679 Songs with a Girl's Name in the Lyrics
Songs with a girl's name in the lyrics
Not every girl gets a lucky break to have a song title named after her. But over the years, we have witnessed countless songs with a girl's name in the lyrics. Buzzle pays tribute to those legendary songs.
Types of Songs
Types of songs
Sorting out the types of songs according to definite factors is really difficult, as they can be classified into many different and random categories. A song is a very, very important element in music, but is also one of the most...
10 Songs With Onomatopoeia in Them
Songs with onomatopoeia
A simple hum, a small tune that strikes your mind stays on your lips for that whole day. Working in solitude or doing something creative, whether to pass free time or to surprise someone special, music is there in everything and...
46 Famous Songs About Bullying
Songs about bullying
Bullying is any repeated act by an individual other than yourself that makes you feel less of yourself. Would you believe it if we told you artists like Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Taylor Swift, and many others were...
Best Slow Songs
Lyrics of I'm in Love by The Fourmost
The best slow songs help make a special occasion even more romantic and builds the intimacy between couples. The following article will cover a list of slow songs that will help you jam a romantic moment.
Relaxing Songs
There is definitely no dearth of songs for chilling out and soothing our frayed minds. While you may have a completely different take on the type of music you deem as relaxing, here are some songs that fit the bill.
Feel-good Songs
Feel good songs
Looking for some feel-good songs? Well my friend, this article is the best option. Check out all the songs here, and I am sure that whatever is bothering you, will be forgotten. Read on, rather, sing on!
Songs about Life
Songs about life
Life encompasses so many aspects, imagine then the kind of songs about life that we can amass. In this following article, we have tried to touch upon a few aspects of life via songs.
Easy Songs to Sing
Easy songs to sing
The ease of singing has a lot to so with the song you choose. It must lie within a certain range and style, for you to shine through with your performance.
Songs About Missing Someone
Songs about missing someone
Being far away from a loved one is always depressing, even more so in this cold air-kissed weather when one naturally seeks some warmth and love to keep the blues away. Read on to come across some of the best songs about missing...
Best Summer Songs
Best summer songs
The best summer songs ever become popular because of the memories that they bring along with their tunes. Summers are always fun and one of the most relaxing times of the year. The following article will help you with a long list...
Best Trance Songs
Best trance songs
Trance music can take you into a hallucinated effect. The music has the ability to transform your state of mind in many ways possible; it is addictive. The article has a compilation of such songs which will have an effect of taking...
Empowering Songs
When your spirits are low and you feel uninspired to do anything, then listening empowering songs might be the answer. Listening to such songs that will help you to drive away the blues and they will also boost your self-esteem.
Top Korean Songs
Do you want to expand your iPod playlist to include top Korean songs? Well here is a list of songs that you may find interesting for your purpose.
Popular French Songs
French songs on CD cover
French songs demand attention no matter where they are played. They are that good. If you've never had the chance to give them a listen up until now, I'd say you get down to it. You will love them.
Catchy Songs
List of catchy songs
Have you ever got a song stuck in your head that you can't get rid of? That's what happens when you listen to catchy songs on the radio. Here's an article dedicated to these songs for the music junkie inside of you...
Motivational Songs
Motivational songs
Inspirational or motivational songs come in handy when you are feeling a bit under the weather. There are so many popular songs which can also be played at the start of a group activity in order to synchronize the minds into an...
100 Best Songs about California
Best songs about California
California - one may recognize it as the land of flowing milk and honey, the place of beaches, palm springs, Hollywood, a potpourri of cultures, glitz, and glamor. This post lists out the best songs featuring the high and fun life...
Top 10 'Thank You' Songs
Top 'Thank You' songs
When words fall short while describing your innermost feelings of gratitude, you turn to the next best thing―music. We've brought you a compilation of the best 'thank you' songs to express exactly what's on your mind.
Best Father and Son Songs Ever
Best father and son songs
Call him superhero, role model, or the tough guy with a soft heart, fathers will always influence their sons in a huge way. Sons idolize their dads and the father-son bond is very special. This post shares similar feelings through...
