Wedding Sayings
The following Buzzle article will provide you with some wedding sayings that can be used on numerous wedding occasions and situations. Read to find out more.
Wedding Ceremony Script
Tip to choose a wedding ceremony script
A well-phrased script for a wedding ceremony can spell out almost everything that one needs to say at one's nuptial. Whether it is a religious or non-religious wedding ceremony script, it is something that everyone remembers....
Wedding Wishes
Wedding wish
Finding the perfect words to express happiness on a couple's wedding day is important. But more often than not, saying something that is genuine and heartfelt can be difficult. We help you realize your wishes for the couple.
Funny Wedding Quotes
Funny quote on marriage
Almost everyone does it at least once in their life. Despite the dread and speculation of what happens after marriage, you still have some awesome quotes that just might help you make it through your own wedding day.
Traditional Indian Wedding Ceremony
Mehendi ceremony in traditional Indian wedding
A wedding is one of the most special occasions in any person's life. Traditional Indian wedding ceremonies are quite unique in their celebrations.
Rustic Wedding Ideas
Rustic wedding idea
Many people like to have simple weddings, with more of nature as a part of the setting. If you are also one of them, then rustic weddings are perfect for you.
5 Steps to Make a Wedding Program Fan on Your Own
Tip to make wedding program fan
A customized wedding program fan is all the rave as it incorporates your ceremony details and keeps your guests cool on a warm day. With only 5 easy steps, you can make your own wedding program fan that won't break your budget.
What's the Correct Order of a Wedding Processional?
Order of a wedding processional
It starts with love, then comes the engagement and finally your marriage. Marriage is not just about two people, it comes with a flock of loved ones grinning down the wedding altar. To plan a wedding which runs beautifully, here is...
Pros and Cons of a Backyard Wedding
Pro and con of a backyard wedding
Your budget may have retracted and the long guest list may have dwindled down to a few special ones. Perhaps, you think a backyard wedding is the right choice. However, it might not be as easy as you thought. Read this Buzzle post...
Top 10 Wedding Guest Complaints
Common wedding guest complaints
A wedding has many shades of memories, some of which are decorated with bitter, and some with sweet complaints by guests. What is it that annoys wedding guests the most, despite the couple's best efforts to make the wedding...
How to Plan the Perfect Wedding Sand Ceremony
Tip for planning the perfect wedding sand ceremony
For most of us the wedding sand ceremony means the coming together of two individuals or two families by holy matrimony. Choose to mark your special day with this elegant yet simple ceremony and bring home a memento of the day that...
Things that May Go Wrong at a Wedding
Things that may go wrong at a wedding
Despite all the planning, rehearsals and everything else that can be possibly done, some things 'do' go wrong in majority of the weddings. The only thing you can do is, be ready to handle small wedding mishaps, and have a plan B...
10 Unique Ways to Entertain Guests Between the Wedding and Reception
Unique way to entertain guests between wedding and reception
Like everything else involved with a wedding, you need a plan to keep your guests from getting bored before the reception commences. Along with 10 unique ways to entertain guests between wedding and reception, Buzzle also provides...
Sample Order of Service for a Christian Wedding Ceremony
Fact about Christian marriages
Weddings in all religions and regions are interesting. After all, it is a ritual that marks the unity of two people into a special bond forever! We will tell you the order of events for a Christian wedding ceremony, which is quite...
12 Amazing Wedding Entry Ideas
Offbeat wedding entry idea
The entry to a wedding should be absolutely spectacular. The guests should not be able to stop raving about your wedding entrance. Need some inspiration? Check out some amazing ideas in this Buzzle post.
Dessert Ideas for Weddings
Whether it's a formal or a themed wedding, cakes, puddings, fruit trays with chocolate fondue, etc., are some common wedding dessert ideas. The following article provides some innovative dessert ideas, which will add more sweetness...
15 Creative and Unique Non-Traditional Wedding Ideas
Creative and unique non-traditional wedding idea
For a bride-to-be who seldom follows the crowd, a conventional wedding will never satiate her. Take a small journey with Buzzle to find a variety of non-traditional ideas that'll take your wedding to a whole new level.
Civil Wedding Ceremony
Civil wedding ceremony
For a non-religious legal wedding, many couples are opting for a civil ceremony. Buzzle provides you information on what it entails along with a sample script that will help you organize the event.
How to Choose a Wedding Tiara
Choosing a wedding tiara
Choosing a wedding tiara can be a fun experience. Something that you would prefer doing alone, without ten people breathing down your neck giving you countless opinions and suggestions. Buzzle shows you how you can pick the right...
Most Expensive Weddings in the World
World's most expensive weddings
If you think William and Kate had the most lavish wedding ever, take a look at some of these weddings that have created a benchmark for luxury!
2012 Wedding Trends
Planning for the perfect wedding can be quite a task. This article will give you a hand by providing the 2012 wedding trends, for your perfect wedding.
Backyard Wedding Ideas
Backyard beach wedding
These backyard wedding ideas will have you putting together some of the funniest and most memorable weddings, that you can carry forward in memory for a lifetime. Find out here how to keep it within budget, and still make it a one...
New Year's Eve Wedding
Have you ever thought about having a New Year's eve wedding? Imagine the whole world celebrating it with you. How awesome would that be? So then you need some great ideas to plan a New Year's Eve wedding, correct? Coming right up...
Wedding Wishes and Sayings
Are you looking out for some wedding wishes to extend your heartiest congratulations to the newly married couple? Your search ends right here as you can find some of the best wishes and sayings for the occasion...
