How to Wax Skis
In order to keep your equipment in good condition, and improve your performance on the slopes, it's important to wax your skis. Read the Buzzle article to find out how to get the job done.
The Thrill and Excitement of Backcountry Skiing
With skiing becoming more popular and ski resorts getting packed with tourists, the appeal of backcountry skiing is surging. Let's see more on this...
Skiing Tips for Beginners
Skiing is a fun sport and a great way to spend time outdoors in the snow. For those of you who have just started trying this activity out, find some helpful tips here that will help you get started.
Important Things to Remember While Choosing Ski Blades
Things to remember while choosing ski blades
Ski blades are much more user-friendly than traditional skis, and at the same time, are a fun option to explore the snowy mountain terrain. We list a few important things to remember while choosing ski blades that are best suited...
Most Common Skiing Injuries
Skier's thumb - a common skiing injury
Improper conditioning of the body is one of the major factors contributing to skiing injuries. Similarly, lack of control over the body may also cause a serious injury to the skier. Buzzle offers you a gist of various types of...
Top 10 Places to Go Skiing in Europe
Skiing spot in Europe - Chamonix, France
The continent of Europe is nothing short of a haven for skiing enthusiasts. From Finland to Italy, and from snowboarding to tobogganing, this Buzzle post lists the best places to chill out in snow-capped Europe.
Essential Skiing Safety Guidelines
Skiing safety tip
Thrilling as it actually is, skiing promises a power-packed punch in a matter of minutes. However, these very thrills can lead to disastrous consequences if you don't pay heed to safety instructions. Buzzle lists some skiing safety...
Different Types of Skiing
Different types of skiing
Skiing is a form of a recreational sport that has grown popular over the decades. With the increasing popularity, newer styles and types of skiing are getting evolved day by day. Buzzle provides you information on the main as well...
A Guide for Buying the Right Skiing Goggles
Tip to buy skiing goggles
Apart from making the skier look really cool, goggles play a crucial role in protecting the eyes from cold air, tears, and reflecting light during bright conditions. Get updated on more such information through this skiing goggles...
10 Interesting Facts about Skiing
Skiing started 4000 years ago
How can the fascinating sport of skiing not have its own share of interesting facts? Here we bring to you the 10 most amazing ones, along with a few others. Take a look!
Freestyle Skiing Tricks
What do you do after you have learned the basics of freestyle skiing? You perform some more challenging freestyle skiing tricks. This article provides a list of tricks which every skier should learn to use.
Snow Blindness: Causes, Treatment, and Prevention Tips
Cause of snow blindness
Snow blindness is a condition which is caused by the UV rays reflection from the snow and ice. It is important to protect your eyes from snow blindness, especially during winters. This article will tell you about the causes,...
Difference Between Super-G and Downhill Alpine Skiing
Difference between Super-G and downhill alpine skiing
Skiing has many disciplines that defy the imagination with aerial flips and zigzag turns. The article focuses on two of the fastest events, Super-G and Downhill.
Best Places to Go Heli-skiing
Best places to go heli-skiing
Heli-skiing is a popular adventure sport, and is a more enjoyable and adventurous form of skiing. Read this Buzzle article to know more about some of the best places to go heli-skiing in the world.
Top 10 Places to Ski in the United States
Places to ski in the United States
Skiing as a recreational activity is hugely popular in the United States, and many facilities have earned a reputation as one of the world's best. Read on, to know more about such American skiing hotspots.
Best Ski Destinations in the World
Best ski destinations in the world
Skiing is one of the most popular hobbies and pastimes in the world. There are many who take their big annual vacations in the form of skiing holidays. For such devoted fans, here is a list of the best spots to indulge in this...
How to Find Cheap Ski Holiday Packages
Tip to find cheap ski holiday packages
With skiing being so expensive, you could be forgiven for assuming that a ski holiday could put an irreparable dent in your savings. Fear not, as this Buzzle article has some sparky tips to help you organize a ski vacation within...
How to Plan a Ski Trip to Colorado
Tip to plan a Colorado ski trip
Skiing is always fun for both experts as well as rookies, and Colorado is like heaven for skiing enthusiasts. Here's how you can plan your trip to America's best ever ski resort.
A Guide to Choose the Right Skis for Kids
Choosing the right skis for kids
There is nothing like the fun and exhilaration of skiing, and if you want to introduce your child to this exciting activity, then it is important to pick the right gear as well. Choosing the right ski ensures fun and safety for the...
Ski Gear Checklist: Things You Should Bring to Your Ski Trip
Things to carry on a ski trip
For adventure seekers, skiing is one sport that is second to none. But while the actual activity can be loads of fun, packing for the trip seems like drudgery. Buzzle brings you a fabulous ski gear checklist that will help you pack...
Best Skis for Beginners
As a beginner, if you are looking to buy a pair of skis that will help you learn skiing better, you just can't go and choose a brand that you heard of. Other important aspects need to be taken into consideration too. Keep reading,...
Skiing Tricks
For those who want to step up the level of skiing and do some more adventure, here are some skiing tricks that one can try out in midair. These tricks will definitely take your exuberance and skill to a totally different level.