Interesting Facts About Ball Lightning
Fact about ball lightning
Ball lightning is a phenomenon of atmospheric electrical activity associated with thunderstorms. A few interesting facts about ball lightning and theories associated with it are presented here.
What Causes Lightning
Lightning formation
The natural phenomenon of lightning that appears in a zigzag pattern in the sky has intrigued people across the globe for centuries together. There are several theories regarding the formation of lightning. However, the widely...
Causes and Effects of Thunderstorms
Causes and effects of thunderstorms
A thunderstorm is also referred to as an electrical storm, due to the presence of lightning and thunder during the manifestation of the natural phenomenon. This weather variant is characterized by very contradictory nature, like...
What Causes Thunder
Cause of thunder
Thunder always follows a flash of lightning. But, what actually causes thunder? Let's find out...
What Actually Happens When Lightning Strikes Sand
Result of lightning striking sand
When lightning strikes sand, silica in the sand melts to form long, hollow glass tubes called fulgurites. Buzzle tells you more about this amazing natural occurrence.
Does Lightning Kill Marine Animals?
Effect of lightning on marine animals
Lightning is one of the most common natural phenomena that instantly seems to cause destruction, the moment it hits something. But, is lightning equally fatal for marine animals as well?
Heat Lightning Facts
What is heat lightning? Is it real or a myth? This article provides facts and information about heat lightning that will be helpful to you.
Facts about Hailstorms
Hail or hailstorm is a type of precipitation that appears in the form of a storm. This Buzzle piece elaborately explains the concept of a hail and states some interesting facts about this type of storm.
Thunderstorm Facts
Thunderstorm facts
Thunderstorms are a common occurrence all over the world. But there are so many things about them that are not known to many. For some interesting thunderstorm facts, scroll down...
Lake Maracaibo: The Place where Lightning Strikes the Most
Fact about lightning strikes at Lake Maracaibo
Relmpago del Catatumbo is the Spanish name for Catatumbo Lightning, a phenomenon occurring over lake Maracaibo in northern Venezuela, where lightning strikes more frequently than anywhere else on Earth. Although not very different...
Sleet and Hail - What is the Difference?
Difference between sleet and hail
Hail, being larger in size than sleet or ice pellets, is formed by the accumulation of layers of freezing water in the clouds. Sleet, however, is formed due to temperature difference in the atmosphere. Know more about these two...
Causes of Lightning and Thunder
Lightning and thunder are considered the most common natural occurrences in the world, so the fact that we know very little about their causes is quite surprising in itself.
Lightning on the Water: Personal Watercraft Safety
A Maryland man was recently electrocuted and killed when a lightning bolt struck water near where he was riding his jet ski. How can one be safe? Let's find out...
Lightning Safety Precautions
Lightning strikes are very frequent during thunderstorms. Though you might stay indoors during thunderstorms, there might be situations when you are outdoors. Here are some lightning safety precautions so that you can be careful...
Different Types of Lightning
The following article provides detailed information regarding the numerous types of lightning bolts.