Anyone who thinks that it is impossible to have the perfect v-shaped torso, is highly mistaken! Each and every man who ever wished to have the perfect Greek god-like body, is free to have it on one condition. It will not be offered to you on a platter, and you will need to earn it. You will need to transcend your own limitations, and all your perseverance and strength to go on and not stop midway.

How to Get a V-Shaped Torso
The only way you can achieve this perfect torso is to chalk down a well-planned and precise exercise regimen. This body type is broad at the upper torso and taper at the waist, which can be achieved only by focusing on your entire back. Following are some of the areas you will need to work on:
  • The largest muscle, the latissimus dorsi will require extra attention. This muscle wraps around the sides of the upper torso from underneath the arms and lends the torso its broad frame.
  • The other areas of your back that will need special attention will be the deltoid muscle.
  • The trapezius also will require boosting up as it contributes in enhancing the size of the upper torso.
  • While working on the lower torso, you will need to do lower back exercises, and strengthen the obliques and rectus abdominis area.
Do your pull-ups right, as they are one of the best back strengthening exercise. In order to get the perfect torso you will need to focus on 3 types of pull-ups.
  • Step 1 - Firstly, grab the pull-up bars with your palms facing forward, so that your hands are set apart in a way that they are wider than the width of your shoulders. Pull yourself up so that the bar reaches the mid of your chest. Thereafter, take a deep breath and lower yourself down.
  • Step 2 - The next pull-up set will require that you grab the bar with your palms facing towards you, while your arms are at shoulder width. Now, resume your workout as before, stop at the mid chest and pull yourself down. These are among the most effective back workouts for mass and they really work wonders.
  • Step 3 - You must begin with your 3rd set by week 3-4. Wherein you will require two parallel bars and you will have to hold them while your palms face each other. Pull yourself until the bars reach your lower waist and then bring yourself back down. If you can't reach your waist, try reaching the mid chest until you build up your strength a bit more.
Mid Chest Lat Pulldown
In this workout, you will need to use a lat pulldown bar, wherein your hands should be placed 2 feet apart, while your palms face towards you. Sit straight and pull the bars down in such a way that your elbows are pulled down. You must not focus on your biceps, instead, the focus must be on your shoulder blades being squeezed in, when the bar reaches your chest. Thereafter, gradually release the bar upwards so that your hands are above your head in an incline.

Hyper extension
Hyper extension bench exercises help exercise your lower back and spinal muscles. Thereby, exercising your waist and making the entire torso trimmer.
Some of the other exercise you will need to do are:
  • Seated Bent Over Lateral Raises - so as to exercise your posterior deltoids
  • Behind the Back Shrug - these focus on your trapezius and upper back.
  • Single-arm Lateral Raise - these help exercise your middle deltoids. Use a dumbbell on one hand only for each set.
  • Pendulum - these exercises will help tone up the rectus abdominis, and your oblique.
You will need to divide these exercises into sets and plan your exercise regime for different weeks, wherein you focus on specific parts of your torso and back.