Starfish Habitat
Starfish habitat
In this Buzzle article, we shed light on one of the little-known attributes of the life of starfish, their natural habitat, and their adaptations which help them survive in this habitat.
Facts about Sea Star
Sea star eyespot fact
Sea stars are echinoderms that exhibit radial symmetry and possess tube feet for locomotion. These marine creatures, though often called 'Starfish', are not fish. They lack blood and brain and have two stomachs for digestion. They...
Starfish Facts
Here are some starfish facts that will truly leave you bewildered! Did you know that starfish can regenerate an entire arm? Read this Buzzle article for more such facts and information about the starfish.
Interesting Facts About Starfish
Interesting fact about starfish
The depths of the oceans are home to many amazing sea creatures. Some interesting facts about the starfish, which is one of those, will not only amaze you, but give you some good information as well.
Different Types of Starfish
With over 2,000 known species, starfish or sea star is one of the adorable creatures that astonishes marine scientists. This article discusses the common types of starfish along with their characteristic features.
What do Starfish Eat
Starfish are amazing aquatic creatures with interesting features. Go through this article to know more about starfish diet.
Starfish Facts for Kids
Discussing starfish in the classroom is the best way of letting students know about this marine animal. This article provides some more facts and information about it.
Starfish Anatomy
What is a starfish, and how are its internal organs placed? Read on to know more about the anatomy of these weird animals...