Effects of Video Games on Children
Effects of video games on children
With every passing year, video games are becoming increasingly popular among children. The increasingly addictive nature of video games has left parents and caregivers wondering about the effects of these games on kids. This...
Negative Effects of Video Games
Negative effect of video games
Video games have been part and parcel of kids/teenage entertainment for several years, and though their popularity has shown fluctuating trends throughout, they continue to rule the markets. The effects of playing video or computer...
How to Play the Mario Party Drinking Game
Mario party drinking game rules
Mario? Yes! This is the same Mario you're thinking about. Stout, fat, wearing a red hat; jumping over bricks while he uses his tricks. How about Mario in a drinking game? Sounds fun? Buzzle posts the instructions to play the Mario...
How to Get a Shiny Kyogre in the Pokémon Sapphire Game
Tip to get a shiny Kyogre in the Pokémon Sapphire game
A true Pokémon master doesn't stop till he catches them all. In Sapphire, we play in the Hoenn region. While the graphics are pretty amazing, there are some rare Pokémon in the game. Have you caught all of them? Not all the shiny...
8 Role-playing Games Like RuneScape
Role-playing games like RuneScape
RuneScape is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) where the players have to travel in the world of Gielinor. If you are looking for similar role-playing games, you have landed at the right place. We, at Buzzle,...
Top Selling Video Games
Video games - would we ever have enough of them? I guess not! Check out the following list of assorted top selling video games for all major gaming consoles and find out if your console has missed out on running any of these!
Who Invented Video Games?
The question, who invented video games is tricky to answer. This is because, various aspects of technological development are associated with it. Let us understand in brief about the facts about video game invention.
How to Become a Video Game Designer
For any person who loves to play video games, becoming a video game designer can be a dream job. But for that, one must acquire the skill sets and understand technicalities, market trends, and the commercial aspects of this...
Skills Required to Be a Game Designer
Video game designing is the career of choice for many young professionals these days. Read on to know more about the various job aspects in this field.
8 Most Addictive Video Games Ever
Most addictive video games
For gaming enthusiasts, there is nothing like an eight-hour gaming marathon with your buddies over the weekend! To some, this might seem a like an addiction, but trust us, video games are highly addictive. Here, we have listed out...
17 Video Games That are Banned Around the World
Fact about Greek law on video games
Censorship has always played a major part in restricting art forms such as music, films, and the like. Although the video game industry is still relatively new, it too has had its share of bans and restrictions. In this article, we...
10 Interactive Adventure Games Like Heavy Rain
Adventure games like Heavy Rain
Heavy Rain is an interactive action-adventure game that's inspired by the noir movies of the early '40s. If you have a penchant for this genre, we give you a list of games similar to Heavy Rain. Take your pick...
10 Best City Building Games Like SimCity
City building games like SimCity
SimCity is a game that lets you create custom cities. If you quite like the idea, or are a SimCity fan looking for more, let the architect inside you come out and produce masterpieces as never before, as we bring to you some of the...
10 Games Like My Candy Love
Games like My Candy Love
My Candy Love is an online dating game for girls that is very popular in Asia. Bored of playing it again and again? Don't worry, in this Buzzle article, we bring you more dating games like My Candy Love. Check 'em out!
7 Building Block Games like Minecraft
Building block games like Minecraft
Minecraft is an extremely popular video game that is sure to get you obsessed with it, once you try playing it. May be 'cause the virtual world lets you create everything you've imagined to be in your real world. If you're already...
Tips and Tricks to Play Candy Crush Saga Game
Trick to play Candy Crush Saga game
It is next to impossible that someone hasn't heard about Candy Crush! You might not be a player of sorts, but ask those who are hooked onto this game, and you'll know how addictive and fun this game can be. Nevertheless, for all...
10 Great Tycoon Games You Should Try
Popular tycoon games
Tycoon games are extremely popular among children as well as adults. With so many of them available these days, it may be difficult to decide which one is the best for you. This Buzzle article therefore presents a compilation of...
Top 10 Harvest Moon Games You Must Try
Top Harvest Moon games
If you think FarmVille was an original, we're here to prove you wrong. Harvest Moon was one of the first games to capitalize on farming as a skill set, as well as influence many other games to follow suit. Here's a list of the best...
