White Tiger Habitat
Their unusual color does make white tigers popular zoo animals, but that is not their habitat. These magnificent tigers, which are found in the Indian subcontinent, are actually Bengal tigers with a recessive gene.
Siberian Tiger Habitat
The Siberian tiger never fails to surprise. It is a very majestic animal. This article provides more information about its habitat.
Interesting Facts About the South China Tiger
Endangered status of South China Tiger
The South China tiger, also known as the Amoy tiger, South Chinese tiger, or Xiamen tiger, has been listed as a 'critically endangered' species by the IUCN since 1996. Read more about the limited existence, possible extinction, and...
Interesting Facts About Sumatran Tigers
Interesting fact about Sumatran Tigers
Sumatran tigers are found only on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia. Here is a brief account of this magnificent feline.
Endangered Tigers
Tiger population decline
One of the most majestic animals of all time, the tiger is on the brink of extinction. They have been rampantly hunted for various reasons ranging from body organs to their meat, fur, and skin.
White Tiger Facts
White tiger fact
You might have seen mobile or desktop wallpapers of the majestic white tigers. But did you know, they are susceptible to postural problems and weak immune system, despite being the second largest species of Tiger?
Saber-toothed Tiger Facts
Fact about saber-toothed tigers
Armed with their saber-like maxillary canines from which they derived their name, sabre-toothed cats ruled the Earth around 9 million years ago. Fighting against all odds, they survived right up to the last ice age, i.e. till...
Tiger Facts for Kids
Fact about tigers
Tigers are one of the most feared and awed animals to stride this planet. There are numerous facts associated with this majestic creature.
Bengal Tiger Facts
Bengal tiger's recessive gene produces a white tiger
Tigers belong to the same family as the cat, and are the largest members of this family. Among all the six subspecies of tigers that are left, the Bengal tiger is the second largest, the Siberian tiger being the first. The Bengal...
Interesting Facts about the Malayan Tiger
Malayan Tiger is the national animal of Malaysia
The Malayan tiger is the most recent subspecies to be identified by researchers. Here, we'll check out several facts about the Malayan tiger and read more about its habitat, distribution, and behavior.
Facts about the White Bengal Tiger
Fact about the white Bengal tiger
Also known as Indian tigers, white Bengal tigers were initially hunted down for fun, as a part of sporting activities. Today, most of these are bred in captivity and are very popular due to their unusual skin coloration.
Endangered White Tigers
In the last 100 years, only 12 white tigers have been spotted in the wild. These unique tigers instill a sense of unmatched beauty and awe, but common folklore portray them as the beasts of death or bad omen. So, while they may...
Tiger's Habitat: What do Tigers Eat?
Facts about Siberian tiger diet
Royal in their appearance, tigers are one of the most majestic animals seen in the wild. Here is some information about their habitat and food habits.
White Siberian Tigers
White Siberian tiger
White Siberian tigers are no longer known to exist in the wild and are often found in zoos. The article to come will reveal more on them and their existence.
Where do Tigers Live
Excessive poaching has brought about a drastic decline in tiger population over the last few decades, and now, factors like habitat fragmentation are making it difficult for the species to recover.
Interesting Facts About Siberian Tiger
Siberian tiger coat fact
Siberian tigers are the biggest cats on our planet and also an endangered species. To know more about these interesting animals, Read on...
Why are Tigers Endangered
The majestic cat, which heeds no mercy to its jungle mates, prays for life. Pushed to the edge of extinction, tigers face the biggest threat from humans.
Tigers... No More in the Woods
Tigers top the food chain, which means that they are not threatened by other wild animals. Of course, with the only exception of 'human being'. The adult tiger population worldwide has been reduced to a meager 5,200, from 100,000...
Save Tigers from Extinction
One is always happy to have seen a tiger in the zoo. It's fun taking pictures standing outside the cage with the tiger inside. However, in reality, it should have been the other way round. Because the bad news is here, the tiger...