Significance of the Commerce and Slave Trade Compromise in the U.S. Constitution
Significance of the Commerce and Slave Trade Compromise
The Commerce and Slave Trade Compromise was reached during the US Constitutional Convention of 1787. But what did this compromise accomplish? Buzzle answers this question, along with telling you about its significance.
A Succinct Summary of the 27 Amendments to the US Constitution
Fact about the constitution of USA
The U.S. Constitution, recognized as the supreme and basic law upon which the framework of the U.S. government is set, has been amended 27 times over the past 200 years. The first 10 amendments are collectively known as the 'Bill...
Get Into the Depths: Who Wrote the United States Constitution?
Writing of the United States Constitution
The United States of America is a nation with a history as rich as its people. The country stands tall today on the principles enumerated by the representatives of the first thirteen colonies. The U.S. Constitution is an...
Articles of Confederation Vs. Constitution
Fact about Articles of Confederation
If you sit to compare the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution, you will realize that even though they were drafted by the same people and that too within a span of just over a decade, there exist quite a few differences...
You Need to Know What 'Secure the Blessings of Liberty' Means
'Secure the Blessings of Liberty' meaning
"The blessings of liberty" is one of the six goals of the US constitution that is mentioned in the Preamble. Buzzle tells you what exactly does 'secure the blessings of liberty' mean.
Here it is: Meaning of the Phrase 'Provide for the Common Defense'
Meaning of phrase provide for the common defense
One of the most well-known parts of the US Constitution is its Preamble. Buzzle explains the meaning of one of its phrases - 'provide for the common defense', with its definition and other facts.
Educate Yourself: A Short Summary of the Sixth Amendment
Summary of the Sixth Amendment
Each amendment in the Bill of Rights was written to safeguard the fundamental rights of the people. Similarly, the Sixth Amendment protects an accused and enables him to prove his innocence.
Details of Inherent Powers Explained With Examples
Meaning of inherent powers
Inherent powers refer to a kind of power possessed by the executive and legislative branches of the government. These powers are not explicitly mentioned in any federal law or in the Constitution of the United States. Learn more...
The Context: What Does 'Promote the General Welfare' Mean?
Meaning of 'Promote the General Welfare'
The phrase 'promote the general welfare' appears in the Preamble of the United States Constitution. The term 'general welfare' is also taken as 'public welfare' sometimes. Understand what this term and the particular phrase...
Explaining the Meaning of the Enumerated Powers With Examples
Enumerated powers meaning
The concept of 'enumerated powers' explains why the US Federal Government does not have its fingers in too many pies. Buzzle lets you know more by telling you the definition of enumerated powers, and examples of such powers...
What Does Establish Justice Mean? This Write-up Will it Sum Up
Establish justice meaning
The founding fathers laid the foundation of an independent nation through the Constitution, and one of the inspiring phrase from the Constitutional Preamble mentions to 'establish justice'. Buzzle explains what does 'establish...
Exclusive Summary and Analysis of the Federalist Paper Number 10
Federalist paper number 10
Madison's Paper No. 10 of the Federalist Papers was formulated to defend the proposition of the constitution, which advocated the formation of a Republican government. The Anti-Republican group argued that this form of government...
Here's Where You Will Learn About New Federalism With Examples
Explaining new Federalism
New Federalism basically means empowering the state administrations and giving them more freedom, thereby improving the lives of citizens. This Buzzle post explains this concept in more detail, along with some examples for better...
What is the Purpose of the Constitution of the United States?
Purpose of the US Constitution
The Constitution of the United States of America was drafted in 1787. The Judicial, Executive and Legislative segments of the government came into effect in 1789. The main purpose of the constitution is to establish the basic...
A Brief Explanation of the 25th Amendment to the U. S. Constitution
25th amendment to the U. S. Constitution
The 25th Amendment ensures that the country has a leader, especially when the President is unable to fulfill his duties.
Summary of the 23rd Amendment to the United States Constitution
23rd amendment to the United States constitution
The right to vote is a privilege bestowed upon a few and is not to be taken lightly. Many have in fact fought to earn this privilege. Once such grand act was the 23rd Amendment to the United States Constitution.
Summary and Analysis of James Madison's Federalist No. 51
Fact about James Madison's Federalist No. 51
Federalist No. 51 advocates the balance of power in the US government by the principle of 'checks and balances'. For better understanding, this Buzzle post gives you the summary of Federalist No. 51, as well as the analysis of its...
Bill of Rights for Dummies
The Bill of Rights is a collective term used to signify the first ten amendments of the constitution of the United States.
Meaning and Summary of the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution
Summary of the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution
Slavery was abolished and some nameless masses begot a new name in the new America. With this came some radical changes in the Constitution as well. Buzzle oversees the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution.
Constitutional Convention of 1787: Purpose, Summary, and Significance
Fact about Constitutional Convention of 1787
Within a decade of adopting the Articles of Confederation, it had become clear that the document needed modification. It was precisely for this reason that the Constitutional Convention of 1787 was called. We will assess the...
