Claddagh Tattoo Meaning
Are you looking for information on Claddagh tattoo meaning? Go through this article to find out what this tattoo means.
Deer Skull Tattoo Design Ideas and Their Meaning
Deer skull tattoo design idea
A deer is associated with kindness and gentleness. It holds a high significance culturally and spiritually, and is believed to convey the transition between life and death. The antlers have widespread popularity these days. Buzzle...
16 Beautiful Ship Tattoo Designs and Meanings
Ship tattoo design and quote
A ship tattoo can be a symbolic representation of many things. From being spiritual to aesthetic, realistic to paranormal, old school to highly contemporary, this theme can be presented in ways unlimited. Buzzle lists 16 beautiful...
Fleur-de-lis Tattoo Designs and Meanings
Fleur-de-lis tattoo design and meaning
Fleur-de-lis is a popular symbol in the French culture and even otherwise. It has been widely used as a design in architecture, décor, and now, it is becoming a popular choice for tattoos. Buzzle contains some amazing fleur-de-lis...
Aztec Tattoos and their Meanings
Aztec Sun tattoo and its meaning
An Aztec sun tattoo was made in honor of the Aztec sun-god, called Huitzilopochtli. A left-handed hummingbird is used to symbolize a sun-god. The sun-god was the most important god to the Aztecs as he was said to be the guardian of...
Japanese Tattoos and Their Meanings
Meaning of Japanese tattoos
Japanese tattoos always have something for everyone, whether you want a fierce dragon, a delicate cherry blossom, a beautiful koi fish swimming across your back, or the intricate scene of Samurai warriors locked in mortal combat....
Meaningful Tattoos
Meaningful tattoos for couples
Meaningful tattoos have a story behind them, that will remind you of something happy, worth fighting, worth living for. There are several tattoo designs which reflect your personality and create a style statement.
What does a Lotus Flower Tattoo Symbolize?
Symbolism of the lotus flower
Just as the flower Rose is to the West, Lotus is to the East, laden with deep meaningful references to the creation of life and beauty A new and radical way of rediscovering the significance of this very symbolic flower is getting...
Bird Tattoo Meanings
Bird tattoo meaning
With more than 10,000 species, there are a lot of birds to inspire us. Some birds, like the Phoenix and Griffin, exist only in mythology, and symbolize the idea of power or struggle. While some, like swallows or hummingbirds,...
Pink Ribbon Tattoos
Pink ribbon tattoo symbolism
The most common interpretation of pink ribbon tattoos is that it is a symbol of breast cancer awareness. However, there are some people who may get an intricate tattoo involving pink ribbons just because it looks good, that has...
Polynesian Tattoo Meanings
Polynesian tattoo meaning - Tiki
Bold, symbolic, and a piece of art - that's what a Polynesian tattoo looks like. But have you ever delved a little deeper into finding out the meaning behind this type of tattoo? It is quite interesting to learn about the detailed...
Arrow Tattoo Designs and Symbolism
Arrow tattoo design and symbolism
An arrow tattoo can be simple, yet have the power to speak a thousand words. Getting a tattoo is a permanent commitment, and often times, people like to just grab any design that catches their attention; this can lead to...
Butterfly Tattoo Meaning
Symbolism of butterfly tattoo
A butterfly, apart from being one of the most popular tattoo designs, is also one of the most meaningful ones. Its significance and symbolism is found in different cultures.
Peacock Tattoo Meaning
Peacock tattoo meaning
One of the most eye-pleasing of all bird tattoos is the peacock tattoo. This tattoo is associated with people's belief about this beautiful bird. The meanings may differ with every culture.
Octopus Tattoo Meaning
Octopus tattoo meaning
It is the deep symbolism of the octopus and varied design possibilities that make it an interesting choice for a tattoo. An octopus tattoo symbolizes complexity, diversity, mystery, vision, intelligence, illusion, variability, and...
