Easy Songs to Play on the Ukulele for Beginners
Easy songs to play on the ukulele
Learning a new musical instrument can become overwhelming, especially for those who are learning on their own and without the guidance of a dedicated teacher. Which is why, we have compiled a list of some easy ukulele songs that...
Top 5 Ukulele Brands for Beginners
Ukulele brands for beginners
Learning music is a bottomless pit that introduces us to something new each day. More so, when you're starting out and experimenting with new styles and new instruments. When it comes to a ukulele, things are no different. So if...
Choosing the Best Ukulele for Beginners
Buying a new ukulele, in a way, depends on whether you're buying your first ukulele, or your first stringed instrument. Here are a set of things that you can look out for when you buy that first ukulele.
How to Play the Ukulele
One of the most important tips on playing the ukulele is to tune it first. This article tells you more about how to play the ukulele...