A Brief Explanation of the Third Amendment to the US Constitution
Fact about Third Amendment to the US Constitution
The Third Amendment to the US Constitution was brought by, to safeguard the property owners' right to forbid the quartering of soldiers in their homes.
27th Amendment Explained
27th Amendment purpose
In the United States Constitution, the 27th Amendment is concerned mainly with granting pay raises to the members of Congress. Here, we have explained the 27th Amendment in a simplified manner, along with its history, purpose, and...
What Does Insure Domestic Tranquility Mean?
Insure domestic tranquility meaning
The phrase, 'insure domestic tranquility', appears in the Preamble, and simply put, it means to ensure that peace, calm, and law and order coexist in the country. This Buzzle post tries to understand what insure domestic...
Accomplishments of Alexander Hamilton
Alexander Hamilton was the first Secretary of the Treasury of the United States of America. From his simple and modest upbringing to being the founding father of the U.S., this Buzzle article throws light on his great...
Summary and Significance of the 15th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution
Significance of the 15th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution
The 15th Amendment to the U.S. constitution prohibits denial of voting right on the basis of race, color, and previous condition of servitude. Buzzle gives you the summary and significance of the Fifteenth Amendment through this...
The 22nd Amendment: Purpose and Summary
The 22nd Amendment purpose
Made to prevent the President of the United States from turning into some sort of dictator, the 22nd Amendment is very important to the politics and governance of the nation. This Buzzle article oversees the summary, meaning, and...
Symbolic Speech Explained with Examples
Symbolic speech example
Symbolic speech, as opposed to pure speech, does not make use of words, but rather actions, to express an opinion or a point. This Buzzle write-up explains the term symbolic speech in detail, and also provides a few legal and...
First 10 Amendments
This articles gives you information on some laws that protect the rights of US citizens. Read ahead on the first 10 amendments of the US constitution.
Which Amendment Ended Slavery
While most of us know that the U.S. Constitution has been subjected to 27 amendments since it came into effect, which one of these amendments ended slavery is something that leaves most of us confused. Read on...
Implied Powers
You must have come across the term 'implied powers' in different contexts, but did you know that the term refers to a doctrine, and not some specified law.
Line-item Veto
Despite being one of the most-debated concepts in the US political arena today, most of the people seem to have no idea about what the line-item veto is and how it comes into play.
Presidential Line of Succession
The presidential line of succession ensures that the USA always has a president to govern the nation. Only the Vice Presidents have ever replaced the Presidents so far, and this post have never been bestowed to any of the lower...
Presidential Veto
Of the 44 Presidents that the United States has had so far, only 8 never resorted to presidential veto. In contrast, Franklin D. Roosevelt alone has 372 vetos to his credit. So, what is this concept all about?
Selective Incorporation
The doctrine of selective incorporation is a much debated and controversial aspect in the United States Constitution. Learn more about this doctrine in the article below.
What is the First Amendment?
When it comes to the US constitution, it is important to know what the first amendment is as part of the bill of rights. Learn about the many amendments and how history reveals the making of the US constitution.
Which Amendment Gave Women the Right to Vote
Do you know which amendment gave women the right to vote in the USA? If not then this is one historic occurrence you must learn about.
What is the Necessary and Proper Clause
Not many people know the meaning and significance of the necessary and proper clause mentioned in the U.S. Constitution. This Buzzle article will cover some information related to one of the most important laws drafted in the U.S....
Elastic Clause
One of the most powerful clauses in the US Constitution is the elastic clause. The following article will help you understand what it is and its significance.
Who Wrote the Federalist Papers?
Not many people know who had written the Federalist Papers and why. In this summary, we will shed light on the authors of these 'articles' supporting the ratification of the US Constitution.
Presidential Pardon
The doctrine of pardon, or clemency, also known as presidential pardon, is prevalent in several nations across the world. In this Buzzle article, we will have a look at it from the US perspective.
How Many Amendments are there to the U.S. Constitution?
Do you know how many amendments to the U.S. Constitution are there? Read the article to find out how many and what each of these amendments are...
Federalism in the United States
Federalism in the United States is a very vast subject to get a grip of. This article to follow will be an honest attempt to tap the major issues within the larger picture...
United States Constitution Facts
Check out some very interesting United States constitution facts in the following article, which will help you know much more about this amazing country and its laws.
Breach of the Peace
In legal terminology, 'breach of the peace' is a broad concept that refers to any act that can disturb public peace and order.
When was the Constitution Written?
When was the Constitution written? The answer to this question ought to be known by all, because of the turmoil and the concerted effort that our ancestors put in to draft the Constitution of one of the most successful democracies...
Who Signed The US Constitution
US constitution is the supreme law, which defines functioning of the US government. This article will tell you all about the US constitution, who signed the constitution, the list and the names of the people who signed the...
The US Constitution Facts
Do you know the term 'democracy' is not mentioned even once in the Constitution of America? Here are some more of the US Constitution facts.