Selecting a Luxury Rental Vacation Resort
What's a vacation if it is not a luxurious one! Follow these simple rules to select a princely resort and live in the lap of luxury in the name of your vacation.
Information about Vacation Home Rentals and Rental Agreements
Many people are opting for vacation home rentals. Find information regarding the things to look out for while opting for it.
Beach House Rentals
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Things to Bring to a Vacation Rental House
Things to bring to a vacation rental house
Utensils, golf clubs, bicycles, packaged food, bed linen ... the list of things you may want to pack can extend to infinity. Intervention comes in the form of this Buzzle post, which tells you what to carry and what to leave out if...
Different Types of Holiday Accommodations
Holiday accommodation types
Tourists travel to various places from all nooks and corners of the world, and there are different types of holiday accommodations catering to their needs. This Buzzle post attempts to take a basic inventory of them.
10 Rental Websites Like Airbnb
Rental websites like Airbnb
Airbnb is a leading vacation rental website in the United States that has its listings worldwide. Many people consider a rental house for their vacation as a cheaper option than a hotel. This Buzzle article speaks about similar...