Barbed Wire Tattoo Meaning
Barbed wire tattoo and symbolism
Have you ever wondered what a barbed wire tattoo signifies? We'll tell you all you need to know about the barbed wire tattoo meaning...
Compass Tattoo Meaning and Design Ideas
Compass tattoo meaning and design idea
Varying in size, style, design, and color, compass tattoos are a favorite among many and can be done practically anywhere on the body. These tattoos were once a sailor's trademark; more commonly, the Spanish conquistadors were the...
Nautical Star Color Meaning
Nautical star color meaning
Very few of us are aware of what nautical star tattoos actually mean, and what their colors denote. Each color of the nautical stars have different meanings associated with them.
What Does a Hamsa Hand Tattoo Symbolize?
Hamsa hand tattoo symbolism
A hamsa hand is a popular talisman used in various cultures and religions. It has always been used in art, jewelry, and other artifacts. However, lately, the tattoo world is also coming across many enthusiasts sporting this symbol...
Dragon Tattoo Meaning
Dragon tattoo symbolism in Japanese culture
Dragon tattoo meanings are different in various cultures. In the East, these tattoos have a positivity attached to then, while in the West, they are considered to be negative, destructive creatures.
Black Rose Tattoo Meaning
Black rose tattoo meaning
There can be varied meanings of a black rose tattoo, depending on the sentiment behind getting it. We will tell you about some of its most common connotations so you know what you want yours to stand for.
Sun Tattoo Meaning
Sun tattoo meanings
The sun is one of the most popular tattoo designs for several reasons. It symbolizes life, energy, glory, and can be inscribed in attractive designs. It also stands for reincarnation, passion and life supporter. So, plan to get a...
What Does a Dandelion Tattoo Symbolize?
Dandelion tattoo symbolism
A dandelion is one of those elements that reminds us of the innocence and freedom we experienced during childhood. The reason most tattoo lovers opt for inking this tattoo is the fact that there are various symbolic interpretations...
Nautical Star Tattoos Meanings
Nautical star tattoo meaning
Nautical star tattoos are one of the oldest tattoo symbols which have been around for over a century! Although, the true nautical star tattoos meanings are still not very clear, there are a lot of probable meanings that people...
Dove Tattoo Meaning
Dove tattoo meaning
Dove tattoos represent many pure emotions; it is actually one of the ancient symbols of love. Etching a tattoo of a dove doesn't always symbolizes fashion or art, but it has its roots in religious and spiritual values, standing for...
Pocket Watch Tattoo Meaning and Design Ideas
Pocket watch tattoo meaning and design
The beauty of getting a pocket watch tattooed on yourself is that it appeals to both men and women. There are many creative designs that showcase the pocket watch along with other elements.
Meaningful Tattoos for Women
Flower tattoos for women
Meaningful tattoos for women can have different messages associated with them. Buzzle provides a few feminine designs that could be sported.
Indian Feather Tattoo Meaning and Design Ideas
Indian feather tattoo
For admirers of body art, the Indian feather tattoo is a popular design choice thanks to its true beauty and deep symbolic meanings. Look through this Buzzle post for the Indian feather tattoo designs that are on display and absorb...
Spartan Warrior Tattoo Meaning and Design Ideas
Spartan warrior tattoo meaning
You don't just get inked with a Spartan tattoo, you own it! Buzzle gives you some amazing tattoo designs inspired by the army and its noble warriors. These are sure to induce in you a sense of fearlessness.
Medusa Tattoo Meanings and Design Ideas
Medusa tattoo design
Medusa, the Greek mythological gorgon, has garnered both curiosity and controversy around herself. She has been portrayed either as a victim or a villain in many stories. But which one do you identify with? Here's taking a look at...
What Does a Sunflower Tattoo Symbolize?
Meaning of sunflower tattoo
There is a story behind every tattoo, and most of all, there are reasons why the wearer preferred a certain design over the others. Similarly, sunflower tattoo meanings are varied, an elaboration of which is done here.