Famous Opera Songs
Famous opera songs
It began with Jacopo Peri's lost 'Dafne' that was produced in Florence around 1597. Opera soon spread all over Europe like wild-fire. By the 18th century, it was the opera dominated Europe, becoming the biggest platform for the...
15 Good Pick Me Up Songs to Cheer You Up on a Bad Day
Songs to cheer you up on a bad day
Need something to console your soul after a bad day? Do not run for chocolate, for we have a better option! Buzzle gives you its pick of songs that can lift your spirits and scare your bad mood away.
10 Beautiful Songs About Sunshine
Songs about sunshine
Talking about the weather in a socially awkward situation has become the number one conversation starter. In addition to this, weather is also an oft-used theme in the music industry as well. If the cold dark winter reflects your...
40 Best Songs to Sing in an Audition
Best audition songs
Music is something that is innately personal. Your song should connect with the audience and the judges, and that would happen if you convey the emotion it stirs in you. We've enlisted some good songs to sing for an audition, go...
Songs About Growing Up
I believe I can fly lyrics
It's always a heavy experience to turn back and look at the way we grew up. With or without parents, with all our struggles, all our emotions and those special friends, no wonder people sing about it all the time.
148 Songs with the Word 'Heart' in their Title
Songs with the word 'heart' in their title
What comes to your mind when you think of the word 'heart'? Ah, now that sounded ironic. If you've just fallen in love, or met with a heartbreak, music can make you fall deeper, and it can as well heal your broken heart. Buzzle has...
Songs About Family
Song about family
Are you looking for some songs that talk about the importance of family life? If yes, here is a list of a few melodious songs which will not only evoke happy memories, but also help in strengthening the bond of love amongst your...
Duets for Girls
Duets for girls
Duets are a very beautiful way of singing a song as all you need to make the song interesting is the alto and the soprano. Two people singing in two exactly opposite pitches makes a unique blend of melody. And when two girls come...
10 Cute Songs about Brother and Sister Relationship
Songs about brother and sister relationship
Take a look at Ross and Monica's relationship in Friends; they are a perfect example of a brother and sister relationship. Although you can't share your clothes or makeup with your brother, you can certainly share some good time...
60 Good Songs to Dedicate to Your Sister
Songs to dedicate to your sister
There are times when you just can't stand her, and at times, just are thrilled to bits at the sight of her. But, there's some part of you that feels incredibly lucky and blessed to have her as an ally for life. Who else but a...
Top 78 Songs About Angels
Songs about angels
When all hopes are down and music's high, you hear that line, and it speaks from inside; you know your way, it resurrects your faith, and you know your angel's on its way. This Buzzle article brings to you a list of songs about...
100 Inspirational Songs about Having Hope for the Future
Inspirational song by Mariah Carey
Many believe that the perfect music in the morning can make your day. In case you are in need of an instant "pick me up", here's an article just for you. Below is a list, yes, a LIST of songs that you can choose from for...
Top 10 Songs about Revenge
Top songs about revenge
What inspires music making? Love! And it's close cousin, hate! Some of the best lyrics come out of pain and agony. Buzzle lists down the top 10 songs about revenge, both for men and women.
Greatest Dubstep Songs of All Time
Top dubstep songs of all time
Although dubstep has made a comeback, it has always been a relevant genre of music since its days of inception. Some legendary dubstep artists and their work continue to be milestones for current artists to seek inspiration from....
Duets for a Boy and Girl
Boy-girl duets are compositions set to be sung by two singers. This article lists some popular duets for a boy and girl to sing, either for competitions or karaokes.
Classic Italian Songs
From one of the most colorful lands, comes the music that talks of life, love, and more. Here's a list of the most famous music that comes from Italy, a place that celebrates it.
Duet Songs
Duet songs have always been a great way to bond with each other. It's quite an elegant way for a couple to shower each other with their love, and for friends to enjoy some camaraderie.
Best Metal Songs of All Time
Metal has now become an umbrella genre that includes many sub-categories like death, heavy, dirge, Gothic, glam, trash, drone, speed, etc. After including so many bands and songs, it is evident that metal is too huge to be narrowed...
Best Emo Songs
No one really knows where the term 'emo' came from. But after more than three decades of post-hardcore and punk rock, it doesn't matter. The genre has spread beyond just bands that rely on confessional poetry and spread to a lot...
