Sewage Backup
Because of the smell, a sewage backup is definitely horrible and nauseating. However, it is absolutely necessary to get rid of such a situation and make provisions so that it never occurs again. This article provides more...
Domestic Wastewater Treatment
Domestic wastewater treatment
Untreated wastewater has harmful effects on the environment. There are many methods and techniques involved in treating domestic wastewater.
Things You Need to Know About Retention Ponds
Fact about retention ponds
Retention ponds are used for the purpose of collecting and purifying stormwater. But how do retention ponds work, and why are they so important? This Buzzle post deals with such questions, while telling you about their definition,...
Sewage Water Pollution
In today's world, sewage water pollution is one of the major problems faced by most cities. This kind of pollution leads to health-related and environmental issues. With proper treatment of water, it is possible to reduce water...
Waste Disposal Methods
Waste management is one of the most challenging job for governments all round the globe. Due to the rapid strides in technology, many countries have been successfully able to manage waste materials, however, developing countries...
Wastewater Treatment Methods
Wastewater treatment serves dual purpose - it doesn't just make the water reusable, but also puts a check on water pollution and waterborne diseases which result in millions of death every year. Read on....
Detention Ponds Vs. Retention Ponds
Detention ponds vs. retention ponds
There are two types of ponds that are commonly used to control storm water and floods after heavy rains - retention ponds and detention ponds. Both types have their uses depending on the general climate and topography of the area....
Industrial Use of SCADA Systems
This article describes the industrial use of SCADA systems, including their functions, application in oil and gas flowing, waste water management, and power and electricity surges.