10 Life Lessons Everyone Learns The Hard Way
Life lessons we learn the hard way
No matter how much we try to be intellectual, life has its own ways of teaching us the valuable lessons. Though initially we are hurt and devastated, we eventually learn from those experiences, and mature. We understand that life...
How to be Emotionally Independent
Humans are born as social beings and being emotionally dependent on our near and dear ones, comes as second nature to us. In fact, the whole idea of being a family is based on the belief that we must be there for each other, no...
How Not to Take Things Personally
Do you take things personally? Do you think that fingers are pointing at you all the time? If yes, then always remember that, there are three versions of every story; first is yours, second is someone else's and third is the...
How to Overcome Your Childhood Insecurities
Some childhood incidents can haunt you even when you have become an adult. The emotional impact produced by these incidents is so deep that they make us feel insecure. If you are troubled by any such events and are searching for...
The Art of Saying No Respectfully
Requests for your time will come in all the time, and you are not alone, a lot of people fall prey to this kind of dilemma. However, to stay productive, minimize stress, and yet not hurt the feelings of the person who asked for help...
How to Stay Focused
Keeping a high level of focus and follow through is hard for most people. After all, it's only human nature to be drawn to distractions that are more entertaining, and soon one forgets why one was working in the first place.
Learning to Love Yourself
Here are few thoughts on how you can start learning to love yourself. The process can be an entirely different experience for different people. The techniques on how to start loving yourself more or less remain the same, universally.
How to Love Yourself
The secret to living a happy and content life is to know how to love yourself. Once that secret is unraveled, there's no stopping you. Join us on this beautiful journey where, on crossing each milestone, we get one step closer to...
How to Become Smarter
Everyone of us has a certain amount of genius present within us. This intellect can be harnessed if we realize our true aptitude and sharpen a specific skills set.
How to Be Charismatic
Inculcate these five simple tips in your life to change your personality to that of a charismatic individual.
Stop Hurting Yourself: Learning to Get Over Offense
Some people are more easily offended than others. You can learn how to let go of offense and free yourself from unnecessary pain.
How to Be Lucky
Many of you must be searching for ways on how to be lucky. Read the article to get the real understanding on how to attract luck your way.
How To Enjoy Life More
If you want to enjoy life more, you need to keep things in perspective. It is not only about living in the moment, but accepting the past, and looking forward to the future.
Self-improvement Plan
If you are wondering how to develop a personal self-improvement plan, you first need to determine your personal and professional goals, and then find out the steps which will help you achieve them.
Self Improvement Tips
Some time-tested and universally applicable self improvement tips have been mentioned in this article. Since you're reading this article, it shows your genuine desire for self improvement. All you need is determination and the will...
How To Be Perfectly Imperfect
Some people are never satisfied with themselves or others. However, there is no need to suffer constant disappointment, because of perfectionism. Learn how to be perfectly imperfect by embracing your faults and those of others, and...
How to Improve Yourself as a Person
Self-improvement does not take place in a flash. It requires a change in attitude, willingness and capability to face problems, and setting goals to arrive at definite solutions. Read on to know how you can inculcate positive...
Healing the Wounds of Rejection
I don't know if there's any human out there who has never felt rejection. Most of the people I meet every day have their own wounds caused by the negative responses received from others, and often times they don't even know where...
Five Ways to Keep Your Hopes Alive Through Tough Times
The world might suck now, but it's not going to end! Hope is a very important quality that can help you get through the toughest times in your life. In this article, we tell you five ways to keep your hopes alive, when all else...
Defense Mechanisms of Rejection
We are all trying to survive, aren't we? How do we cope with rejection? The following article provides information about the defense mechanisms, which we build around ourselves, consciously or unconsciously.
Ways to Learn to Love Yourself
Learning to love oneself isn't an easy task, but it isn't impossible, either. With the right attitude you can change the way you think, react, and look at yourself. The tips in this article help you develop that attitude, the right...
Self-improvement: It's Just the Way You Look
People shouldn't judge you by the way you look; however, you should still care about your appearance. An important part of self-improvement is presenting yourself to others in a better way.
What is the Sedona Method?
A proven solution to all the problems and miseries in life-The Sedona method. Have a look...
Do What's Right Because it's the Right Thing to Do
Doing what's right is linked directly to self-governance. We need to relearn what that means.
The Image of Success
Is the current image of success a true reflection of our society? Keep reading the following Buzzle write up to know more...
Life Lessons Taught by a Teacher
Life lessons from teachers
As a potter molds a lump of clay into a vessel, similarly, a teacher is responsible for guiding students by inculcating values that make them, not only good students, but also ideal individuals. Life lessons taught by teachers make...
Why Complaining is Bad for Your Health
Complaining is bad for you
Though it is alright to complain occasionally, one must not let it become a habit. This Buzzle post points out some of the ill-effects of complaining on one's health.
Important Basic Life Skills Everyone Should Know
Basic Life Skills
Learning basic life skills is crucial if you are looking to be independent anytime soon. Buzzle enlists most of the important basic skills that you should know to avoid dependency on others for minor things.
