It's official (well, kinda...). The 13th and final installment of the Sookie Stackhouse Series, titled Dead Ever After is due to release on 7th May 2013. Plus, according to Facebook posts on her official page, there might be a little extra something for all Sookie fans. Watch out!

Sookie Stackhouse is the protagonist of Charlaine Harris' Southern Vampires Mysteries novel series which is narrated in first person. It portrays her life as a barmaid in the town of Bon Temps, Louisiana. What sets her apart from other people is that she has a telepathic ability, which is not a surprise because she is surrounded by supernatural ('supes') people like vampires and fairies. She and her brother, Jason are the only Stackhouses left after their entire family dies. The series revolves around her life and her journey as she grows up. Like any normal young girl, Sookie goes through the agony of broken hearts and relationships too, relating her character with any young woman reading the book.

Reading Order
Dead Until Dark:This is the first book in the series. It is an introduction to the world of Sookie Stackhouse. It shows the co-existence of vampires, telepaths and shape shifters. Vampires have begun "coming out of their coffins" since the Japanese developed an artificial blood similar to vampire blood. In this book, Sookie escapes death twice, once saved by Bill Compton (vampire that she falls in love with) and once by Eric Northman, a vampire sheriff. Her grandmother, Adele is murdered in this book. Sookie also discovers that her boss Sam, is in reality, a shape shifter.
Living Dead in Dallas:This book is about Sookie's collaboration with the vampire community to find a lost companion in Dallas. She also comes face to face with 'The Fellowship of the Sun' which is the anti-vampire organization. It has everything from murder to sex parties, from betrayal to near death experiences.
Club Dead:In this book, the vampire queen of Louisiana, abducts Sookie's boyfriend, Bill, in relation with a secret mission that he's working on. With the help of a werewolf, Alcide Herveaux, Sookie finally discovers where Bill is. The vampire mistress has imprisoned Bill and repeatedly tortures him in an attempt to extract information about his mission. Sookie manages to rescue Bill and kill the Queen. Traumatic experiences for Sookie are the highlight of this book with her being attacked by werewolves and members of 'The Fellowship of the Sun'.
Dead to the World:In this book, Sookie's goes through emotional upheavals with her boyfriend going to Peru, Bill's boss-Eric Northman suffering from a bout of amnesia (during which Sookie finds herself drawn towards him) and her brother disappearing. Also a group of shapeshifters and witches has moved nearby, which is definitely not a good sign.
Dead as a Doornail:This book is an action-packed one. A sniper who detests anything that is non human is shooting them down. Sookie is on a quest to find out who the shooter is. But she has a load of distractions in the form of Alcide Herveaux - the werewolf who wants her to help him be the next werewolf leader as per his father's wishes. Major 'were-characters' die and get injured. Sookie cannot manage both, her bartending job and the search for the attacker, so Charles, a pirate, is sent by Eric to help Sam. He's the one who witnesses Sookie's house being burned down by Jeff Marriott.
Definitely Dead:This book is all about revelations. Sookie's ex-boyfriend Bill has kept a grave secret from her. Her cousin Hadley is murdered. Mind numbing information about Hadley also surfaces in this book. It's also about a fraudulent marriage that the vampire Queen of Louisiana, Sophie-Anne Leclerq, has with another powerful character. In addition, Sookie and her latest love, Quinn are abducted!
All Together Dead:Sookie has to attend an important vampire summit in which the queen, Sophie-Anne Leclerq is going to be tried for murdering her husband. Hurricane Katrina has weakened the queen's stronghold and some vampires want this to continue. Sookie finds out things about Quinn's past and becomes close with Eric.
From Dead to Worse:In this book, Sookie meets her great grandfather, Niall Brigant who is a fairy. What's more is that Quinn goes missing. Sookie is asked to help werewolves locate missing members of the pack. A devastating betrayal is the highlight of this book in which is another 'stackhouse' of revelations involving her brother, Jason and her entire family.
Dead and Gone:In this book, the were-creatures decide to reveal their existence to the ordinary world. All seems alright, but then Jason's pregnant wife (were-panther) is murdered, which makes Sookie think of it as the first of other atrocities that the were-creatures, who have revealed themselves will have to face. She is taken into the midst of a great battle by her great grandfather, Niall.
Dead in the Family:This is the next book in the series. It is about the main characters like Sookie, Eric and Bill discovering their family lineage. Sookie is recuperating from her last battle and people all around are having a hard time dealing with shape shifters. Bill is ailing, Eric (who Sookie finally settles down with) has a new 'brother' and Jason is getting his life back on track. But there some mysterious creatures still lurking around will not keep Sookie's life easy.
Dead Reckoning:There's a lot happening in the 11th installment of this series, that's for sure. Sookie breaks her blood bond with Eric (why? why? why?), who must wed the Queen of Oklahoma as per something that his maker had devised. Phew! Sookie's bar, Merlotte's gets bombed and needless to say, the shapeshifters are blamed for it.
Deadlocked:This book sees a lot of trouble between Sookie and Eric. He's framed for the murder of a were-woman that he was feeding on. Plus, she'll never have babies. She's also been given a gift by her grandmother. It entitles her to one wish. What should she use it for? Eric thinks he should use it save him (and by extension their relationship) from the queen he was signed over to (by his maker). So, does she use it for him? Read to know...