Women are equally susceptible to heart diseases as men are. The only difference being that the menstrual cycles in women help protect them from various kinds of health conditions. What is alarming is the ratio of women who do get diagnosed with heart problems post their menopause. The protective effect of estrogen plummets after this phase and thus makes the body more vulnerable to diseases.
That being the reason as to why, heart diseases kill more women above 65 years of age, as compared to breast cancer or other deadly diseases. What is even more shocking is that our lifestyles have direct effects on our health. Which is why, younger women between the age group of 35-55 have increasingly been falling prey to health problems. Do not neglect or disregard persistent symptoms as being associated to fatigue and stress.
Stop Smoking
There is nothing new about this warning. Every cigarette pack that you purchase has the words imprinted on it which clearly state that, smoking kills. Ironically, a true statement indeed. The harmful chemicals such as carbon monoxide and nicotine, cause the arteries to get narrower and eventually leads to several heart blockage symptoms. Thus, it instigates the growth of angina and plaque formation. It restricts the supply of oxygen to the heart and tissues.
Quitting smoking can increase your chances of avoiding heart diseases by almost half. Women who smoke and are on birth control pills increase their chances of falling ill faster. If you are finding it hard to quit, consult your doctor and try substitutes that will help curb the urge. Try alternative remedies such as skin patches or chewing gums.
Exercise for Good Health
Exercising helps keep the heart healthy, by allowing it to pump blood faster than its usual pace. All our muscles need exercise so as to function properly, the heart too requires workout, as it is a muscle as well. Therefore it needs to be put at work so that it performs better. When the heart is exercised on a regular basis, the oxygenated blood replenishes all the worn out tissues and cells in the body. It also helps reduce the amount of plaque stuck within the arteries. It reduces blood pressure levels so as to bring it down to normal acceptable limits.
As a whole, exercising even 3 times a week helps make you healthier from inside and you feel better about yourself as well. If you feel you are not fit enough to exercise at a regular basis, try simple but effective alternative means, such as yoga exercises. These exercises aim at breathing, which naturally help maintain a healthy balance between the lungs and the heart.
Regular Health Checkups
Women must never underestimate the significance of regular health checkups. These checkups should be conducted at least once in every 6 months. The reason being that our bodies are always going through the minutest changes, which we cannot tell by ourselves. Women must get a complete health check up that checks the health of the heart, their blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure levels. They must also make it a point to get their breasts checked for lumps, and a pap smear test for detecting cervical cancer. Women must take proper vaccinations so as to protect themselves against some of the most deadly diseases.
Healthy Diet
This rule applies to everyone uniformly. There can be no doubt about the fact that what you eat is what you become. If you eat healthy you remain healthy, while those who choose unhealthy eating habits, always end up falling ill at some point or the other. Obesity is an illness. Though, fortunately it can be cured. All it takes is some self-control and the realization that, we need to look after ourselves in order to live a healthy and happy life. Include fibers and low fattening foods into your daily diet. Do not stop eating anything completely, instead try to control the intake of sugar, red meat and alcohol to the bare minimum. Though, controlling your diet will not be enough, you will need to combine regular weekly exercises into your regimen so as to yield positive health results.
Be Stress Free
I know this is a hard request to ask for, but it is necessary that you at least give it a try. Stress has a very important role to play when it comes to increasing the chances of heart malfunctions. Stress causes health problems such as palpitation, breathlessness, nausea, fast heartbeat rate which can all unfortunately add up to the increased chances of falling prey to heart attacks. So try to stay calm, whenever you get stressed, remember to breathe gently. Try and relax, it's good for you.
As mentioned earlier all it takes is self-control and a strong will to quit all those unhealthy habits that you have picked up over the years and start afresh. You will have to make up your mind in order to be able to carry out these basic guidelines. Once you start, you will begin to see the beneficial effects they have on your health and well-being.