Things to Do Lists - Online Printable PDF Templates
Now get ready-to-print multipurpose 5 to 100 tasks to-do list templates at a click! Also try out the set of printable .pdf templates for your list of things to perform. These can be used by anyone, right from kids to parents and...
The Pros and Cons of Flexible Work Schedules
A flexible work schedule is an employee's dream, as it entails an improved balance between work and personal life. The pros and cons of a flex schedule has been discussed through the article.
Time Management Theories
The theories put forth by scholars and philosophers help us understand the importance of time in every sphere of life. A few such important theories are explained in this article. Have a look...
Benefits of Time Management for Nurses
The profession of nursing requires a person to do multiple tasks and work for long hours. Effective time management can help nurses excel in their jobs and keep up a good balance. So, let us discuss more about the importance of...
Daily Schedule Template
With so many activities to do in just one day, having a daily schedule is of immense help. In this Buzzle article, find a sample template that will help you make one for yourself.
Weekly Schedule Template
You need to maintain a weekly schedule for many things inclusive of job search, exercises, studies, menu planning, etc. Find some useful templates in this article.
How to Organize Your Life
Do you think your life is messed up, both literally and figuratively? This article tells you how to organize your life and set it in order.
Time Management in the Workplace
There is a latest saying that 'time is more important than money', especially in the corporate world. Read this article to know more about time management in your workplace.
Employee Time Management
When it comes to corporate world, time is considered money, and that makes it important for the companies to inculcate time management skills in their employees.
Time Management Strategies
Time is the only variable dimension of the universe. Time changes, and it is up to us whether we decide to change along with it and move ahead or remain stagnant. If you find yourself stuck with less or no time in hand, then you...
Time Management Quotes and Sayings
They say, time is money. We believe they are right. In this Buzzle article, we put forth a compilation of some motivational time management quotes, which will help you realize its importance in your day-to-day life.
Time Management Techniques for Students
Time is a luxury, which no one can avail. Thus, it's important that we save time from the very beginning of any project or task. Learning few time management techniques can go a long way in helping your child stay focused and...
Importance of Time Management
Time management skills help to organize and prioritize your activities. It is one of the skills that is much-needed in our day-to-day life. This article gives an insight into the importance of time management.
Tips and Techniques for Time Management
To be able to perform effectively at work, systematic coordination of time is a must for everybody. Here are some effective tips and techniques for time management.
Software Tools for Time Management
If time is always running away from you, and you don't know what you did with it, you either suffer from memory loss, or you badly need some time management help. In this article, we tell about some tools that can help you with...
Training Seminars to Improve Time Management Skills
Time management skills can transform productivity, be it at work or in the personal space, and is considered an essential training for all employees to attend. In this article, we have explained more about what this training...
Tips to Buy a Time Management Software
Is time always a problem for you, or do you feel like you never have enough time for anything? What you need is a time management software. Here are some tips to keep in mind before you buy one.
Juggling with Time
Most of us fumble for this one thing in life, Time. Ever wondered why?
Time Management Tips for Working Moms
Time management tip for working moms
Of all the skills that a working mother acquires, time management is probably the most important of them all. In the following information, we will give you certain tips on how to manage your time effectively, so that you can get...
Common Time Management Blunders You Must Avoid
Time management blunders
With the kind of life we lead, it can be difficult at times to stay focused and manage our time effectively. We'll look at some common time management mistakes we make, as well as tips to avoid them.
Things You Should Spend More Time on and Things You Shouldn't
Things you should spend more time on
Spending time on the right things saves us energy and resources. It also helps us feel more accomplished and worthy. Wasting time on the unnecessary things can affect our future and happiness. Take a look at things you should spend...
9 Tips to Avoid Being Late for Work
Tip to avoid being late to work
Punctuality is a great virtue, they say. Unfortunately, there are many people, who more often than not are late to work. If you too are struggling likewise, here's how to bring a positive change in your life and avoid being late.
7 Time Management Tips for Freelancers
Time management tips
Everyone assumes that if a person is a freelancer, then that person would be just lying around all day enjoying a leisurely time. But the truth is, there is no 'FREE' in Freelance, especially when it comes to time.
Effects of Long Working Hours and How to Deal With It
Dealing with long working hours
After the Industrial Revolution, labor intensive jobs gave way to roles which required more mental ability. With this change has also come the change in the effects of work on our physical and mental well-being. The number of...
Easy Ways to Make Time for Yourself
Ways to make time for yourself
There are many easy ways through which you can make time for yourself during the course of the day. It takes a little bit of planning and creative thinking to reserve some quality time for yourself. Here are some easy-to-implement...
10 Benefits of Time Management Skills in Life
Benefit of time management skills
Time is like sand in an hourglass, it runs out before you realize. In an era where 24 hours in a day seem remotely less, it is impossible to complete the myriad tasks at work and home without efficient time management. Following a...
How to Wake Up Early
Tip to wake up early
Reluctant to leave the bed in the morning? Getting up with a start, jumping out of the bed, and staying up till your eyes repel sleep, could just shove the drowsiness away. You mustn't just stress your gut out to wake up early in...
Tips to Wake Up on Time Without an Alarm Clock
Do you struggle to wake up on time each morning and curse the harsh ringing of your alarm clock? Here are ways to wake you up in an easy and natural way.
Multitasking: Good or Bad?
Nowadays almost everyone multi-tasks. Is that good or bad? Keep reading to know the answer...
Things Only People Who Work Bizarre Hours Can Relate To
Traits of people who work for bizzare hours
If you are grumbling about the difficulties of a 9 to 5 job, you need to enlighten yourself with the difficulties that are faced by people who work shifts or weird hours. This Buzzle article enlists some things that only people who...
Free Time Management Log to Get Productive Results at Work
Time management log
Creating a record-keeping document is very useful to manage time. Buzzle here provides you with a free time management log to get productive results at work.
How to Balance Work and Study
Balancing work and study
To be able to juggle a job and school without losing oneself, can only be done by careful planning and predetermined goal setting. You'll find some helpful tips and advice tidbits on how to balance work and study, without losing...
Time Clock Software―Time Management Software for Employee Time Tracking
Do software packages complicate life or make it simpler? I am sure there will be many answers to this question. Read on to know more about the time clock and time management software.