30 Things That Only Over-thinkers Can Relate To
Over-thinkers complicate simple situations
Over-thinkers, as the name suggests, tend to think, ponder, introspect, and worry excessively more than people would normally do. This Buzzle post enlists 30 things that only over-thinkers can relate to.
Deep Questions About Life
Questions are like puzzles. If the process of solving them is correct, the answers are readily available, otherwise, there could be nothing more perplexing. Life is like a question bank that can render people into contemplation. In...
Divergent Thinking
Logical thinking is a great approach to problem solving. But, sometimes, creative thinking is necessary to get deeper into a problem. Divergent thinking―a thinking approach to deal with any problem creatively―has been...
Deep Questions to Ponder
There comes a time in each of our lives where some deep questions cross our paths, and we are left pondering. Here are some of the best...
Aspects of Life
It is said, that succeeding in all aspects of life in a single lifetime is nearly impossible. But a person who tries, certainly gets all the happiness in life.
Understanding Doublethink with Examples
Quote about doublethink by George Orwell
The term 'doublethink' is often confused with being hypocritical; but when you take a closer look at it you will realize the subtle differences between the two, and you will understand how to differentiate one from the other.
Questions That Make You Think
Question that makes you think
Have you thought about 'thinking'? Have you thought about life and the many questions it puts you? What are the questions that always make you think?
Thought-provoking Questions
Fun question that makes you think
A question has to initiate a thought process, the answer will follow on its own. The best thought-provoking questions are the ones that give us a chance to introspect, or promise us a good laugh. We have for you, a few questions...
42 Deep Questions to Ask Yourself
Deep questions to ask yourself
We are surrounded with so many elements around us that it wouldn't be wrong to say that each of us has a philosophical, in-depth side to our existence. At some point in our lives, we are likely to ask ourselves some deep questions...
15 Negative Things You Must Stop Saying to Yourself
Negative thing you must stop saying to yourself
Negative self-talk can be venomous to friendships, to relationships, to careers, to lives. We need to understand that our thoughts are absolutely in our power. When you stop thinking and saying bad things, you start seeing and...
What Does Wishful Thinking Mean?
Wishful thinking meaning and example
Wishful thinking is loosely based on the belief that positive thinking leads to positive outcomes ... or that if you believe in something, then you can make it happen. Now does that really make sense? Not quite. But that doesn't...
Linear Thinking Vs. Non-linear Thinking
Difference between linear thinking and non-linear thinking
Our way of thinking decides how we perceive the world around us. It also decides our line of action. We shall present to you an understanding of two contrasting ways of thinking - linear and non-linear thinking.
Linear Thinking Vs. Global Thinking
Global thinkers
Linear thinkers process information in small chunks, and in a sequential manner. Global thinkers process information in large chunks, and want to know the bigger picture. We shall delve deeper into these two ways of thinking.
Concrete Vs. Abstract Thinking
Difference between concrete and abstract thinking
Buzzle presents an introduction towards two thought processes observed in humans. It provides the readers with examples that help to clarify the difference concrete and abstract thinking.
Convergent Thinking Vs. Divergent Thinking
Comparison between convergent thinking and divergent thinking
Every person can be distinguished from the other by the way he thinks. The approach one takes to find the solution to a problem can be categorized into convergent and divergent thinking.
Deductive Reasoning Examples
Example of deductive reasoning
Examples of deductive reasoning help a person understand this type of reasoning better.
Occam's Razor: The Principle of Simplicity
Occam's razor tool
Occams's razor is a popular investigative tool, used by various philosophers, scientists, and skeptics in determining the most accurate or probable explanation for the occurrence of an event. This principle is examined and...
The Four Stages of Thinking
Paul Lutus classified the Levels of Human Experience - where do you stand?