One of the worst pains that no one can endure is a toothache. Not only is it unbearable, it restricts movements and hampers daily activities. Right from kids to adults, it can affect anyone and at any time of the day or night. The main culprit for this is tooth decay, which may be caused due to improper brushing or an infection. Pain is a common symptom of this condition. Pain may be triggered when a food particle gets lodged in the tooth cavity or if the infection may have become intense. Other reasons may be improper dental care, eating too many sweets that may lead to caries, etc. All these factors may lead to tooth and gum problems, which can be quite painful and distressing. So, if you are wondering what to do to relieve yourself, then try these severe toothache relief remedies and see the effect they have yourself. You don't have to go hunting for these remedial measures, as they are available in every household.

Remedial Measures

Suffering from an intense pain in the tooth can be a very harrowing experience. It is not only unbearable, but it also hampers the daily routine. If the pain is too much, you can apply a hot or cold compress to the affected area, for a quick relief.
  • One of the best home remedies is chewing on clove. Chewing a clove on the affected tooth can be a pain reliever. The juice not only helps numb the pain, but also fights against bacterial infection. You can also massage clove oil for tooth pain and gums as well to ward off infection.
  • Another natural remedy is the use of garlic. Mash one or two cloves of garlic, and mix it with a pinch of rock salt. Apply this paste on the hurting tooth, and you will feel the pain subsiding in a matter of minutes. This is a popular and age-old cure.
  • Take a full glass of warm water, and dissolve a spoonful of salt. Swoosh this solution in the mouth for about ten minutes and spit it out. Repeat this process at least two or three times till the pain dies down completely.
  • Another effective home remedy is to chew fresh peppermint leaves. Hold the chewed leaves on the tooth to stem off pain.
  • Apple cider vinegar soaked in a cotton ball and held in place over the tooth is an excellent way to treat the pain. You can also use regular vinegar for this purpose.
  • Another method is a paste made from cayenne pepper, black pepper, rock salt, and water, which when applied on the sore tooth will surely relieve irritation.
  • For instant relief, chew a slice of freshly-cut onion. The onion juice will also destroy bacterial infestation.
  • Other remedies are tea tree oil, lemon extract, hydrogen peroxide, ginger root, peppermint extract, oil of oregano, etc. If you are using hydrogen peroxide, make sure you don't ingest it, as it may cause harm. Flush the mouth thoroughly after swooshing with this chemical.
  • There are also several over the counter medicines, like acetaminophen, to help relieve the problem. You can also visit a dentist who may prescribe painkillers and other medications to treat this condition.
Always make an appointment with your dentist when you begin to experience a mild pain so that treatment can be administered before it becomes worse. Following a proper dental care regimen will keep tooth and gum problems at bay. Take care!

Disclaimer: This Buzzle article is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.