Story of the Trojan War
City of Troy defeated by the Trojan horse
The Trojan War is a legendary war in Greek mythology. The war provides the background for the two great epics in Greek literature -- Iliad and Odyssey. Here is the story of the famous war.
History of Helen of Troy
Helen of Troy, also sometimes referred to as Helen of Sparta, was a heroine in Greek mythology. She was the most important character of Iliad, written by Homer. Here's a brief look at her life.
Facts About the Trojan War
Fact about Trojan War
The Trojan War was probably the first war that was properly recorded. It was so inspiring that poets and writers have blended it with mythology and have even included Greek Gods in it. Here are some interesting facts about the...
Achilles in Trojan War
Homer's Iliad and Greek mythology, describe Achilles as one of the generals and warriors of the Aegean forces that besieged Troy for 10 years. Here, we shall try to understand more about this Greek hero who was considered to be the...