Front-end Vs. Back-end Development
Difference between front-end and back-end development
The creation of a website requires the services of designers and developers. While many feel that both are one and the same, for a better understanding, we give you a fair comparison between the two - front-end development vs....
Things to Consider While Hiring a Web Developer
Hiring parameters for a web developer
If you own a company today, big or small, you want to have a digital presence because that is what attracts potential customers to both the product and services provided by you. But that requires you to have a good website, which,...
What is JavaScript Used for?
Use of JavaScript
The internet houses millions of web pages hosted by websites that serve different purposes. Some attract you while others don't. You like the ones which look good, are easy to use, and interactive enough to engage you for long....
12 Cross-Browser Testing Tools for Web Developers
Cross-browser testing tools
Cross-browser testing has become mandatory in today's world, with tablets being preferred over desktop computers, and with the number of browsers increasing by the day. If you are a web developer, in search of cross-browser testing...
Web Developer Salary
Web developer salary
If you're interested in web developing as a career and want to know what a web developer's salary is like, the following article will fill you in on all the necessary details and trends.
How to Become a Web Developer
The Internet and the world wide web has been spun by busy web developers working hard to create beautiful interactive web pages. If you are looking for some tips on how to become a web developer, keep reading ahead.
Advantages of Web-based Applications
Web-based applications can be used over any network, be it Internet or Intranet. In this write-up, we will learn a little about them and their advantages.
Website Development Process Explained
Every website goes through a development process, before it becomes available on the World Wide Web. This article provides a bird's-eye view of the process for newbies.
Website Development Contract Essentials
The different factors related to a website development contract are considered in the article presented below. Here we provide an outline for creation of such a contract.
Web Developer Job Description
The primary duties included in the web developer job description are to manage and supervise all aspects of the client's web-based systems and databases.
Website Activity Logs Explained
The following article talks about website activity logs, their associated analytics, and the importance of analyzing log files when gauging site performance.
Web Development Services
The several services consisting of a number of methods required in order to create and host a web site are known as web developmental services.
How to Track Website Visitors
The increase in cybercrime and the outsourcing of vital data has made it mandatory to keep a track of website visitors and hits, to avoid any undesirable consequences. The technology that accentuates instant access also holds the...
Web Design and Development Software
There exists a wide range of web design and development software that serve as useful tools to create impressive websites and design-related artwork. Learn more about how these tools can be used for creative purposes and also in...