Things to Write in a Wedding Card
Wishes to write in a wedding card
A wedding card can be made that much more special with wedding messages in it. Here are some things to write in a wedding card to turn the card into a wonderful gift.
What to Write in a Wedding Card
Wedding card writing
You found the perfect card to send the happy couple, but are now wondering what to write in it. If you are at loss of words or can't figure out what to write in a wedding card, then the following article can be of some help...
Wedding Messages
Funny marriage quote
Wedding messages are one of the most important parts of a wedding ceremony and even after. In the following article we shall be listing some of the best of these messages that you can use.
Wedding Card Messages
Messages for wedding cards
Is it the most memorable day in the life of your best friend? Wanna give him something that he would cherish for a lifetime? Along with some of the other gifts you have thought about, why not give him a wedding card? Here are some...
What to Say in a Wedding Card
Have you ever been stuck wondering what you need to say in a wedding card? If your answer is yes, then you must surely read what we have to offer in this article.
Wedding Card Sayings
Wedding card saying
It is often said that marriages are made in heaven and celebrated on Earth. It's a tough job to manage a wedding, right from the guest list to thank you cards. If you're one of the guests, wouldn't you like to congratulate the...
Wedding Greeting Words
Words for wedding greetings
Finding the right words to express yourself, that too for a wedding card, can be tough. But not when we are here to help you find warm and sweet wedding greeting words and quotes that will convey the message beautifully.
Wedding Congratulations Messages
Michael Leunig on happy marriage
A friend's wedding coming up and you need some wedding congratulation messages to write in that card or letter? There are various options for you to choose from - you can be all classy and use some traditional quotes by famous...
Wedding Greeting Quotes
Wedding greeting quote
When invited to a wedding, it is always proper etiquette to show up with a card that reflects your sentiments. Most cards do this with the help of quotes. Wedding quotes convey your wishes to the bridal couple.
Unique Wedding Escort Card Ideas
Wedding escort card idea
Instead of doing place cards for each guest, why not have an escort card table at your wedding? Let Buzzle help you find the right display with these unique wedding escort card ideas mentioned here.
Homemade Wedding Card Box
Using a homemade wedding card box can greatly cut down your wedding expenses. How so? Read this article to find out.