taffy1 oz.3
Tahini (sesame paste)2 tbsp.3Tamarinds101
Tapioca1 tsp. uncooked0Taquitos, frozen23
Tartar sauce1 tbsp2Tart shell1 (4" diameter)6
Tea, decaffeinated or regular, sweetened1 cup2Tequila1 jigger2
Thai coffee or tea1 cup6Tirami su1 piece10
Tofu, any type1/3 cup2Tomato, regular, fresh1 cup or 1 medium0
Tomatoes, cherry120Tomato juice1 cup0
Tomato paste, canned1/4 cup0Tomato puree, canned1/2 cup0
Tortilla, any type2 (4" diameter), 1 (6" diameter), 1/2 (10" diameter)2Tripe, cooked1 oz.1
Trout, rainbow, cooked1 fillet4Tuna, canned in water, drained1/2 cup3
Tuna, cooked1 steak4Turkey, ground, cooked1 patty5
Turkey, lean, ground, cooked1 patty4Turnips, cooked1 cup0
Veal, regular, cooked1 slice, 1 chop, 1/2 cup cubed or shredded4Veal, lean, cooked1 slice, 1 chop, 1/2 cup cubed or shredded3
Vegetable juice, mixed1 cup0Vegetable oil1 tsp1
Vegetables, fried1 cup6Vegetables, mixed, drained1/2 cup0
Venison, cooked1 oz.1Vichyssoise1 cup5
Vinegar1 tbsp.0Vodka1 jigger2
Waffle, any type1 (7" square)6Waffle, any type, made from mix/frozen1 (4" square) or 1-3/4 oz.2
Waldorf salad1/2 cup6Walnuts14 halves5
Water chestnuts1 cup1Watercress1 cup0
Watermelon2" slice or 1 cup1Water or mineral water1 cup0
Wax gourd (Chinese winter melon)1 cup1Wheat germ3 tbsp1
Whiskey1 jigger2Whiskey sour13
Whitefish and pike, large, store-bought12Whiting, cooked1 fillet4
Wiener schnitzel4 oz.11Wine, dessert, dry2 fl. oz.1
Wine, dessert, sweet2 fl. oz.2Wine sauce1/4 cup3
Wontons, boiled64Wontons, fried610
Yams, cooked1 large or 1 cup3Yams, sweetened, canned in syrup1 cup3
Yeast1 cup0Yogurt, fat-free, flavored, sweetened with sugar1 cup3
Yogurt, frozen, fat-free, no sugar added1 scoop or 1/2 cup2Yogurt, frozen, low-fat1 scoop or 1/2 cup0
Yogurt, plain1 cup4Yogurt drink1 cup5
Zabaglione1/2 cup4Zeppole1 (4" diameter)5
Zucchini, breaded, frozen64Zucchini bread1 slice5
Zuppa di pesce2 cups12Zwieback3 (3/4 oz)2
You will notice, that more the quantity of fats a food item contains, more is the point. Remember that you have to restrict yourself within the points for losing those extra pounds and try to consume more of fiber rich foods like fruits and vegetables, which have fewer points. Lastly, if I have somehow forgotten to include your Weight Watchers food points for your favorite item, fret not. Weight Watchers points system works on a very simple formula;

Points: Calories/50 - (Fiber x 0.2) + (Fat x 0.08)
You can also check your point range for your body size, through the following list:

150 pounds18 to 23 points150 to 174lbs20 to 25 points
175 to 199lbs22 to 27 points200 to 224lbs24 to 29 points
225 to 249lbs26 to 31 points250 to 274lbs28 to 33 points
275 to 299lbs29 to 34 points300 to 324lbs30 to 35 points
325 to 349lbs31 to 36 pointsOver 350lbs32 to 37 points

So, now that the secret is out, you can make your own personalized weight loss program and calculate points for anything on planet earth (restricted to food items only). By following the Weight Watchers points program, you can easily make delicious Weight Watchers recipes and keep a tab on your daily intake without compromising with the quality or taste of your food. It is not only a great way of staying healthy and fit, but also a lifestyle worth embracing.