How to Walk Down the Aisle
Walking down the aisle has its art, its style and its distinct way. And to know how to walk down the aisle in the most perfect manner, read through this article that is about anything else but.
Alternatives to Bridesmaid Bouquets
If you are bored of seeing bridesmaids carry the same boring bouquets at every wedding, then maybe it is time to break the trend with some interesting alternatives.
Funny Wedding Ideas
Superhero wedding invitation
Looking forward to make your wedding funny and humorous? We have provided you some of the coolest funny wedding ideas that will be much appreciated by you. Read on...
Non-Religious Wedding Ceremony
Non-religious wedding ceremony is the latest trend, where couples exchange vows, outside the traditional religious setting. This has gained popularity as many are opting to get married in a civil wedding...
Wedding Kissing Game Ideas
Bored of mundane wedding kissing routine? Then read this article, as it provides you with some immensely interesting ideas on wedding kissing games that you can use on your own wedding or at your friends' and loved ones.
Wedding Menu Card Template
Along with special, everyone wishes for a unique wedding. But when it comes to the menu, many often opt to be safe than sorry. Read this Buzzle article to know more.
Evening Wedding Ideas
This article deals with some easy to implement evening wedding ideas. Different ideas for an evening event during the fall season are also mentioned in the following paragraphs.
Wedding Prayers Before Dinner
Are you planning to have a religious wedding ceremony? If you are going by the book, you might as well include wedding prayers before dinner, at your reception.
Wedding Prayers and Blessings
By making wedding prayers and blessings an important part of the ceremony, you add more meaning to your vows. The following article suggests some Christian prayers, Irish and Apache blessings, wedding poems as well as verses for...
Fun Wedding Ideas
A wedding is the most important event in a couple's life and hence, it be as memorable as possible. This article suggests some fun wedding ideas to make your wedding even more special.
Hippie Wedding
Need some help planning your hippie themed wedding? Stop right here! This article has some great ideas on how to organize an awesome one!
Wedding Ceremony Ideas
By incorporating unique wedding ceremony ideas, you can add a personal touch to your wedding and make it memorable for all the guests. These small additions can make the special day all the more delightful and unique.
Bride Wedding Day Emergency Kit
Fending off last minute fiasco becomes much easier if you have an emergency kit in hand. With tiny necessities stashed up in this kit, as and when minuscule issues emerge on the wedding day, one is prepared to deal with them ...
Garden Wedding Ideas
Deciding a wedding venue is a major task. Everyone wants to make their wedding memorable and unique. A garden wedding is a good way to go.
Wedding Unity Ideas
Need some inspiration on how to add a personal touch to the traditional wedding ceremony? If yes, read this article for some creative and unique ideas regarding wedding unity.
Pink and Green Wedding Theme Ideas
Planning for a pink and green wedding? That's a great idea, and you have a wide scope for implementing the theme to create a perfect atmosphere on this special day. Here's are some tips to plan this occasion, and make it memorable.
Ring Ceremony Wordings
Express your deepest feelings towards your fiancé(e), when you finally exchange wedding rings, with the help of these samples of wording for ring ceremonies.
Engagement Announcement Wording
An engagement announcement is very special. Here are some engagement announcement wording ideas for you.
Popular Wedding Colors
Incorporating a few popular wedding colors in a wedding ceremony or reception can create a different style and ambiance. In this Buzzle article, we help you choose the best colors for the most important day in your life.
Wedding Car Decorations
Getting away in a beautifully decorated shiny black limousine is a great way of concluding your wedding. But given that not everyone can afford to hire a limo, here are some decoration ideas for a wedding car that will help you...
Simple Wedding Ideas
Today, more and more couples prefer a simple wedding as it can ease the pressures of wedding preparations. Read this article to know what things should be taken into consideration in order to plan a not so over-the-top wedding.
Wedding Guest Book Ideas
Want to have a wedding guest book that's really different? Perfect. Here's presenting some guest book ideas that you can use.
Wedding Entertainment Ideas
For the bride and groom, their wedding day is undoubtedly the most unforgettable one of their lives. It becomes even more special when the guests at the wedding remember the wedding too, for many years to come. Use ideas mentioned...
Wedding Guest Book Alternatives
For those who are in search of some wedding guest book alternatives, there are many ready-made ones, but you can also follow your own methods of making a guest registry. This article provides some creative ideas for the same.
Wedding Candy Table
A wedding candy table can add the perfect burst of color and flavor to your wedding reception. Check out some great ideas for decorating your wedding candy buffet that will not only impress all your guests, but also bring out your...
Catholic Wedding Ceremony Program
Every bridal couple wants their wedding day to be perfect, and a meaningful ceremony can go a long way in ensuring that. Most couples get a catholic wedding ceremony program made to ensure participation in the wedding mass.
Wedding Car Decoration Ideas
Decorating a wedding car is a very fun-filled activity, with many creative ideas coming to mind. Read on for some great wedding car decoration ideas.
Verses For Engagement Announcement Cards
Verses for engagement announcement cards convey the message of love and devotion to your close ones. A few meaningful samples are given in the article below.
Wedding Quotes
Here is a compilation of some emotional, as well as funny wedding quotes you can have a great time reading about.
The Secret of Wedding Success Lies in the Little Things
When planning a wedding, most brides concentrate on the big things to perfect, but to have a successful wedding, it's the small touches that add up to a big hit.
Why We Throw Rice at Weddings and Other Nuptials
Have you ever wondered why there are so many strange rituals for weddings? The origins of many ceremonial traditions have been lost in translation. See if you know where these wedding rituals originated!