How to Deal with Mediocrity
Tip to deal with mediocrity
All of us, at some point, have been guilty of slacking off at the expense of others. Under-achieving. Goofing off. Settling. Its actual name is mediocrity, and this Buzzle post tells you how to deal with it.
Things Unhappy People Have in Common
Traits of unhappy people
At some point or the other in our lives, we have all been miserable, depressed, and unhappy. That is quite normal. But being unhappy all the time is a cause for concern. Here, you will find ten different things that unhappy people...
Things You Should Not Take for Granted
Things we should not take for granted
Be grateful, do not take things for granted, everything around us is a blessing―these are things we all have heard a zillion times. However, do we realize that in spite of being so "philosophically aware", we,...
How to Deal with Competitive Friends
Dealing with competitive friends
Agreed that competition is healthy; however, competition for the sake of competition always ends up in ruining relationships. We'll give you helpful tips on how to deal with competitive friends, suggestions on how you can improve...
How to Mind Your Own Business
Shortest women conversation
Minding your business comes with a lot of humbleness and respect for others and again not everyone does that. So, let's learn together how to mind our own business and stop poking our nose everywhere.
How to Stop Being Shy
How to stop being shy
If you think you are unable to enjoy the good things in life just because you are shy, it's time to get rid of it and set yourself free. Shed your inhibitions, and let loose!
Why and How to Stop Being Too Nice
If you are the kind of person who just can't say 'no' to people and end up being too nice to them, then this post could be your savior! Learn why being too nice to people is a bad idea, and how to stop doing it.
How to Find Yourself
How to find yourself
Do you often feel lost? Do you think you are living somebody else's life? If yes, discover ways to find yourself by going through these easy to understand pointers on how to deal with everyday life.
Flee From Your Comfort Zone
If you're tired of your life, you're in need of a rut-buster. Purposely doing things that make you uncomfortable teaches you more about yourself than any self-help book. Find out what you're made of, test your boundaries, and trade...
How to Stop Caring What Other People Think of You
How to stop caring what other people think of you
Are you losing your mind and sleep worrying over what other people think of you? Giving too much importance to the opinions held by others can cause problems in your emotional and physical well-being. Buzzle will tell you how to...
How to Change your Attitude Towards People
Francesca Reigler on Happiness
The great Winston Churchill once said, "Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference". Life has never been kind, but if we really want to enjoy it, it can only be possible with a positive attitude. It may seem...
Life Lessons You Wish You Knew in Your Teenage Years
Life lessons you wish you knew in your teenage years
Have you ever looked back and thought, 'I wish I had known this when I was younger, and my life would have probably turned out so different'? I have. Multiple times. Thoughts like these almost always give rise to a list, which is...
How to Stop Being Taken for Granted by Someone
Tips to stop being taken for granted by someone
If you are a soft-spoken, people-pleasing person who is gullible to other people's sob stories, and are forever burdened with your work as well as others' work, chances are that you are being taken for granted.
7 Things That Are Easy To Say But Hard To Follow
Things that are easy to say but hard to follow
The human species is a generous species, and if we want to have a lucid demonstration of this magnanimity, then try asking any earthling for an advice. It is often unsolicited and uncalled-for because more than half of the things...
How to Start Living in the Moment
Tips to start living in the moment
Very often, we find ourselves in the midst of troubles and heartaches. This is because of the fact that we cannot stop thinking about our past and worrying about our future. Buzzle helps you with some easy tips telling you how to...
20 Ways to Live Your Life Without Regrets
Face your fears - way to live life without regrets
Life is too short to cling to the past. Moreover, every moment is precious, and before time slips away from our hands, we all should live a fulfilling life, true to ourselves. There are many possible ways to live your life without...
9 Signs That Prove You Love Yourself the Most
Sign that proves you love yourself
What does one expect after all in life? A little appreciation and a few kind words. So why wait for the world to give it to you? You start appreciating yourself, and the world will follow. See if you identify with these nine signs...
Tips to Bounce Back from a Bad First Impression
Tip to bounce back from a bad first impression
Unfavorable first impressions can be turned into favorable ones provided you take efforts in that direction. Though it seems unachievable, consistent strategic actions can turn a bad impression into a good one. Buzzle will give you...
Simple Tips to Bring More Laughter in Your Life
Simple way to bring more laughter in life
It is universally acclaimed that laughter is the best medicine. We present to you a compilation of some very simple ways to bring more laughter in your life to help you stay healthy and happy.
How Gratitude Leads to Happiness
Joseph Krutch quote on gratitude and happiness
Gratitude is wonderful form of depicting appreciation and acknowledgment. Of course, it is easier to preach than practice. Research however, does indicate that gratitude makes people happier. The 'attitude of gratitude', as experts...
Reawaken Your Spirit
Stop trudging your way from waking to sleeping. A few simple adjustments can help you find the joy in your life again, no self-help seminars required.
Finding Gratitude
Lift yourself out of your self-pity rut and appreciate the joy all around you.
