Tips on How to Choose a Wedding Location
Everything from the decoration to arrangement, food to the wedding theme revolves around the location you select. Hence, choosing an apt wedding location that caters to all your requirements is important. Here are a few tips on...
Affordable Wedding Venues
Affordable wedding venues are in demand as many people are going for inexpensive and simple wedding ceremonies rather than lavish and expensive ones. This article provides some ideas regarding such venues.
Small Wedding Checklist
No matter if you decide to have a big bash on your wedding or choose to keep it simple with only a few family members and friends attending it, you got to have a plan ready for preparations. Here is a small wedding checklist that...
How to Deal with Difficult Bridesmaids
Dealing with difficult bridesmaids
Planning a wedding with a difficult bridesmaid is challenging. Why take all the hassle when you can learn how to deal with a difficult bridesmaid?
How to Host a Successful 'Jack and Jill' Party
Tip to host a Jack and Jill Party
A Jack and Jill party is all the rage these days and can get you both, a great party and an easy way to raise money for the wedding. Peruse through this Buzzle post to know all about what this party entails and how to go about...
Creative Ways to Propose to Your Bridesmaids
Creative way to propose to your bridesmaid - personalized wine bottle
Once he's done proposing, it's time for you to pop the question to your closest friends. Buzzle gives you 10 bridesmaid proposal ideas that will simply blow her away.
What to Do if it Rains on Your Wedding Day
What to do if it rains on your wedding day
Experiencing rain on a wedding day should be an enchanting moment for the bride and groom. Don't be dismayed about the weather forecast; you'll be surprised to discover just how beautiful it is to have your outdoor wedding when the...
How to Hire a Wedding Officiant for Your Big Day
Ask your wedding planner for officiant referral
Hiring an officiant for your wedding need not be a difficult task. Buzzle gives you some tips on finding, selecting, and hiring one for your big day!
How to Plan a Camping Wedding
Planning a camping wedding
If you are looking for a unique, nontraditional theme for your wedding, and if you and your betrothed are the outdoors type, you might want to consider a camping wedding. This Buzzle post will help you plan a memorable camping...
Alternatives to Flower Girl Petals
Alternative to flower girl petals
The kind of alternatives to flower girl petals you can come up with can range from how-cute to oh-my-that's-lovely to now-why-didn't-I-think-of-that! We have a mix of 7 such ideas for you.
Big Advantages of Having a Small Wedding
A small wedding saves money
A wedding day is indeed a big day in your life, but does it need to be literally "big" in terms of the venue, food, or number of guests invited? Certainly not. With due respect to the thoughts of people who believe in big...
21 Wedding Transportation Ideas
Wedding transportation ideas
You wedding is the one day you are allowed to splurge and indulge till your heart is content. It makes perfect sense then, to plan your wedding transportation as per the theme. Look through the ideas given here to leave your guests...
People You Should Not Invite to Your Wedding
People you should not invite to your wedding
There are certain people who should not make it to your wedding guest list. These include the people you have had affairs with, bosses who hate you to the core, and friends who have earned a reputation for their drunken antics....
A Guide to Select a Flower Girl and Her Outfit
Selecting a flower girl's outfit
The one person who can steal the show at your wedding, without you minding it, is your flower girl. We help you decide how to choose the right girl for the job and how to dress the little angel up in the perfect outfit.
Heart Touching Ways to Honor Loved Ones at a Wedding
Honoring deceased loved ones at weddings
Weddings are meant to be happy days, but several couples like to look for ways to remember their lost loved ones during their celebrations. It is a touching way to keep them with you in one of the biggest moments of your life, and...
Biggest Wedding Day Mistakes that Brides Make
Mistakes brides make on a wedding day
Be their dressing or obsession with perceived perfection, brides tend to make major gaffes on the most important day in their lives. This post will not only tell you about the mistakes that brides commit, but will also give you...
Should You Invite an Ex to Your Wedding?
Why you shouldn't invite your ex to your wedding
Should you or should you not? Plucking leaves off a flower is not going to find you the solution to this dilemma. Here's what you need to read. And you need to read this one carefully, to find out whether you should invite your ex...
How to Deal with Wedding Planning Stress
How to deal with wedding planning stress
A wedding can be pretty stressful for the bride and groom. Especially if they are shouldering the complete responsibility for their wedding planning and management. Buzzle will guide you about how to deal with the stress that comes...
10 Cool Wedding Send-off Ideas
Wedding send-off ideas
Since everything about a wedding has to be just perfect, the last ceremony counts too! If you don't want the guests to toss rice and wave off the newlyweds, there are plenty of other wedding send-off ideas that you can substitute...
Struggles Only a Bridesmaid Will Understand
Struggles of a bridesmaid
One of your closest friends is getting married, which means you get to doll up and be the star in every single guy's sky, at the wedding. But the ugly truth remains, being a bridesmaid is not as easy as it seems. Here are some...
