When we listen to speeches given by countrymen and public speakers, either live or on television, there are many words which we don't follow instantly. These words make perfect sense, but are uncommon since they are never used in daily English. There are more than million such unusual words, which are still unknown to many of us, but are there in the English dictionary of words. This language is very vast, and many great men who are considered the Gods of literature also have missed out on these uncommon words. There are more than 100 strange words, which come under each alphabet from A to Z.

Obscure Words List

There are words which are used very commonly, and there are a few, which are hardly used. These hardly used words not only sound strange, but also have very strange meanings. Here is a list of unusual words and their meanings.

abacinateto blind by putting red-hot copper basin near the eyes
abafttoward or at the stern of a ship
abbozzopreliminary sketch
absquatulateto decamp, to leave quickly, to flee
azuredeep purplish blue, the heraldic color blue
balatronjoker, clown
baisemainkiss on the hand
biggina child's tight-fitting cap
bismershame, disgrace, scorn
cabaswoman's work basket or handbag
cacographybad handwriting or spelling
callowunfledged, inexperienced
daedalistaviator, pilot
dendrolatryworship of trees
deorsumversionturning downwards
edentatetoothless; without teeth
emailtype of dark ink
epeolatryworship of words
factiveindicating causation
feuilletoncritical article at the bottom of a newspaper page
fontinalgrowing near springs
gamophobiafear of marriage
gaudtrick or practical joke
graphophobiafear of writing
halitusvapor, breath
hirrientroughly trilled
holmisland in a river
idiolectdistinctive individual form of speech
jabberwocknonsense, gibberish
jettaturathe evil eye
juttyprojecting part of a wall
kakidrosisbody odor
keffela horse, a nag
labtebricoleliving in holes
lacunaa blank space or missing part
latipennatehaving broad wings
melomaniacraze for music
nanocephaloushaving an extremely small head
naupathiasea sickness
nidificateto construct a nest
objurgateto chide, to scold, to rebuke
oligarchygovernment by the few
paboucha slipper
palamathaving webbed feet
parentelicrelated by blood
quabsomething unfinished or immature
quarenderdark red apple
quindecasyllabichaving fifteen syllables
raffishdisreputable, vulgar
recoctto cook again, to concoct, to improvise
reguerdonto reward
sabbulonariugravel pit
sciomancdivination using ghosts
tacendathings not to be mentioned
tectiformshaped like a roof
teratismmonster, malformed person or animal
ulosisformation of a scar
ulotrichoushaving woolly hair
vagitusbaby's cry or wail
ventripotentwith great capacity or appetite for food
verbatimword for word
waftagetransportation through water or air
whiskerandoa whiskered person
woundyexcessively, extremely
xanthippeill-tempered woman
xerothermicdry and hot
xenodocheionologylove of hotels
yaffto bark like a snarling dog
yedeto go
yuketo itch
zabaglionefrothy custard
zeugmatographyimaging using nuclear magnetic resonance to study soft tissue
zoeticliving, vital

There are also some words which are used in daily life, but are quite unusual in their meanings. They are not related to what they mean at all, but when said to someone, are understood very clearly. Take a look at a few such strange words and their meanings.
  • To frame someone - Not literally, but to plot against someone.
  • Matches were fixed - Money was paid to win and lose.
  • A couch potato - A lazy person.
  • Get cabin fever - Gets sick of closed places.
  • Jumbo - Related to large things.
  • Dealing off the bottom - Means cheating in business.
  • Hold your cards close to your vest - Be careful, and do not trust anyone.
  • Land of Opportunity - A place or a country, where one can make money.
Certain words are often ignored because of the complexity of their pronunciation and meanings. But even then, it's good to keep track of them, isn't it?