Beautiful Moon Tattoo Designs and Their Meanings
Moon tattoo design and meaning
The magnificent moon holds great significance in various cultures and religions. In fact, each age group associates with the moon in different ways. It is a symbol of motherly love, romance, underworld, and many other things....
15 Rosary Tattoo Designs and their Meanings
Rosary tattoo symbolism
The rosary symbol has been used since the 17th century in Roman Catholic Marian Art, often depicted along with the Virgin Mary. However, today, this theme has become quite a sought-after means to proclaim one's devotion and faith...
Weeping Willow Tree Tattoo Design Ideas and Meaning
Weeping willow tree tattoo meaning
Weeping willow tree tattoos are one of the most versatile tattoos to work with, as they can be inked anywhere on your body and has deep symbolism attached to it.
What Does the Evil Eye Tattoo Symbolize?
Evil eye tattoo symbolism
Are you fascinated by the symbolism and meaning of the evil eye and are planning to get a tattoo? Buzzle will help you decide by providing a brief explanation of the evil eye.
Lightning Bolt Tattoo Meaning and Design Ideas
Lightning bolt tattoo design
Thinking of inking a lightning tattoo and can't really decide what to go with? Let Buzzle show you the kind of things that this symbol is capable of doing. Follow suit, people.
Water Tattoo Designs and their Meanings
Water tattoo design
Water has some mysterious properties. It has the strength to wash away evil and negativity. How about getting a water tattoo to invite positivity? Buzzle gives you some creative water tattoo designs.
Wonderful Lighthouse Tattoo Designs & Meanings
Lighthouse tattoo design and meanings
Lighthouse tattoos are considered to be quite old school. You wouldn't find them commonly among tattoo wearers, but they hold a deep meaning in itself. Buzzle gives you some wonderful lighthouse tattoo designs and also explains the...
8 Meaningful Father Daughter Tattoo Designs
Father daughter tattoo designs
For a girl, her father is the most perfect man in the world. For a man, his daughter is the most precious thing in the world. Celebrate this eternal bond with matching father and daughter tattoos.
Leopard Print Tattoo: Meanings and Design Ideas
Leopard print tattoo meanings
For those looking for dynamic and slightly aggressive-looking designs, a leopard print tattoo can deliver the intensity for both men and women. Buzzle gives you 5 breathtaking designs along with the meanings that this tattoo idea...
Daisy Tattoo Meanings and Ideas
Daisy tattoo symbolism
Art is immortal, and for certain people, it becomes very literal when they choose to display it on their bodies. Flowers have been the symbols of beauty, grace, and purity, amongst others. They are popular with both men and women,...
Shark Tattoo Meaning and Design Ideas
Symbolism of shark tattoos
Sharks being one of the most fearsome creatures of the sea, symbolizes fearlessness and confidence among other traits and characteristics that it possesses. Getting a shark tattoo inked on your body could indicate the presence of...
Crane Tattoo Meaning and Design Ideas
Crane tattoo design
Cranes hold a deep symbolism in many cultures, which sure makes them one of the best options in tattoo designs. This Buzzle piece has amassed some very beautiful crane tattoo designs along with their meanings.
Cardinal Bird Tattoo Design Ideas and Meanings
Cardinal bird tattoo design and meaning
Even though cardinal birds aren't one of the mainstream designs, with their brilliant red feathers, many choose to get these tattoos to represent the bird's traits and attributes. In this Buzzle post, you will find 8 wonderful...
Meanings and Design Ideas for Knight Tattoos
Knight tattoo design and meaning
We have all read or heard about King Arthur and his most famous Knight, Sir Lancelot at some point or the other. Stories of the medieval times are quite fascinating, and also very symbolic too. We bring you a collection of some...
Fox Tattoo Meaning and Design Ideas
Fox tattoo meaning
Animal themes have always been a vogue among tattoo enthusiasts, and if the animal is a fox, the tattoo becomes all the more foxy! A fox is associated with many traits, both good and bad.
