Mythology of Taurus Constellation
Taurus constellation is an ancient constellation. There are several myths associated with this enticing constellation. Read this Buzzle article to know more on this.
Taurus Man and Aquarius Woman Relationship Compatibility
Taurus man and Aquarius woman
Are you a Taurus man in love with an Aquarius woman, or, an Aquarius woman in love with a Taurus man? The attraction between the bull and the water bearer is quite instantaneous; you might have noticed the same yourself. However,...
Taurus Man and Cancer Woman Relationship Compatibility
Taurus man and cancer woman compatibility
A Taurus man and a Cancer woman are highly compatible, both individuals have a strong emotional and physical bond that lasts long. In this Buzzle article, we have provided you with some interesting attributes of their relationship....
Taurus Man and Taurus Woman Compatibility
Are people born under same sun sign compatible? Here is a detailed analysis of the love relationship between Taurus man and Taurus woman.
Taurus and Cancer Compatibility
This article deals with the friendship and relationship compatibility between Taurus and Cancer. Scroll down for more.
Taurus Man and Libra Woman
Are you wondering whether a Taurus man and a Libra woman are compatible in a relationship? The following article lists some unique personality traits of both these sun signs, followed by their relationship compatibility.
Taurus Man and Scorpio Woman
Steadfast, persistent, trustworthy and loving - these are four words which best describe a Taurus man. Mysterious, emotional, passionate and confident - this is how a Scorpio woman is known to the people around her. So, are these...
Taurus and Sagittarius Compatibility
Read the following article, which provides a deep insight into Taurus and Sagittarius compatibility, which will prompt the people who belong to these signs to think about how their relationships.
Taurus Characteristics
Taurus is represented by the bull and is ruled by planet Venus. This article elucidates the characteristics of those born under this zodiac sign.
Taurus and Scorpio Compatibility
Taurus and Scorpio are two opposites in the zodiac. Read this content to know about Taurus and Scorpio compatibility.
Taurus Men Characteristics
The Taurus men characteristics resemble the symbol of this zodiac sign very accurately. If you are eager to find out what these interesting characteristics are, read into the following article.
How to Attract a Taurus Man
The Taurus man is charming, masculine, yet, stubborn. If you are set to win him over, here is a guide on attracting him using the right tips and techniques.
Taurus Traits
The Taurus individual is known for his unfaltering determination, stability, and patience. Here is detailed information on the characteristics and traits of the Taurus sign.
Understanding the Taurus Man
A Taurean man is a lover of nature and beauty. Read on to know more about the Taurus man.
Everything about the Taurus Sign
Curious to know about the personality of the people with the sun sign Taurus? Read on...
Compatibility for Capricorn and Taurus
If you want to know about the compatibility for Capricorn and Taurus, read this article.
Taurus Man and Aries Woman Compatibility
Taurus man and Aries woman compatibility
The pairing of a Taurus man and Aries woman brings a lot to the platter. In this Buzzle post, we will take you through some of the key traits of this combination and help you understand the compatibility of these two signs.
Taurus and Gemini Compatibility
Compatibility between gemini and taurus
A Taurean and a Geminian aren't exactly a match made in heaven, but the likelihood of making things work lessens the odds. For Taureans and Geminians, a union that is based on understanding, compromise, love, and freedom may just...
Leo and Taurus Compatibility
Compatibility between a leo man and a taurus woman
Taurus and Leo individuals, due to their similar traits, can form a long-lasting relationship. Here is an overview on the relationship and friendship compatibility between the two.
Signs That a Taurus Man Likes You
Signs that a Taurus man likes you
Aha! So, you like a Taurus man. Smart (and brave) girl, that's a good choice, for he will cater to all your romantic whims, like you never knew was possible. There are some sure telltale signs that a Taurus man likes you.
Personality Traits of Taurus Women
Personality of a Taurus woman
Taurus is the Venus-ruled Earth sign, known for its artistic attitude and carefree, yet conservative outlook. Taurean women are graceful, independent, and the makers of their own destiny, which makes them intimidating as well as...
Taurus Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility
Taurus man and Pisces woman relationship
The stubborn and responsible Taurus man is just the right match for the sensitive and innocent Pisces woman. Both of them have the natural inclination to care for the other when in a committed relationship. Buzzle discusses the...
How to Make a Taurus Man Fall in Love With You
Making a taurus man fall in love
Taurus men are born between dates April 20 to May 20, and under the constellation of Taurus; the second zodiac in astrology. Knowing how to make a Taurus man fall in love with you, isn't very difficult! What's difficult is, making...
Taurus Man in Love
Taurus man in love
You are lucky if you have a Taurus man in your life. This is because your man would be more romantic, caring and gentle than anyone else.
Dating a Taurus Man
Tip to win over a Taurus man
Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac cycle. Taurus males are considered as one of the best lovers among males of all zodiac signs. The following article will help you to know more about a Taurus man, and tips for dating him.
Compatibility Between Virgo Man and Taurus Woman
Virgo man and Taurus woman
They say that Virgo man-Taurus woman is 'love at first sight' pairing. So do these 'instant attraction' flames blow out after a certain time? Buzzle explains their compatibility in detail.
5 Signs that a Taurus Woman is Interested in You
Sign that a Taurus woman likes you
It's quite understandable if you find yourself in a tizzy, because you can't seem to figure out whether the Taurus woman in your life is actually into you or simply being polite. Albeit unpredictable, there are a few subtle signs...
Personality Traits of a Taurus-Gemini Cusp
Traits of a Taurus-Gemini cusp
A Taurus-Gemini cusp is perhaps the most energetic and dynamic zodiac combination of all the other cusp signs. With a fantastic blend of traits from both the bull and the twins, these individuals have all that it takes to...
What Zodiac Signs are Compatible with Aries-Taurus Cusps?
Zodiac signs compatible with aries-taurus cusps
To predict whether a zodiac sign is compatible with other signs in the chart or not, is quite possible based on their individual traits, but what happens when we speak of the compatibility of cusps? Buzzle explains what zodiac...
Compatibility Between a Taurus Woman and Pisces Man
Taurus woman and Pisces man compatibility
The compatibility between a Taurus woman and a Pisces man is truly among the best of zodiac pairings. No, we won't call it absolutely perfect, but yes, we will call these two truly made for each other. Buzzle helps you understand...
Traits of People Born on the Aries-Taurus Cusp
Traits of people born on the Aries-Taurus cusp
Cusp signs are both blessed and cursed with the positive and negative qualities of not only one, but two zodiac signs. Things get a little more complicated when these two signs are Aries and Taurus! What then, constitute as the...
Finding the Best Match for a Taurus Woman
Perfect matches for a Taurus woman
When it comes to a relationship, a Taurus woman needs a partner who can provide her the security and stability she needs to live a comfortable, and a somewhat high-end life. Buzzle features the love needs of this practical and...
Taurus Man and Virgo Woman
Compatibility between Taurus man and Virgo woman
According to astrology, Taurus man and Virgo woman are very compatible to each other. Here are the details on this zodiac love match.
60 Famous People with Taurus Sun Sign
Famous people with Taurus sun sign
People who are born as Taureans are known for their reliable, determined, loyal, and honest nature. If you were born anywhere from April 20th to May 20th, check out all the famous Taurus personalities you share your birthday with.
Interesting Facts About the Taurus Constellation
Fact about the Taurus constellation
One of the most striking and oldest constellations in the sky, Taurus has many prominent and visible stars. Read this Buzzle article for some interesting facts about this spectacular constellation.