Things that You can Use in Place of an Aftershave
Alternatives to aftershave
She was already beginning to feel a bit unsettled when he arrived with his manly allure and seeing her in that fettle fueled his macho. She clasped her flute when he inched toward her. Just when he said, "Hello", she...
Difference Between Aftershave Lotion and Balm
Difference between aftershave lotion and balm
On the topic of aftershave lotion vs balm, one thing is clear that the former being high in alcoholic content should not be used by people with dry skin. Whereas, aftershave balm is suitable for normal as well as dry skin as it...
Bellatorra's 48 Hour Magic for Healthy and Glowing Skin
Driven by a passion to promote good skin health, Bellatorra brings you 7 products containing nutritional formulations for damaged skin. The principal complex of every product, the Bellaspheres, ensures skin hydration, detoxification...
Aquaphor Uses and Side Effects
Aquaphor uses and side effects
Soothing dry skin is one of the most common uses of Aquaphor. It can also be effective to heal chapped skin, diaper rash, minor burns, and acne. This Buzzle article takes a closer look at the varied uses and possible side effects...
Uses and Benefits of Kojic Acid Soap
Benefits of Kojic acid soap
Kojic acid soap is an organic soap that helps in reducing dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Here we tell you about its uses, benefits, and side effects.
Uses and Side Effects of Ammonium Lactate Cream
Uses and side effects of ammonium lactate cream
If the itching sensation due to very dry skin is constantly annoying you, your doctor may suggest you to use ammonium lactate 12 cream, as it can provide relief from both the embarrassing appearance and symptoms. Read this Buzzle...
Ingredients in Aquaphor Healing Ointment
Aquaphor Healing Ointment ingredients
Eucerin, the parent company of Aquaphor Healing Ointment, is well-known for the medical skin care products it has been manufacturing over the years. In this article, Buzzle shall provide you with details regarding the ingredients...
Best Skin Care Product Reviews
To look beautiful, you should take care of your skin. Skin care product reviews give the required information about which product will suit your skin the most.
Best Soap for Men
No matter how potent you think a soap is, it will start to wear off; that too if the bath soap is of inferior quality. If you wish to find the right soap for you that can get the job done correctly, read the following article...
Natural Sponges Vs. Synthetic Sponges
This article will give an insight on the pros and cons of natural sponges and synthetic sponges. So, let us discuss the environmental issues, manufacturing process, effectiveness, and other important points related to these sponges.
Loofah Sponge
A loofah sponge, made from a fruit, is a popular accessory these days. Read on to know more about it...
Sulfur Soap
The use of soap bars or other skin care products that contain sulfur can prove beneficial for people affected by skin conditions caused by bacteria or fungi. This write-up provides information on such soaps.
Best Sensitive Skin Care Products
Sensitive skin is a common problem that annoys many people across the world. It becomes a hassle trying to understand which product suits this skin type the best.
Tips for Choosing Skin Care Products for African-Americans
Skin care products for African-Americans are formulated to particularly cater to the needs of their skin. This article helps with some tips, that might prove beneficial to select the right product.
Skin Care Products for Men
Skin care lotions and creams are the best way to refresh the skin and make it look better. They absorb the impurities, remove unwanted greasiness, and nourish the skin surface thoroughly.
Skin Care Products for Women
With a wide range of products for skin care, the choosing the best one always becomes a confusing task. Before you make your buy, make sure you know your skin type and what will suit it the best. Here are a few tips to help you out...