Essential Tips to Plan a Vintage Wedding
Tip to plan a vintage wedding
Planning a vintage wedding can be a lot of fun, true. However, there are certain pointers which, when kept in mind, can make the whole process a lot easier and streamlined. Here, we share some of those pointers with you.
Wedding Day Emergency Kit for Groom
Wedding day emergency kit for groom
Just as bridesmaids tend to the bride's requests till she walks down the aisle, a groom too requires some special attention for the big day. Buzzle has compiled a detailed DIY wedding day emergency kit checklist which will come in...
How to Choose Budget-friendly Wines for Your Wedding
Tip to choose budget-friendly wine for wedding
Selecting wines for the wedding is a task that calls for prudence, especially if budget is a constraint. While cheap wines can be distasteful, there are several inexpensive options that provide good value for money.
How to Plan a Cruise Wedding
Tip to plan a cruise wedding
Don't want a run-of-the-mill wedding but want it to be romantic as ever? Don't want to invite half the town to celebrate your big day but want those closest to you to be there? Quite a conundrum you're in ... or so you would think....
7 Popular Wedding Planning Websites
Popular wedding planning websites
The best tool a modern bride can use to plan her wedding is a good wedding planning website. Listed below for you are 7 websites that are most popular with brides-to-be. From checklists to vendors to money-saving tips, they have...
How to Hire a Good Band for a Wedding
Tip to hire a good band for a wedding
Searching for the best entertainers for your wedding can be an overwhelming process. Let Buzzle help ease the process on how to hire a good band for your big day.
Stationery Checklist for a Wedding
Stationery checklist for a wedding
Every bride-to-be should have a personalized stationery checklist for the wedding. Let Buzzle help make the process easy and fun.
Apps for Planning the Perfect Wedding
Apps for Wedding Planning
Planning a wedding can be really hectic, whether you do it yourself or hire a wedding planner. Fortunately, for us, technology has made planning the perfect wedding easier by providing a great range of apps .
Wedding Checklist and Timeline
As every bride-to-be wishes to have a perfect wedding, a wedding checklist and timeline aids as a guide. The wedding checklist planner provided in the article is organized from 9 to 12 months before the actual wedding till couple...
Planning a Secular Wedding Ceremony
If you have religious relatives, planning a secular wedding ceremony can be difficult without hurting any feelings. However, it can be done if you plan ahead.
Things to Do After You are Engaged
Congratulations on your engagement! As much as you would like to relax and enjoy this happy time, there is a lot to be done. This article will give you a quick checklist of the things to do after you are engaged.
Groom's Wedding Day Checklist
Be equipped with the groom's wedding day checklist mentioned in this article and you'll breeze through the day with not so much as a hiccup. Have a look.
How to Plan a Wedding in 3 Months
If you want to know how to plan a wedding in 3 months, we shall tell you all that you need to know. From the pre-wedding preparations to the honeymoon, you'll find tips to help you in the article below. Also listed are a few things...
Pre-Wedding Preparations
There are so many pre-wedding preparations to take care of that most of times we forget some of them, and realize only when it's too late. If you want to save yourself from such situations, read the article below which has...
How to Plan a Casual Wedding
Do you think planning a wedding is a completely tough task which you can't do on your own? Well, stop thinking and start reading, for here we have got you some tips on how to plan a casual wedding. Be a wedding planner yourself and...
How to Plan a Wedding on a Budget
It is inevitable for soon to be wed couples to fret over how to plan a wedding on a budget. Put your worries aside because all it takes is some simple things that can make your wedding an unforgettably beautiful and penny-wise event.
Wedding Preparation
Preparing for a wedding is a mammoth task, so if you are a bride-to-be looking for wedding preparation tips, then be assured you have several busy and stressful months ahead. Here is an exhaustive list to help you out.
Frugal Wedding Ideas
A wedding on a budget may be a tight rope walk. However in the long run, it pays off. Here is how to can make a frugal wedding happen with just as much style, as a big fat one.
Planning a Wedding on a Small Budget
Planning a wedding on a small budget is a nice idea to save your hard-earned money. Even an inexpensive wedding can be elegant, romantic, and give you unforgettable memories. Read on, to know more on planning a cheap wedding.
How to Plan a Wedding
One of the most awaited events in everyone's life is their wedding. It is a once in a lifetime affair and therefore, should be planned well. The following article gives some ideas to make your wedding planning less chaotic and more...
Winter Wedding Planning Tips and Ideas
A winter wedding has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The following article contains tips and ideas for planning the same.
Wedding Planning Checklist
Planning a wedding can be a tiresome task. Here is wedding planning checklist that will help you to plan the big day in a meticulous manner.
Tips to Plan an Eco-friendly Wedding
It's easy to plan an eco-friendly wedding for today's socially responsible couple. Read through the following Buzzle write up to know more about planning a "Green" wedding.
Wedding Planning and Preparation Tips
A wedding is a beautiful event in everybody's life, however, planning for the same can be quite hassling. Therefore, this article gives you some simple wedding planning and preparation tips.