Epoxy Vs. Fiberglass Surfboards
Epoxy vs. fiberglass surfboards
When choosing a surfboard, should you opt for epoxy or fiberglass? Buzzle helps you make a choice by making you familiar with the pros and cons of each.
Skimboarding Tips
Whether you skimboard on sand, or on waves, it is one of the best water activities for people of all ages. Read the Buzzle article to understand what skimboarding is, and how you can master the sport.
Wakeboarding History
Though wakeboarding is considered an extreme sport, it is more of a lifestyle for many. The wakeboard has undergone several modifications and has come a long way since its beginning.
Choosing Your First Surfboard
Clueless about how to choose your first surfboard, are you? Then browse through this write-up to know how to select one that best suits your surfing style and expertise level.
Basics of Water Surfing
Water surfing is one of the most thrilling and exciting water sports, which has new experiences in store every time one rides the waves. Here are some basics of water surfing, which beginners can use to avoid the initial hiccups...
Learning How to Surf
Learning how to surf requires some basic practice before wanting to become more adventurous. Some precautions are necessary to prevent undesired happenings. Here are some useful tips...
Easy Ways to Remove Wax from a Surfboard
Tips to remove surfboard wax
Surfboard wax helps in creating a non-slip surface for surfers. Eventually, the wax attracts a lot of sand and dirt making it look dingy. It is quite necessary to remove the wax and put a new coat for a good grip. Get to know some...
Understanding the Different Types and Shapes of Surfboards
Popular types of surfboards
There are various types of surfboards that are used on different types of surfs. This Buzzle post details the particulars of the different types of surfboards, and how they are used.
Top 10 Surfing Spots in the World
Banzai pipeline - Surfing spot in Oahu
When it comes to finding your ideal surfing spot, you will be spoiled for choices. From the exotic beaches of Hawaii, golden shores of Australia, to the more famous spots in South Africa, there are surfing beaches for all level of...
Most Common Surfing Mistakes Beginners Should Avoid
Surfing mistakes by beginners
Surfing is a difficult sport to master and, as a novice, you are bound to make a number of mistakes. Buzzle lists some of the common surfing mistakes beginners make and how they can be resolved.
What to Pack for a Surf Trip
Things to pack for a surf tip
Surfing trips are very different from other kinds of holidays primarily because of the nature of such trips. To save yourself from investing in overpriced gear, paying excess luggage fees, or being underprepared for medical...
Top 10 Surf Camps Around the World
Top surf camps around the world
Surfing. The one water sport that spells both class and cool in a single breath. We, at Buzzle, have lined up a list of amazing destinations, all of which qualify to be every surfer's idea of paradise.
How to Apply Wax on a Surfboard
How to apply wax on a surfboard
Waxing the surfboard is important to maintain grip while surfing. A normal process of applying wax to the surfboard consists of some simple steps like scrapping of the old wax, applying basecoat then topcoat and finally finishing...
Surfboard Size Chart
As a beginner, one needs to know the correct measurements of a surfboard before buying one. This article will serve as a size guide. Have a look...
How to Repair a Surfboard
Doing a repair job on your surfboard all by yourself does help in saving time and money. It's always thought to be a difficult process, and thus, ignored by most. Here are a few steps which would make it easier for you.
Popular Surfing Competitions
There are scores of popular surfing competitions around the world these days, This is a billion-dollar industry, and still getting all the more popular as we speak.