10 Popular Open World Role-playing Games Like Fallout
Popular games like Fallout
If action and dystopia are your prerequisites for an awesome first-person shooter game, then you have probably played Fallout. The game Fallout lets you explore the world and save it from self-annihilation. If you get a kick from...
Top 10 Visual Novel Games You Must Play
Visual novel games
If you think only picture books and comics are made for kids, think again! Visual novel games combine stories with astounding visuals that please the little mind in numerous ways.
Tips and Tricks to Survive in Call Of Duty: Black Ops II Zombies
Tip to survive in Call Of Duty: Black Ops II Zombies
Call of Duty (CoD) is one of the most famous and widely played multiplayer online games. Zombies is a game mode in this game, along with few other modes. This article lists a few Black Ops II Zombies tips and tricks, that will help...
8 Awesome Games Like Spore
Awesome games like Spore
There are a lot of stories about the emergence of life, and Spore is one such game based on a similar story. This game allows controlling, evolving, and customizing an organism of a peculiar species right from its cell stage to...
15 Best SNES RPGs You Must Play
The world has already migrated to playing on PSPs and other consoles of high resolution. But there are those who still haven't forgotten the SNES. It may be a relic of the past, but the memories stayed with us in the future too. We...
16 Best Turn-based Strategy Games Like Civilization
Strategy games like civilization
If you are a fan of the game 'Civilization', you'd want to read this list to get more of that adrenaline rush. Carve your name in history by upholding your name and maintaining your stronghold in these games like Civilization.
8 Best Role-playing Games like Mass Effect
Role-playing games like Mass Effect
If one wants to live out a virtual life with an impressive virtual avatar then RPGs are a great platform to hone and build decision-making and character building skills. This article lists out best role-playing games like Mass...
List of Video Games Based on the LEGO Construction System
Games based on Lego construction system
Realizing the influence of technology on today's children, the owners at LEGO further popularized their brand by entering the gaming and entertainment industry. Infusing the signature LEGO minifigures into video games, and their...
12 Best Games to Play like Diablo
Games like Diablo
Diablo is an action, role-playing game developed by Blizzard Entertainment. With the launch of Diablo III, it has brought the game to the PS4 and Xbox One platforms. If you simply love this game, then you need to check out this...
23 Games Like Plants Vs. Zombies
Games like Plants vs. Zombies
All the zombie freaks who love the apocalypse and busting out a few zombie heads will get hooked to these games listed by Buzzle that are similar to Plants vs. Zombies.
10 Other Games Like Dark Souls
Games like Dark Souls
Enjoyed Dark Souls? If you are still a fan of the hack and slash genre, and need more, here are some awesome games just like Dark Souls.
Best Places to Buy and Sell Used Video Games Online
Places to buy and sell used video games online
Don't know what to do with the video games that you're done playing with? Don't lock them away in your closets, they can fetch you money or gift cards to buy new games if you sell them online! Buzzle gives you a list of best places...
10 Awesome Games Like Grand Theft Auto (GTA)
Games like Grand Theft Auto (GTA)
Grand Theft Auto is one of the most popular video games till date. The publisher, Rockstar Games, has released a total of 5 versions of this game with a lot of improvements. But if GTA gets too boring, you could get something...
Top 10 Scariest Video Games of All Time
Scariest video games of all time
Survival horror is one of the highly acclaimed video game genres today, and here is Buzzle's list of some of the top scariest video games of all time that are known to give nightmares to gaming enthusiasts.
Most Popular Video Games
As the years have gone by, video games have changed with the advancements in technology. The graphics have reached a level where it is hard to differentiate between the virtual and real worlds. This article talks about the most...
Consoles Vs. PC: The Great Gaming Debate
Personal computers and game consoles properties
Have a passion for gaming, but can't decide whether to invest in a game console or a computer? This Buzzle article puts the two against each other, and gives you the lowdown on the console vs. PC gaming war.
Games Coming Out in 2013 - 2014
An exhaustive list of games coming out in 2013 and 2014, which has all the games compatible to PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U, and Wii enlisted in it. Going by this list of upcoming games, there is no questioning the fact that...
Best GBA Games
The following article will cover some of the best GBA games ever made. If you are still a follower of portable games, then read on for the list of best GBA games.
