How Does a Sling Psychrometer Work?
Sling psychrometer working
A sling psychrometer is a simple instrument that can be used to measure the humidity in the air. Here, we shall find out how a sling psychrometer works.
List of All Weather Symbols with their Meanings
Symbol of stormy weather
The different symbols on your smartphone's weather app have specific meanings. You must be updated with all the information about the various types of weather signs, along with their meanings and illustrations.
Causes and Effects of Temperature Inversion
Effect of temperature inversion
The dynamics of the Earth's atmosphere is a blessing to all of us. Part of this dynamism includes the process of temperature inversion. Buzzle informs you about the causes and effects of this process.
Explanation of an Occluded Front with Diagram
Meaning of occluded front with diagram
This article brings to you the characteristics of an occluded front. Such a type of weather front is formed when a warm front and a cold front come in contact with one another.
Facts About Prevailing Westerlies
Fact about prevailing westerlies
Prevailing westerlies are the winds that cause major weather movements across the United States and Canada. Buzzle furnishes information by explaining the causes and effects of these prevailing winds that develop from high-pressure...
Characteristics and Effects of Harmattan
Characteristics of Harmattan
The Harmattan is a seasonal wind in Africa, typically characterized by desert-like weather conditions that it causes. We will stress on the definitive characteristics of the Harmattan wind, and its effects on the environment and...
What is St. Elmo's Fire Phenomenon?
St. Elmo's Fire seen on a ship
Reported by scholars and sailors alike, St. Elmo's Fire, was for many years shrouded in mystery. This Buzzle post will tell you about this arcane phenomenon, and the take that scientists have on it.
Pros and Cons of Cloud Seeding
Pros and cons of cloud seeding
Many are not aware of cloud seeding, a technique that enables the production of rain or snow. This post provides some information about the same and also enlists its pros and cons.
The Phenomenon of Raining Spiders Explained
Phenomenon of raining spiders
Believe it or not, it literally rains spiders in Australia and South America! Click here to find out why.
Facts about the Stationary Front (with Labeled Diagram)
Stationary front characteristics
The movement of winds are a crucial factor in determining the temperature and pressure zones on the surface of the Earth. This Buzzle post gathers some facts and features on the formation of stationary front and the weather...
Characteristics of a Warm Front with Diagram
Characteristics of a warm front
A hot air mass replacing a cold air mass results in the formation of a warm front. To understand this phenomenon better, let's take a look at some important facts about a warm front.
Facts About Global Winds
Fact about doldrums
Wind is very crucial to the Earth's environment and the variations in climatic conditions. Global wind patterns have a lot more to them than just the direction of their flow. Here is an interesting fact sheet about the global winds...
Interpreting Barometric Pressure Readings
Thanks to the advent of aneroid barometers for home use, weather forecasting in no more restricted to news channels and newspapers. Now it's possible to get the barometric pressure readings for your area on your own and interpret...
How to Make a Wind Vane
Having a tough time trying to figure out how a wind vane works? Here's a simple article that provides you with step-by-step instructions on making a wind vane, which will help you get well-versed with its working mechanism.
Raining Animals Phenomenon - Myth or Reality?
Frog rain in Serbia
Heard reports about fish and frogs raining over various parts of the world? Let's take a peek into a bizarre natural phenomenon, wherein it rains animals.
Freezing Fog: Definition, Causes, and Dangers
Fact about freezing fog
Freezing fog refers to a weather condition that is observed during winters. Here's some more information on the same.
What is a Cold Front and How Does it Form?
What is cold front
A cold front is the leading edge of the transition zone in which warmer air mass is replaced by a colder one. This Buzzle post explains in detail about this weather phenomena and how does this mass form.
Weather Balloon: History, Working Principle, and Uses
Use of weather balloon
A weather balloon is used to track and keep record of the weather at higher altitudes. There are instruments mounted on this balloon that record weather details and transmit data over radio signals.
Sleet and Hail - What is the Difference?
Difference between sleet and hail
Hail, being larger in size than sleet or ice pellets, is formed by the accumulation of layers of freezing water in the clouds. Sleet, however, is formed due to temperature difference in the atmosphere. Know more about these two...
What Causes Wind
Going by its simplest definition, wind refers to the flow of gases from one place to another. Now that's just a basic definition and there is a lot more to know about this natural phenomenon; its formation being one of them.
Why Do We Have Seasons
Different seasons are experienced in different parts of the world, throughout the year. This article explains the reason behind this phenomenon, in brief.
How to Read a Weather Map
A weather map can be defined as a map showing the important meteorological data in a definite area, at a specific time. The article below explains about the method to read it, and analyze the situation in a particular region.
What are Wireless Home Weather Stations?
Wouldn't you want to know the weather outside your house without going through too much trouble? Become your own weather guide by installing a wireless weather station at your home.
Home Weather Stations: How to Build a Weather Station
A home weather station won't just help you pursue your hobby, but will also provide a low-tech facility for your children, thus ensuring that they have fun while they learn.
What is a Data Logger
Data logger, also known as data recorder, is an electronic device that records different information using sensors. Leaf through this article to understand its working, uses, and parameters.
What Causes Monsoons
Monsoons are influenced by the land and sea temperature differences. In this article, you will learn what causes monsoons as well as what their effects are.
Types of Rain Gauges
Here is an article which would throw some light upon the working and types of rain gauges.
Weather Instruments
Our atmosphere is unique not only because it sustains millions of life forms, but also because it fluctuates as our needs change, to accommodate adaptations. Weather conditions can be measured in a number of ways.
Types of Anemometers
If you want to know the way in which the velocity of wind is measured throughout the world, read this article, which describes anemometers and the way they work, along with their types.
Weather Predictions - Local Weather Forecast
Weather forecasts usually play an important part in human lives, but can we always rely on the ones shown on TV? Luckily, there are several weather forecast reporting devices that we can use.
What is a Desktop Weather Station?
A desktop weather station is a device that can receive regional weather information every minute, among other things. Read on to know more.