10 Amazing Giraffe Tattoo Designs And Their Meanings
Giraffe tattoo on wrist
Beautiful and elegant writ large, a giraffe makes an incredible sight while it moves rhythmically with a sinuous grace. Resourceful and vulnerable, this lissome animal gives us a message to pass the tests of our lives without...
12 Amazing Warrior Tattoo Designs and Their Meanings
Warrior tattoo design and meaning
If you thought a warrior only epitomizes violence and carnage, then let us tell you that you have been cradling a real serious misconception. Warrior tattoos look dauntingly sexy and stylish. We present to you 12 amazing warrior...
Elephant Tattoo Meanings and Design Ideas
Elephant tattoo design and meaning
Even though the lion is said to be the king of the jungle, most people would agree that nothing is as majestic as an elephant. For centuries they have been symbols for their strength, size, wisdom, and grace. In certain parts of...
What Does a Sugar Skull Tattoo Symbolize?
Sugar skull tattoo symbolism
Sugar skull tattoos are associated with the Mexican tradition of celebrating the Day of the Dead. Well, while skulls and death depict mourning, sadness, and loss, sugar skulls, on the other hand, depict festivity. Buzzle throws...
Spider Tattoo Meanings and Design Ideas
Spider tattoo meaning and design idea
A spider has been associated with fear, phobias, evil, traps, danger, and mystery. While it is mainly known for its negative image in the public, it does have a positive outlook as well, which is why it has been sported by many as...
Dogwood Flower Tattoo Designs and their Meanings
Symbolism of dogwood blooms
There are some tattoo design ideas that are perpetually in vogue, and one of these is the dogwood flower tattoo. For those looking for inspiration, there are some really cute designs for girls that also have symbolic meaning.
Oni Mask Origin, Symbolism, and 6 Tattoo Designs
Oni mask symbolism
'Oni' are demons from Japanese folklore. It is a very popular image in Japanese tattoo art today. Typically red or blue, recently these have been depicted in other colors too. Oni are said to possess extreme strength, and are also...
All-Seeing Eye Tattoo Meanings and 7 Designs
All-seeing eye tattoo
The all-seeing eye is an esoteric symbol of much speculation for centuries, and like everything else, we have always been curious about how the stories behind this symbol have evolved and diluted over time. The eye is symbolic in...
Dog Paw Tattoo: Meaning and Designs
Dog paw tattoo meaning and design
The importance and love that your pet commands in your life can NEVER be replaced!
Memorial Tattoos
Memorial tattoos are a way of honoring the departed by etching a symbol of them onto one's body. There are certain other reasons for why these tattoos are chosen as well. Read through the following Buzzle article for designs and...
Tribal Tattoo Meanings
Various tribes and cultures throughout history have utilized tattoos to depict a number of different things. It is crucial to understand these depictions and the various tribal tattoo meanings, before you go ahead and actually get...
Koi Fish Tattoos and their Meaning
Koi fish tattoos are exciting for anyone who is interested in mythology and symbolism. It will help you in knowing why some people prefer these tattoos.
Peace Sign Tattoos
The peace sign tattoo is amongst the popular tattoo design of modern times. This design can be presented and elaborated in many different ways. Interesting facts about the peace sign, various combinations and patterns of the tattoo...
Star Tattoo Meanings
Possessing the ability to guide people through the night, star tattoos are among the most famous designs for both men and women. In this Buzzle post, we will look at some interesting design options along with their meanings.
Sun and Moon Tattoos
Among the myriad options, sun and moon tattoo designs are very popular today. Here is more information on the significance and meaning of these tattoos.
Tattoos with their Meanings
Tattoos with meaning
Did you know that wearing a Koi fish tattoo symbolizes that you are in love? Every tattoo symbol has a meaning associated with it. Here is information on meanings of some of the most popular and unique tattoo symbols.
