Homemade Wedding Favor Ideas
Homemade wedding favors
Arranging small gifts for guests as favors has become a convention at most weddings. If buying expensive favors does not work out for you, you can opt for simple homemade wedding favor ides, like cookies and flowers.
Unique Fall-themed Wedding Favor Ideas
Fall-themed wedding favor idea
For an elegant fall wedding, guests should go home on a high note. Here are some unique fall-themed wedding favor ideas that are inspired by the season.
Wedding Welcome Bag Ideas
A wedding welcome bag is a good way to welcome guests to your wedding and to show them that their presence is appreciated. Find out about different wedding welcome bag ideas, in this post, that are sure to win over the hearts of...
Spring Wedding Favors
Take a look at some great ideas for spring wedding favors that you can give away as a token of appreciation to your guests, for making the best day of your life so memorable.
16 Eco-friendly Wedding Favor Ideas
Eco-friendly wedding favor ideas
Eco-friendly wedding favors are the latest innovation in the wedding industry. Everybody wants to do their bit for the environment, and at the same time, shave off those extra bucks from their wedding budget. We take you into a...
Wedding Favor Ideas for Men
Feminine wedding favors are passé. This article has some wedding favor ideas for men, not women. After all, they too could do with some attention, don't you think? (*wink*) Go through the ideas mentioned and see what you like.
Funny Wedding Favors
Funny wedding favors
Weddings are a full of fun and enjoyment, once the formal ceremony is over. With some funny wedding favors mentioned below, add humor and laughter to your wedding reception!
Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Favors
Alternatives to traditional wedding favors
Discover alternative favors to traditional ones to give away on your big day, which are both thoughtful and befitting when it comes to giving parting gifts to guests.
Wedding Candy Bags
Wedding candy bags
Wedding candy bags are meant to be pretty, period! In this article, we'll give you some ideas on how you can assemble your own candy bags and save up on a lot of money during your wedding.
Cocktail Wedding Favors
Cocktail wedding favors are becoming a huge hit with couples these days. Find out what kind of things you can use as wedding favors and see how you can give them your own personal touch in this article.
Wedding Favor Bag Ideas
Wedding favors are given to wedding guests to show your gratitude for attending the wedding. But just choosing a great wedding favor is not enough. How you present it is also very important. Here wedding favor bags comes in useful.
Candy Wedding Favors
Candy wedding favors are almost always a hit with the guests, and are easy to put together in terms of packaging. Here's a look into some great ideas on putting together these delightful favors.
Wedding Sayings for Favors
Wedding sayings are the most elegant way to express your sentiments, and appreciate the guests for their attendance. This article shall provide you with a few samples.
Bamboo Wedding Favors
Giving away bamboo wedding favors could be a unique and beautiful idea to celebrate a very special day in your life. This article presents the norms and significance of these favors.
How to Make Wedding Favors
Wedding favors are a perfect way to thank your guests, for being a part of your happiness. This article offers a few ideas for elegant favors, which can be easily made at home.
Wedding Favors for Children
Giving wedding favors to your guests is a way of thanking them for being a part of your happiness. They are usually bought for adults who are attending the wedding. But, it is necessary to have favors for children as well. This...
Homemade Favors for Weddings
Want to thank your wedding guests in a unique way? Homemade favors are your best bet. Making them on your own is quite interesting and full of fun. Presented below are some wonderful ideas for the same.
Wedding Favor Boxes
The endeavor to add a touch of class to a wedding celebration, within a budget or on the binge, is optimized with the presence of special wedding favor boxes that adorn the tables while hiding the goodies within.