Presently, a large number of people all over the world are in a quest to achieve the 'perfect body' that they dream of. It is great to see people making an earnest attempt to improve their physique, as there are so many benefits that you can derive from regular exercise, but most of these people have a misconception that they will get better results, if they workout more. You should realize that optimum exercise coupled with balanced diet will fetch you good results, rather than excess training!

Every individual has a different capacity, hence it is nearly impossible to define a generic exercise limit, but each individual should know his limit, so that he can avoid harm to his body. No matter what your body type is, if you overtrain, you will have at least one of the symptoms mentioned below:

Lack of Interest
The excitement and enthusiasm that makes you look forward to your workout is not evanescent. A good exercise regime will always keep you pumped up. If you have noticed that lately you have been trying to avoid the gym, then it is a clear indication that you have been over exercising.

Performance Deterioration
There are certain weights that we are comfortable with, we move out of our comfort zone and experiment with heavier weights to improve our musculature. It is normal to struggle with the heavier weights, but if the weights that you considered comfortable begin to challenge you, it is time for you to draw the line. The drop in the performance is not restricted to strength training, it can also be considered with respect to endurance training.

Extreme Fatigue
Being tired after a heavy workout is not unusual, but generally, you tend to recover completely after a gap of 24 hours. If you experience fatigue for several days, then it is a symptom of overtraining. The excess workout coupled with lack of rest can damage your body to a great extent.

Elevated Heart Rate and Restlessness
If you observe that your heart rate is persistently elevated post workout (when you rest), then it is a matter of concern. It might be caused due to overtraining. People who push themselves too hard often experience a feeling of restlessness, which is usually accompanied by insomnia, abnormal appetite, mood swings, and inability to concentrate.

Note: A thorough medical checkup is recommended if your heart rate is not lowered even after sufficient rest.

Weakened Immune System
There is no doubt that a good exercise routine along with a nutritious diet will help you stay healthy, but if you workout more than your body can tolerate, and do not provide enough rest to it, your immunity might go for a toss, and you will be easily susceptible to cold and cough.

Pain in Joints
It is not rare to find people who workout religiously complain about the pain in their joints. Improper posture can be blamed for their ordeal, or they might be suffering due to overtraining. When you overtrain, you subject your joints to weights which they cannot handle, and this causes the pain in the joints.

The Psychological Effect
You should realize that you are overtraining if:
  • You prefer the working out over spending time with your family.
  • You feel guilty if you do not workout for a couple of hours a day.
  • You go to the gym even if you are very ill.
If you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above, then you should take a break from working out. Relax for a few days, and when you resume, you will find that your performance levels have increased considerably. Always remember, resting is as important as working out!