Koi Tattoo Meaning
Symbolism of the Koi fish tattoo
Fascinated by the koi and want to get one tattooed, but don't really know its meaning? Well, this amazing fish has a lot of significance. If you are a tattoo enthusiast, then a koi fish tattoo is what you should go for. Know more...
Phoenix Tattoo Meaning
Meaning of a rising Phoenix tattoo
Phoenix tattoo is probably one of the most famous tattoo designs with a significant meaning. Read the following write up and understand, if the meaning of a phoenix tattoo is something that you can relate with.
Wolf Tattoo Meanings
Wolf tattoos are prevalent among the Native Americans, but gradually it has managed to turn quite a few heads and can be seen all across the globe. In this Buzzle post, we will discuss the meanings behind different types of designs...
Polynesian Tattoo Designs and Meanings
Polynesian tattoo designs have become a rage among people all over the world. However, not many know about the history and the cultural significance of these designs. This article will give you detailed information on tattoos from...
7 Cool Gargoyle Tattoo Designs and Their Meanings
Gargoyle tattoo design and meaning
Gargoyles are figures of ugly human faces, animals, and mythical or frightening imaginary creatures seen at the very top of a lot of Gothic architecture. These figures were usually used as gutters on roofs to divert water away from...
Incredibly Cute and Inspiring Semicolon Tattoo Designs
Semicolon tattoo on shoulder
Never thought something as small as a semicolon - a punctuation mark which is used to join two clauses - could be used metaphorically for such a big cause that would go so viral. The semicolon tattoos that sweeping all over the web...
Tulip Tattoo Meaning and Designs
Tulip tattoo on neck
Delicate and beautiful, tulips are colorful flowers that know how to attract attention, and be a star in a subtle yet striking way. Just like you! Flaunt this gorgeous flower in the form of a tattoo and flaunt your personality!
Frog Tattoo Meaning and Design Ideas
Frog tattoo symbolism
Nature has always been an inspiration in everything, including tattoos. People love to get inked with their favorite animal or plant designs. It is very common to see memorial tattoos for dogs and cats. But even animals like frogs...
Barcode Tattoo Meaning and Design Ideas
Barcode tattoo meaning
Barcodes are everywhere, on almost every product you buy. But, have you wondered if you can have your own barcode in the form of a permanent tattoo? Yes, you heard it right! You can have a unique barcode tattoo inked on your body....
Meaning of Lion Tattoos
Through paintings, sculptures, and tattoos, human civilizations throughout the world have revered the lion. A symbol of royalty, strength, courage, and much more, this Buzzle post tries to explore the various interpretations and...
Meaningful Tattoo Ideas
For some, the word tattoo is enough to coat their boat with excitement; so thrilled they are by the whole idea of it that they get themselves inked without putting adequate thought into it. So, if you are someone who is...
Heart with Wings Tattoo Meaning
A heart with wings is one of the most popular tattoo designs, with its primary meaning being love. If you are planning to get a winged heart tattoo, then you should also know the different meanings that it conveys. Read this Buzzle...
13 Daffodil Tattoo Designs and their Meanings
Daffodil ankle tattoo design
Delicate, beautiful, refreshing, and meaningful - daffodil tattoos are all this and much more. Are you contemplating getting a daffodil tattoo? We have compiled some pretty daffodil flower designs alongside their meanings for you....
21 Traditional Sailor Tattoo Design Ideas and their Meanings
Traditional sailor tattoo design
Getting a traditional sailor tattoo is much more than a representation of maritime accomplishments, a talisman against omens, or a memorial for loved ones. This Buzzle post breaks out of these cliché ideas and gives you 21...
16 Sword Tattoo Designs and their Meanings
Sword tattoo meaning
With rich design concepts, a sword tattoo is one of the oldest and most well-known symbols across the world. This Buzzle post wishes to be a part of that history, and hence, has compiled 16 beautiful design ideas along with their...