Top 10 Games Inspired by Movies
Top games inspired by movies
Some of the greatest movies of all time are often the inspiration for the new generation of video games. Here's a look at some of the best games around that have been inspired by movies.
The History of Indie Video Games
Independent video games, depending on how you define them, are just about as old as video games themselves. Today, indie gaming is a huge industry and global phenomenon, and mainstream game developers take many of their cues from...
Red Dead Redemption Treasure Locations
Are you playing Red Dead Redemption and wish to know where all the treasures are located? Read the following article and find all 9 treasures...
Most Anticipated Games of 2012
Can't wait to get your hands on the hottest games of 2012? Well, neither can I! While we wait for their release, let's check out what games are expected to hit the market in the year 2012!
Greatest Video Game Characters Ever
Greatest video game characters
Movie characters and characters from literature are oft discussed and argued about but what about the heroes of the digital genre i.e video game characters? Video game figures are rarely black or white, they are often shades of...
Job Description of a Video Game Designer
This is a message to all you video gaming junkies out there! Consider a career on the other side of gaming, be a video game designer! The job is not only cool, but also very creative and challenging. To know more about this new...
How to Become a Video Game Developer
Thinking of entering the video game industry, but not sure how to realize your dream? This article will help you know how you can achieve your career aspirations as a video game developer.
Video Game Programming Career
Those having a flair for computer programming can look forward to the video game industry as a potential employer. More information on video programming jobs have been presented in this article.
Top Video Game Developers
Video game developers create video games, and then a video game publisher sells them. The best video games have left their developers mark in history, and here we will be telling you about some of the best ones.
Video Game Designer Salary
Gaming has evolved to become one of the most sought after careers for computer geeks. Wages of a video game designer are quite variant and they're dependent on several factors.
Video Game Programmer Job Description
If video game designers are the professionals who are the masterminds behind the amazing games, it is the video game programmers who make the games run smoothly.
Video Game Programmer Salary
A video game programmer is a very important member of the fast growing billion dollar video game industry. The career prospects are bright for those professionals having the right skills. This article will focus on the salary range...
What Does a Video Game Programmer Do?
Ever wondered what goes behind all those fantabulous video games that keep you glued to your HDTV screen for hours at end? What does a video game programmer do? Let's get into the shoes of a game programmer and find out his...
What is Minecraft?
Sandbox games are fast gaining popularity over linear ones. Read ahead to find out what is Minecraft and what sort of gameplay it involves.
Worst Video Games of All Time
Ever wondered which are the worst video games ever developed? When that thought crossed our mind, we were quick to compile of list of 10 video games from which it's better to keep a safe distance.
Best Nintendo 64 Games
Hey, there! I'm back with updates on video games and this time it's N64 games! Given below are some of the best Nintendo 64 games that should adorn every Nintendo games collection!
Best N64 Games
Searching for the best N64 games, you have landed at the right article. The Nintendo 64 or N64 as it is popularly known was one of the best selling game consoles in Asia and the US. So let's jog down memory lane and have a look at...
Football Manager 2010: Best Players in Football Manager 2010
Football Manager 2010 is the best football simulation game around, and here, you will find a best players list. All these players are highly skillful, and will give you a great return on investment in the transfer market within the...
Top 10 Zombie Games
Zombies are the favorite characters of all gamers. Take a look at the best zombie games available in the market in this article.
Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough
Reading a walkthrough helps you play the game with much more ease. This article talks about game cheats, its reviews, and achievements.
Video Game Development Process
We all love playing our favorite video games, but hardly any of us bother to understand how it is developed. The article below highlights the video game development process.
History of Video Game Consoles
Video games are one of the most popular modes of entertainment for kids as well as adults these days. However, hardly any kid is aware of the interesting history they entail. Here's some interesting information about the evolution...
Evolution of Video Games
Video games have come a long way, with features and functions that were never thought of. Let's know more on the evolution of video games.
History and Timeline of Video Games
Video games have added a new dimension to the entertainment industry. When was the first video game developed? What is the secret behind their popularity? Read on to find out.
Video Games as Educational and Training Tools?
Can video games be taken seriously? Can they be used effectively as training tools? Some scientists and educators think that they can. Let's have a look...