As the name goes, urine therapy is based on using human urine for treatment purposes. Also known as urotherapy, uropathy, and urinotherapy, it is a mainstream in alternative medicine. This form of therapy has been mentioned in many cultures of the world. Though handling one's own urine and drinking it sounds weird, but the benefits are highly impressive.

Benefits of Urine Therapy
Adopting urine therapy involves drinking one's own urine (especially morning urine) and applying it over specific areas of the body. Taking into consideration that urine is a waste liquid secreted as a part of normal body metabolism, most people wonder if this is safe or not! The answer is both yes and no. While the proponents have a strong opinion that auto-urine drinking is totally safe, some believe it to be mildly toxic.

Urine contains water and urea as its major components, along with antigens, immune enhancing agents, and many other constituents in trace amounts. The claimed benefits are attributed to these compounds, specially urokinase enzyme and urea. While urea is a commercially important ingredient possessing antimicrobial properties, urokinase acts as a thrombolytic agent and helps in breaking clots that block normal blood flow. Urotherapy benefits include the following:
  • Oral urotherapy is effective for treating urinary tract infection (UTI) and other bacterial infections. The antibacterial action of urea is claimed to be beneficial in shortening disease episode, while minimizing the risk of recurrent infections.
  • It reduces the risk of acne outbreaks. For this natural acne cure, apply fresh, early morning urine over the face with a clean hand towel (or cotton ball), allow it to dry and wash off thoroughly with water.
  • Several antigens and antibodies are reintroduced in the body to stimulate the immune system. Hence, it benefits in combating allergies, autoimmune responses and other ailments, that are directly related to the immune system.
  • According to studies, it is found that urine possesses anticancer properties. The urine of cancer patients contain anticancer agents and some antigens of cancerous cells. By auto-urine therapy, these antigens can be restored in the body, which will help in producing antibodies for fighting cancer.
  • The urea present in urine reduces the risk of infectious diseases, which are caused by bacteria, fungi, and viruses. For patients who are diagnosed with existing infections, this therapy may helpful in alleviating the symptoms and shortening the healing period.
  • It proves curative for kidney-related diseases. In patients with kidney failure, the level of urea is lowered considerably. Supplementing therapeutic methods with oral urotherapy has shown prompt results in some patients.
  • In medical science, medication formulated with urea is advocated for treating fluid retention. In relation to this, urine containing urea in high percentage is used as a natural diuretic to combat water retention symptoms.
  • Fresh urine extracted from morning urine is used for external application over wound sites, cuts and burns. The urea present in urine is effective for quick healing of these skin conditions, and also in combating ulcerating tumors.
  • Urine is commonly used as a home remedy for treating athletes foot. It may take a long period, but over time the symptoms disappear gradually. The same is applicable for urinotherapy treatment of calluses in hands and legs.
While using urine for medicinal or cosmetic applications, one should start with a small amount of this excreted body fluid. This gives time for the body to recuperate with the healing process. Also, drinking a small quantity of urine makes easy for people in getting accustomed to urine taste. For safety reasons, avoid taking large amounts of urine in conjunction with treatment medicine and recreational drugs.

In a nutshell, there are less scientific findings that support the claimed benefits. But, the side effects of ingesting urine or topical application are not profound too, like other forms of treatments.

Disclaimer: This Buzzle article is for informative purposes only, and should not be replaced for the advice of a medical professional.