Pit Bull Tattoo Design Ideas and Their Meanings
Pit bull tattoo design idea
Strength, ferociousness, agility, and a fight till death attitude is what a pit bull symbolizes. So, are you game for flaunting this brave tattoo on yourself? If yes, then we have the best design ideas and their meanings, in this...
Meaning and Design Ideas for Egyptian Ankh Tattoos
Egyptian Ankh tattoo design and meaning
Egyptian symbols, with their profound meaning and deep symbolism, sure make one of the best options in meaningful tattoo designs. The Egyptian ankh, the hieroglyphic for life, is definitely one of them. Read this Buzzle write-up to...
10 Cool Ace of Spades Tattoo Designs with Meanings
Ace of Spades tattoo design and meaning
The fanciest card in the deck sure makes a fancy tattoo design. Yes, we are talking about the Ace of Spades. This card, also the card of death, can be interpreted in several ways. Check out 10 really cool Ace of Spades tattoo...
'Faith Love Hope' Tattoo Meaning and Design Ideas
'Faith love hope' tattoo
One of the most crucial reason that has attracted many towards getting a tattoo is the need for constant inspiration. At times, we know it all but still need a much-needed reminder that keeps us on track. This Buzzle article...
9 Beautiful Tattoo Designs that Symbolize Hope
Tattoo design symbolizing hope
Being one of the most popular tattoo designs for both men and women, the word 'hope' has been inked by several thousand people across the globe. Think outside the box, and let this Buzzle post guide you to finding 9 beautiful...
What Do Different Prison Tattoos Mean?
Prison tattoo meaning
Tattoos have always been a means of expressing yourself and immortalizing art. But what happens when people who find themselves in prison turn to body ink? The result is a coded mirror into their lives, crimes, and their...
Hot Air Balloon Tattoo Ideas And Their Meanings
Hot air balloon tattoo meanings
Although not mainstream tattoos, hot air balloon tattoos look very cheerful and are inspirational without being preachy. So express your freedom, summer memories, or wanderlust, through a hot air balloon tattoo. Buzzle gives you...
Amazing Raven Tattoo Designs and their Meanings
Raven tattoo design and meaning
Commonly associated with death and evil, raven tattoos also symbolize intelligence and wit. This Buzzle article gives you some amazing raven tattoo designs and their meanings.
Meaningful Tattoo Ideas for Girls
Meaningful tattoo for girls - angel tattoo
A tattoo without meaning is like a sentence without spaces. In fact, it is worthless to even get a tattoo inked if it doesn't reflect you or your life in some way or the other. When speaking of us girls, we do not let anything come...
Diamond Tattoo Designs and Their Meanings
Diamond tattoo design and meanings
Owning a diamond is definitely one of the things every beauty lover would do before leaving this world. There you have it, the first symbolism of this tattoo design! Like the gem itself, the meaning of a diamond tattoo is also...
What Your Tattoo Location Says About You
Sexy tattoo design on forearm
Selecting where you put a tattoo on your body says a lot about your character and personality. Would you like to know how some people are perceived due to the location of their tattoos? Read the following article to find out.
Memorial Tattoo Designs
Memorial tattoo designs
Tattoos are one way to immortalize lost loved ones. The designs can be that of quotes, specific dates, portraits, or even their names. In the following article, we will see different ideas of memorial tattoos...
RIP Tattoos
RIP tattoo
Loving someone is one thing, but remembering them for your entire life is what one thinks of. RIP tattoos or Rest In Peace tattoos, are like a tribute for those who will be remembered forever. Let's sit back and find out a new way...
Rest in Peace Tattoos
Rest in peace tattoos seem appropriate when you want to cherish memory of a loved one, that you can ink onto your skin as a permanent reminder. Find out ideas, here, on how to get these tattoos designed...