Top Oldies Songs
Out of hundreds of latest chart-busters, every iPod sure contains some old song from the times gone by. Perhaps, it's not easy to let go of the music that built the standards of the way people understand euphony today. But then......
Top 100 Songs of All Time
Top songs of all time
Choosing the top 100 songs of all time from thousands of good songs is certainly one of the most difficult tasks. In this article, you will find the top 100 songs rated by Billboard...
Top Reggae Songs
The top reggae songs of all time would certainly help you understand more about this genre of music...
Best Funk Songs
James Brown, Kool & The Gang, The Isley Brothers, The Temptations; those were some good times indeed. Here's a look at how far funk has traveled after being created by James Brown in the 60s.
Worst Songs Ever
You like some songs and you hate some. This article consists of some of the worst songs ever written and recorded by artists...
Top Summer Songs
Summer has arrived and everyone is busy planning out ways to enjoy this season. Wherever you plan to party, you gotta get a great playlist with you. The kind of songs that set the party in the right mood.
Popular Songs
Popular songs
Looking for a collection of the most popular songs? Your search ends right here. Read the following article to find out about the songs of all time, that have created an impact on the listeners...
Top 10 Enrique Iglesias Songs
Which songs can be recorded as the top 10 Enrique Iglesias songs? It is really hard to pick ten options. This Spanish singer, with his mesmerizing voice, had captivated the hearts of millions and this article pays tribute to his...
Most Annoying Songs of All Time
Have you ever heard those songs which just tick you off? Here is a list of some of them that you could go through and see whether these annoy you as well.
Most Popular Songs
Music shares a special relationship with everyone. We have our favorites that have remained the same for years on end. Here's a list of most popular songs that have been a part of everyone's playlist at some point or the other.
Best '90s Songs
Looking back fondly in one of the favorite human activities, and many in the preset generation would agree with me that the 90s was the best time of their lives. One of the aspects that made this decade good was the music. Let's...
Inspirational Songs
When you need to overcome a difficult situation, music can be of great help. Get pumped up with the songs given in this article and understand life with its inspiring lyrics. Just have look.
Songs of 2010
The music of 2010 has been fabulous along with some very hummable lyrics. The following article will enlist some of the favorite songs of the year.
Famous Ballads
Faint light, phone switched off, a book in hand, and a playlist of the most famous ballads on your iPod. That's my idea of a perfect evening. Is yours the same? Update your playlist as I mention here almost all the famous ballad...
Uplifting Songs
Get some awesome uplifting songs in this article which will raise up your spirit. Keep reading...
Irish Drinking Songs
Irish drinking songs are cheerful and fun to listen and sing. If you are interested in creating a list of some of the greatest songs, then all that you need to do is to go through the following article...
Cheating Songs
Been cheated by the man/woman of your dreams? Need some songs to suit your mood? Here's a list of some of the famous songs meant for those who have been cheated in love.
Songs About Moving On
Music is a great healer. That's why, listening to songs can sometimes make it easier for us to let go of our hurts, and look at life with positivity again. Scroll down for some inspiring and motivating songs about moving on and...
Family Songs
Family songs can be played at various occasions like weddings, reunions, and birthdays, when the whole family gets together. Read this article to find some great songs to choose from...
List of Good Songs
Music is a passion to many. For most is it a medium to keep going. Millions of songs have been sung over the decades, and thousands made it big and struck a cord with the masses. Here are some good ones which you may have heard, or...
Top 100 Songs of the '90s
The 90s were a dull period for music in the opinion for some. Weird, considering that the following songs all came out in this decade. Read on for a compilation of some of the best songs to come out in the naughty nineties...
Best Songs of 2010
Compiling a list of songs in 2010 that created sensation amongst the listeners is a tedious task as the year saw the release of numerous music albums. Scroll down to more about the songs that topped music charts this year.
Best Theme Songs
Looking for the best theme songs? You've come to the right place―this article will list some of the best tunes that have secured their place in the musical hall of fame.
Songs With Meaningful Lyrics
Good lyrics have immense potential to touch your heart and take you into an absolute trance. The article below gives the names of a few beautiful songs with meaningful lyrics.
