Eris: The Dwarf Planet in the Solar System
Eris, the largest of the dwarf planets was officially identified in 2005, by Michael Brown and his team at the California Institute of Technology. The discovery of Eris erupted a series of controversies, that resulted in the...
Facts About Venus
Fact about Venus
The closest neighbor to Earth and known as the morning or evening star, Venus, is the second planet of our solar system. Here are some interesting facts about Venus, including its physical characteristics, atmosphere, and the human...
Interesting Facts About the Solar System
Pluto mass fact
The solar system is made up primarily of planets, dwarf planets, and asteroids orbiting the central star, the Sun. The various space probes launched by NASA have greatly enhanced our understanding about the solar system, and there...
How Was the Solar System Formed?
Solar system fact
The widely accepted theory about the formation of the solar system is the Nebular Hypothesis, which states that it was formed by the gravitational collapse of a massive giant cloud called the Solar Nebula.
Solar System Projects for Kids
Things needed to make a solar system model
If you are on the lookout for science fair project ideas, then opt for a solar system project that can introduce your child to the astronomical wonders of the universe.
Everything You Need to Know About the Dyson Sphere
Fact about the Dyson sphere
A Dyson sphere is a hypothetical megastructure proposed to harness as much power of a star as possible. Know more about the scientific flights of fancy as well as the practicalities of such a structure.
Is Nemesis the Second Sun in Our Solar System?
Fact about Nemesis in solar system
Several years ago, a scientific theory was propagated about the existence of an evil twin of the Sun which visited the Earth every 26 million years to cause widespread extinction through comets and impacts. Is this second sun...
How the Planets in Our Solar System Got Their Names
Names of planets in our solar system
The planets in our solar system are no less than a family! They have been named after Greek and Roman deities. This Buzzle article talks about how these nine astronomical entities got their names.
Meteorites Facts
Fact about meteorites
Messengers from outer space, meteorites are the rocks that survive the fiery descent through Earth's atmosphere. Here are some facts detailing the genesis, types, and history of these space rocks.
Amazing Facts about the Kuiper Belt
Distance of Kuiper Belt from Sun
The Kuiper belt is a region in the solar system that is located beyond the orbit of Neptune. Let us look at some fascinating facts about this belt.
Facts about the Solar System
Fact about planet Venus
The planet Mercury takes 88 Earth days to orbit the Sun while it takes Neptune 165 Earth years to do so. More such facts about the solar system coming your way in the article below. Keep reading.
Famous Meteorites
What are meteorites? How do they land on Earth? Which are some of the very famous meteorites in the world? Read on to find out.
Solar System's Twin Found
Astronomers have found a world far away from our world. Here's a look at the details of this fascinating discovery ...
17 Amazing Facts About the Oort Cloud
Fact about the Oort cloud
The Oort cloud is the outermost region of the solar system, beyond the Kuiper belt. It is believed to be the origin of all long-period comets, that have been observed by astronomers so far. In this article, we shall look at some...
How to Make a Solar System Mobile
A mobile is a fun craft to make and it also makes an interesting home d├ęcor item. To engage your kids in astronomy, there is nothing better than making a solar system mobile. They do not require too much effort and you can finish...
Meteor Showers
This article includes information about meteor showers, which are beautiful celestial events, in brief. Read on to know more...