Poppy Tattoo Meaning
Have you ever wondered what could be the significance of a simple poppy flower? There is more to this enigmatic flower than what meets the eye. The actual poppy tattoo meaning shall be discussed in detail in this article...
Meaningful Tattoo Ideas for Men
Looking for some meaningful tattoo ideas for men? This article will help you with the different meaningful tattoos that you can ink and give audience to your beliefs without being vocal about it.
Bull Tattoo Meaning
The meaning of a bull tattoo can be interpreted by different people in different ways. Let us see the various most popular interpretations of this ferocious looking tattoo. They might just help you decide if it is indeed the one...
Unique Tattoos with Meaning
Which is the best tattoo design today? Is there a meaningful tattoo that can perfectly match your thoughts and beliefs? Here is a list of unique tattoos that will help you choose the best one.
Hawaiian Tattoo Meanings
Among the different tattoo designs, the Hawaiian tattoos have become very popular. The Hawaiian tattoo meanings is what sets these tattoo designs apart from the other tattoo designs.
Tattoos that Mean Love
The use of tattoos to symbolize love is one of the hottest trends in the market today, although the art has been around for centuries. Lot of people profess their love by tattooing their body in an effort to make it immortal as the...
Tattoos that Mean Something
If you have ever watched episodes of reality shows based in tattoo parlors, you would have noticed how everyone who walks in for a tattoo has a story behind it. Tattoos are body artworks that are most personal to the person getting...
Lotus Tattoo Meaning
Lotus flower is one of the most symbolic tattoos found today. Here is information about the different meanings associated with this tattoo.
Tattoos that Represent Strength
Body art has always been associated with a specific meaning. Tattoos that represent strength are actually depicted by various images, like animals, weapons, superheroes, etc. Such designs show that the wearer is strong and...
Feminine Tattoos with Meaning
Are you looking for some wonderful girly tattoos, and eager to know their symbolism? This article on feminine tattoos with meaning will explain all the details.
Tattoos with Meaning Behind Them
There are several tattoos that symbolize one thing or the other, ranging from wolves and dragons to butterflies and flowers. Subtle changes in the design or the use of different color combinations can also give a different meaning...
Sparrow Tattoo Meaning
A sparrow tattoo is one of the most uncommon tattoo designs today. Here is information on the meaning and symbolism associated with the sparrow tattoo.
Peace Tattoo Design Ideas
Peace signs and symbols and its representations are one of the most popular tattoo designs the world over. Its message is evident and their appeal is universal. This article suggests a few ideas if you are looking for inspiration.
Meaning of Unicorn Tattoos
Unicorns have fascinated many. If they have enamored you too, then wearing a unicorn tattoo is not a bad idea, provided you know the true meaning of unicorn tattoos!
Rebel Flag Tattoos
Rebel flag invokes a lot of emotions from the Southern states of the US, and inscribing a tattoo representing this flag is a unique way to express those emotions and the people's pride for the flag. Go through the following Buzzle...
Symbols and Meanings for Tattoos
Tattoos come in various designs and symbols. Different patterns hold different meanings for people who get themselves inked. This article speaks more about the same.
Phoenix Bird Tattoo
Bird tattoos are famous among men and women alike. It looks beautiful and can have various patterns that one can choose from.
American Eagle Tattoos
American eagle tattoos are a hit among people for various reasons. This article explains the bird's significance and the various popular designs that people like to get inked.
Chinese Tattoos and Their Meanings
The Chinese script holds a very alluring and magnetic charm for people who wish to get some text inked on their body. These tattoos are very complex to understand due to the fine artwork involved in the text, and finding the right...
Flower Tattoos and Their Meanings
Normally, people like to get those tattoos made, which have some meaning attached to them. Flower tattoos and their meanings have hence become popular to show off some side of one's personality.
Four Leaf Clover Tattoos
Four leaf clover tattoo is an interesting and right way of carrying your luck with you. This tattoo is gaining popularity among the youngsters from all over the world.