These days, countless varieties of tomatoes are available in market. They are classified according to the days required to ripen or according to color, size, shape and flavor. Weather, sunlight, soil and growing period play an important role in growing tomatoes indoors. Given below is a list of types of tomatoes and the time required for them to ripen.

Tomato Varieties to Grow in Your Backyard

Name of the VarietyDays Needed to Mature
Amish Paste85
Ananas Noire80
Anna Russian65
Aunt Gertie's Gold75
Aunt Ginny's Purple Heirloom79
Banana Legs75
Bella Rosa75
Better Bush68
Big Beef VFFNTA Hybrid73
Big Boy Hybrid78
Black Cherry65
Black Ethiopian80
Black from Tula75
Black Krim75
Black Moor Grape75
Black Pearl65
Black Prince70
Black Sea Man75
Black Truffle75
Black Zebra80
Box Car Willie80
Cherokee Purple72
Super Fantastic70

Tomato Types

How many species of tomatoes are there? The answer is 'innumerable'. They come in various sizes and colors. The word 'tomato' creates a picture of red tomato before our eyes, but they can be yellow, purple, green and black. There can be a combination of two or more colors, and some tomatoes can even have stripes. Within each specific type and variety of tomato, there exist innumerable number of sub-types. Some of the major types of tomatoes are described below.
  • Beefsteak Tomatoes: These are big tomatoes which are used for cooking, salad decoration or for various garnishes. Normally, a beefsteak tomato weighs around one pound, but it may weigh over two pounds also!
  • Cherry Tomatoes: There are many varieties of cherry tomatoes. These tomatoes are as small as a cherry and are slightly sour in taste. They are usually added to salads, or can be eaten as such.
  • Currant Tomatoes: These are as small as a pea, and they are known for their peculiar strong flavor. They are widely used in salads. You may use them for garnishing as well. Dietitians recommend their use, as they offer more health benefits than other tomato varieties.
  • Globe Tomatoes: This is the most common variety. These are medium-sized tomatoes which are commonly used for cooking. Sliced globe tomatoes are used in hamburgers and all types of fast foods, including tomato soup recipes. You can enjoy tomato soup or salted slices with lunch or dinner.
  • Grape Tomatoes: These tomatoes are shaped like grapes. The size also matches well with grapes. They are sweeter than most other varieties, and you can add them to salads or other vegetables.
  • Pear Tomatoes: As the name suggests, they look like a pear. But they are almost like cherry tomatoes, if size is taken into consideration. They are eaten as a snack or can be used as an ingredient of a salad.
  • Plum Tomatoes: These are oblong shaped tomatoes. They are comparatively thicker than other varieties, and have less seeds. This is one of the reasons, they are considered as the best types of tomatoes for sauce. They are used to make tomato paste too. Roma is the most popular variety of plum tomatoes. This is one of the best varieties of tomatoes that is used for canning. You can grow plum tomatoes easily in containers.
Other tomato species that can be grown in containers are Better Boy, Ace, Early Girl, Pixie, Sweet 100 and Red Cherry. Summer is the season when tomatoes are abundant in the market. These days, in warmer regions, tomatoes are grown year round.