100 Greatest Songs of the 90's
Do you have any favorite 90's songs? Buzzle has put a compilation of 100 greatest songs of the 90's that promise to bring back sweet memories.
Great Songs To Listen To
Songs can be a great companion when you just want to be left alone, away from the whole world. Take a look at some such great songs mentioned just for you in the following article.
Top Songs of the 80s
The 1980s was a very good period for music due to the fact that many artists and rock bands introduced the world to new musical concepts and several hit songs. Here is a list of some of the top songs of the 80s, which will give you...
100 Greatest Songs of All Time
Thinking about the 100 greatest songs of all time seems like a tough job. We all have our favorite songs, sometimes the count could be in thousands. So let's try and fill some of those immortal words in this article.
Nostalgic Songs
Are you looking for some songs that will remind you of the good ol' days? If yes, you are at the right place, as this article lists out some wonderful numbers to make you go a little misty eyed.
Best Songs of the Decade
Many great RnB, rock, and electronic dance songs have been released in this decade. With this Buzzle post, we would love to pay a small tribute to some of the best songs of the decade we have had the privilege of being a part of.
Best Oldies Songs
Old songs are still adored and loved by many. The magic of old songs still leaves many of us in trance.
Ballads of the '80s
The 1980s was a time when a rock album without a power ballad seemed incomplete. This Buzzle article enlists some of the most famous ballads of the '80s. Take a look!
Best Reggae Songs of All Time
Reggae is a popular genre all over the world. Here's the choicest collection of some of the genre's biggest and most popular songs...
Best Songs of the '70s
Some of best musical genres came into existence in the '70s and this article is a compilation of some of the most popular, controversial and best songs of that decade.
Goodbye Songs
There is a song written for every emotion that a human heart feels. Some of these emotions make us happy and some overwhelm us with sadness. Waving a loved one goodbye is an extremely vulnerable moment and there some beautiful...
List of Meaningful Songs
There are some great songs that are, let me put it this way, legends. Soulful songs or numbers with meaningful lyrics are enjoyed by almost every generation. In this Buzzle post, there is a small list of meaningful songs which may...
Ballads of the 90s
Looking for some of the soulful ballads of the 90s that have a story to say? The following article will help you know some of the best narrative songs of those times.
Greatest Songs Ever
It can be tough picking out the greatest songs ever made, because they may differ as per your liking in music. Here is a list of rock songs that have been on top of the charts for the longest time.
Songs for Moms
Trying to prepare a surprise for your mom on her birthday, or just looking for the best-suited lyrics for Mothers' Day? Here are some songs dedicated to the insatiable love that mothers shower upon their children everyday.
Moving on Songs
Music was and always will be the best tool to get your emotions in order. Whether you're feeling down or up, angry or mellow, in or out of love, there's a song out there that's meant for you.
Bee Gees Songs
Bee Gees, the Gibb trio, rocked the music world for four decades with some incredible scores. This is a list of favorite Bee Gees songs, that is still 'Stayin' Alive' on many playlists around the world.
Best Songs of the 80s
The 80's heralded a new wave of music unheard of before. As the blues notes of their predecessors faded, the new generation at that time adopted styles that were very different from what people were used to.
Songs About Money
Green in all the words, the videos, and the shows. Green in their pockets and green in their songs. They have made it to the top and are literally singing about how great it is to be rich.
Road Trip Songs
The best way of passing time while taking a long road trip is to listen to some wonderful melodies. This article provides an amazing list of songs which people of all ages are bound to enjoy on their next excursion.
Best Songs of the '90s
The 1990s saw the release of a number of memorable songs. Presented here is a list of some of the best songs of that decade, in the genres of rock, rap, and hip hop. Have a look...
Greatest Songs of all Time
To be fair, it is kind of hard to say that a song outweighs all other songs from not only its own genre, but from the others as well. So to make the matter simple, I've made a list of the best songs out there in each of the four...
Songs About Cheating
Has your lover cheated on you? Well, music can help heal the heart, my friend. Listed below are some of the best songs that define infidelity.
It's More Than Just 'Let Me Call You Sweetheart'
There has been a move afoot to keep songs that were popular decades ago from becoming a dying breed. And how this is being accomplished is through the medium of barbershop singing.