Reasons Why Curiosity Can Make You Smarter
Curiosity made the cat smarter
There's an age-old saying that 'curiosity killed the cat'. We, however, are here to tell you that, in fact, it made the cat smarter! But how? Read this Buzzle article to find out.
How to Deal with Disappointment
Tip to deal with disappointment
The following Buzzle article takes you through the process of dealing with disappointment. If there ever has been a time when you have been disappointed, a read through this will do you plenty good.
Stupid Arguments You Use When You Know You Are Wrong
Silly arguments you use when you are wrong
"Yeah right! I'm totally screwed, and I need something worthwhile to cover it up." Does this happen with you? This Buzzle post has compiled senseless arguments that we use just to prove ourselves right, knowing that we're...
How Talking to Yourself Can Help You
Benefits of self-talk
Talking to yourself can help release painful feelings, lower stress, as well as boost concentration and memory. The following Buzzle article elaborates more on the benefits of talking to yourself.
How to Overcome the Fear of Missing Out
Tips to overcome the fear of missing out
How many times did you miss out a movie with friends, family gathering, vacation or midnight drive? And does it bother you that others had fun and not you? If the answer is yes, then you are gripped by the fear of missing out. FOMO...
16 Things You Should Never Apologize For
Thing you should never apologize for
Nobody is perfect, everybody is bound to make mistakes and later apologize for it, because they regret their actions or words. However, there are times where an apology is not necessary, but we do it because we value other people's...
Why You Should Not Compare Yourself to Others
Max Ehrmann on comparison with others
Comparing ourselves with others creates a fake sense of being, and curbs our uniqueness and individuality. There are numerous other reasons why constant comparisons with others is a bad idea.
Effective Tips to Say Goodbye to Your Emotional Baggage
Tips for saying goodbye to your emotional baggage
There are times when the unresolved negative feelings that we harbor from our past relationships destroy our chances of having healthy relationships in the future. Buzzle provides some effective tips to say goodbye to your...
20 Annoying Things 20-Somethings Need to Stop Doing
With freedom comes responsibility
If you thought the troubled teens were difficult, you definitely underestimated the woes of being in your twenties. Not only do you realize that the world is a harsh and unfair place to be in, but also that you're supposed to act...
10 Ways to Make People Like You at Work
Ways to make people like you at work
We spend one-third of our lives at work. So, office is like our second home, and colleagues our second family. Your co-workers need not be your best buddies, but you do need to have a cordial relationship with them.
6 Rules of Self-discipline
Self-discipline is a path to self-improvement
In the animated series Avatar, the protagonist is trying to master the skill of harnessing fire, and asks a master for guidance. The master remarks, "To master the bending disciplines, you must first master discipline...
How to Find Your Passion
Follow your passion
How can you find your passion in life? How can you discover that one thing, which gives meaning and purpose to it? Here, we will give you some hints on how to discover and nurture it.
How to Become a Better Person
William Arthur Ward on being a good person
Humans are bound to commit mistakes and if realized soon, then there is always a room for improvement. Changes are inevitable and are always invited, if done for the betterment. If you are looking to be a better person, then here...
Advantages of Living Simple
Living simple is an individualistic choice and it can bring many changes to your life. There are advantages of living simple and there are also some imisconceptions associated with it.
The Recipe to Healthy Living ~ Love Yourself!
Jean Shinoda Bolen on loving yourself
This is an effort to document a very significant episode of my life which changed me in a few ways, but more importantly, it gave me the fondest memory that I look back at during what poets call the "dark hours". However,...
Overcoming Adversity
Overcoming adversity builds character and character in turn builds hope. It is important to not allow our troubles to overwhelm and drown us. No matter how fierce the storm is, by God's strength we can rise above the storm. Read...
Feeling Lost?
Setting priorities in your life and learning how to honestly categorize the challenges you face can help you reclaim your sense of self.
How to Be Charming
When an individual, man or woman, possesses an attractive personality, he/she can be considered as charming. In this Buzzle post, we will be discussing some essential points on how your natural charm can be developed.
Why You Should Spend Some Time Alone
Spend time alone to rediscover yourself
We fear loneliness the most in life. We surround ourselves with people all the time, some of them matter, while others are just distractions. Why are we afraid to be on our own? Because spending time alone can be equally liberating...
Fortify Your Sense of Self
You are probably much more interesting than you think. List your own attributes (all of them) and look at it from the perspective of a stranger to fall in love with yourself all over again.
How to Be Popular
Want to know how to be a popular guy? Here are some great tips on how to be popular in elementary school, college, at work, anywhere!
How to Cure Loneliness
Loneliness is a part and parcel of growing up. However, if it is left untreated it can take a nasty turn to depression and anger. Here is how you can cure loneliness in an obvious and a constructive way.
How to Fight Loneliness
Loneliness is always waiting by the door, to trap you at the slightest chance you give it. So, if you are battling with loneliness, here's your answer.
To Act or to React
Friend, parent, employer, employee, brother, sister, student, etc., are the many roles played by a human being continuously. To act according to these roles is a sure shot way to success, and to react or contradict... will make us...