Famous Spanish Athletes
Famous Spanish athletes
If somebody asks to mention names of famous Spanish athletes, it would be a long list. Here is a tribute to some of the eminent Spanish athletes who have really made their country proud.
Famous Spanish Actresses
Some of the finest film and television actresses of international repute are the much-loved stars of Spanish cinema. Let us take a look at some of the very famous Spanish actresses.
Interesting Facts About Spain for Kids
Spain produces the most olive oil
The Kingdom of Spain (España) is the 4th largest country in Europe, with a land area of 505,370 sq. km. It lies in Southern Europe near the Iberian Peninsula, and is a part of the European Union. Spain has a population of around 47...
Interesting Facts About Spain
Fact about national anthem of Spain
Spain (Spanish España), officially the Kingdom of Spain, is located in Southern Europe. It's a beautiful country with a rich heritage and culture. Find out some interesting facts about Spain in this article.
Conquistador Weapons
When the Spanish conquistadors invaded the New World, they brought with them steel, horses, disease and the element of surprise. All these factors combined to make them successful, but the belief that it was just their superior...
Celebrations in Spain
Spain is a country of great cultures and amazing traditions. This article brings you the collection of some of the interesting festivities in Spain.
Famous People from Spain
Do you know the well-known personalities from Spain? This article will give you a list of all the Spaniards who have left a mark on Spanish as well as world history.
Famous Spanish Conquistadors
Spanish conquistadors were a combination of explorers and soldiers. Due to these qualities, they were successful in the conquest of South America and gained prestigious positions in society. Here are brief biographies of two...
Facts about Spanish Conquistadors
Spanish Conquistadors were one of the most specialized military units of their era. The following are some interesting facts about the Conquistadors.
Famous Spanish Explorers and Conquerors
Spanish explorers like Christopher Columbus, Vasco Nunez de Balboa, Francisco Pizarro, and Hernando De Soto predominated the world of exploration by discovering many lands in South America. Here are some exciting adventures...
The Spanish Royal Family
Apart from being one of the oldest in Europe, the royal family of Spain has enjoyed the support and loyalty of the Spanish people, since its foundation in the middle ages. Though scrutinizing the lives of the royalty was not looked...
Famous Spanish Women
Here is a brief information about some famous Spanish women who have carved a niche for themselves and are known globally for their achievements.
Famous Spanish Writers
Spanish is one of the popularly-spoken languages in the world and the official language of international organizations. This article lists some of the world-renowned Spanish writers.
Brief History of the Moors in Spain
Example of moorish architecture
Originally from the North African country of Morocco, the Moors were medieval Muslims who once ruled over areas that currently comprise Spain, Portugal, and Septimania. This Buzzle article provides a brief history of the Moors in...
Encomienda System: Historical Significance and Important Facts
Fact about encomienda system
The encomienda system played a major role in helping Spain expand its colonies in the New World. In spite of this, why was it a failure, and abolished in 1542? Buzzle tells you the significance of the encomienda system, along with...
Spain: Its Culture and Traditions
Culture of Spain
Spain is known to have a combination of historic beauty and modern thinking. The culture and tradition of this beautiful country is rich, colorful, and unique. The lifestyle of the people and the natural beauty attracts many...
Famous Places in Spain
Beautiful places in Spain
There are plenty of famous places in Spain that are visited by millions of tourists every year. For the enthusiastic newcomer, here is a list of interesting destinations in Spain.
Famous Spanish People
Famous Spanish people
Spain has a huge list of legends who excel in various fields and are recognized worldwide. Here is a tribute to all of them who did something or the other to enrich their country's present and future and happened to become famous.
Traditional Spanish Clothing
Traditional Spanish clothing
Today, when we mention the word fashion, the country that first comes to our mind is France. However, back in the 16th century, this honor actually belonged to Spain. Here, we'll take a look at traditional Spanish clothing, and why...
Top 10 Beaches in Spain
Beaches in Spain
If your idea for a perfect holiday includes lying in sand, soaking warm sunrays, and enjoying amazing water activities, then Spain is the place to be. One of the most beautiful European countries, Spain's beaches rank among the...
Spanish Flag: History, Meaning, and Important Facts
Symbolism of Spanish flag
The fifth-largest country in Europe, Spain has a varied geography and rich, colorful history. Buzzle provides interesting facts, history, and meaning associated with the flag of Spain.
Fun Things To Do in Spain
Things to do in Spain
Spain has a brilliant attractions for tourists, but if travelers know the best places to visit beforehand, then more time can be used in having fun. It is one country which not only follows traditions, but is slowly turning into a...
Interesting Facts About the Spanish Inquisition
Facts about Spanish Inquisition
The Spanish Inquisition was considered a dark chapter in human history, replete with stories of tyranny and death. In this Buzzle post, we take a look at some of the more interesting facts about the Spanish Inquisition.
How to Plan an Affordable Trip to Spain
Travel to Spain - money saving tip
Traveling to Spain on a budget requires a little bit of research, a pinch of tenacity, and an amazing grasp of the concept of substitution. Too confused? Well, Buzzle has laid out some handy tips for you.
The Incredible Human Pyramid Festival in Tarragona
Human pyramid festival of Tarragona
Concurs de Castell festival, or as it is popularly known as the Human Pyramid Festival, is held biannually in the city of Tarragona, Spain. Attracting thousands of tourists from all over the world, this festival is definitely a...
Flysch Rock Formation in Zumaia: Longest Continuous Rock Strata in the World
Flysch rock formation info
The town of Zumaia, a part of the Basque autonomous region, is popular for its spectacular flysch formation. Buzzle tells you more about this typical geological feature that lies in the north of Spain.
La Tomatina Festival: History and Interesting Facts
Fact about La Tomatina festival
The otherwise-sleepy town of Buñol wakes up on the last Wednesday of August each year to welcome the throngs of tourists who flock here for the La Tomatina festival. This Buzzle post brings you some rather interesting facts about...
Guide to Help You Plan Your First Trip to Spain
Tip to save money in Spain
A trip to Spain is exciting and truly memorable, especially because of its diversity. Here's a brief guide to help you plan your first trip to Spain.
How to Plan a Trip to Barcelona on a Budget
Trip to plan a budget trip to Barcelona
History, fashion, beauty, cuisine―Barcelona seems to have it all. And if you're looking to plan your next holiday in this gorgeous Spanish city, you've landed at the right Buzzle page.
Famous Spanish Actors
African-American, French, Australian, Irish ... each nation of the world has its elite group of celebrities and thespians. What about the Spanish? For a look at this European nation's top stars of the male gender, scroll below.
Fun Facts about Spain
Want to know some fun facts about Spain. Read on for some interesting trivia about Spain's culture, history, society, food and places.