Titration of Sulfuric Acid and Sodium Hydroxide
Titration of sulfuric acid and sodium hydroxide
One of the most basic experiments taught to everyone in school, the titration between an acid and a base helps us to calculate the concentration of a solution, whose volume is known. This Buzzle article provides you with a...
Sodium Hydroxide Hazards
Sodium hydroxide, one of the most toxic alkaline chemicals needs to be handled with safety. The hazards of this compound are many, and it can be lethal for the body.
Molar Mass of NaOH
This article computes the molar mass of sodium hydroxide for you, besides explaining all the basic analytical chemistry concepts involved.
Information About Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH)
Sodium hydroxide (NaOH), also known as caustic soda, or lye, is an important inorganic compound. This Buzzle article tells you how it is manufactured, its characteristics, and symptoms and effects of sodium hydroxide poisoning.
Difference Between Potassium Hydroxide and Sodium Hydroxide
Difference between potassium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide
Although potassium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide have almost similar properties, one cannot replace the other in certain applications. This Buzzle article describes the slight differences between these two compounds.
NaOH Molecular Weight
If you are looking for the molecular weight value of sodium hydroxide, this article will be a helpful read. Here, you will find its illustrated calculation.