Being a teen is not easy. It gets complicated to a point where you need to unveil your rebellious side and take it out on your parents, and do things that wouldn't qualify as moral. There comes a time in one's life where you have to deal with a set of raging hormones, where parents during this time more than anyone, have to put up with their kids' behavior.

As teenagers, it is important to understand that, yes, growing up is tough, not being understood is vexing and not being heard or listened to can ignite emotions of hatred and anger. I know what it was like to say hurtful things and do things my way. I know how it can be quite lonesome to be the only one who can understand your actions. I've done my share of horrible deeds, fallen into trouble and pretty much been there, done that.

Anxiety and the stress of being a teenager can take over a lot of kids today. Try and concentrate on the good in your life without drawing attention only to what is bad. Reading self-help books will give you a perspective on different areas in your life that you need to deal with practically, in the right frame of mind. It gives you a beacon of light to take your teen years one step at a time, and find the good in life while discarding the bad. Find out here on which books can help you manage your troubles most, and also indulge your mind in the act of reading which at this age is truly important.

Top Self-help Books for Teens

These books should give you an idea on what's making it big on the self-help books chart. Their messages are crisp and to the point, with great insights from those who've written them.

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz
Don Miguel Ruiz (a shaman and healer) has been able to capture simple, yet deep wisdom from the Toltecs, his ancestors. He believes in four strong truths - one shouldn't assume anything in a given situation, not take anything personally from those who pass judgment, being honest and keeping your word, and lastly, doing your best in all that you pursue. When you overcome the negative offerings of life, then truly can you live a life that is more free than trapped.

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
This old-time classic has still been making waves among those who want to know how to communicate with people, and make friends. The simple centered concept of this book is to get people to talk more about themselves, remain interested in what they have to say and get them to feel the same about you. Another area touched upon is how we have our own insecurities, where if we know how to overcome these, can we truly open ourselves up to those around us.

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne
This book kept me captivated from start to finish, cover to cover, one page to the next. It tells you of how if you truly believe in something you desire, that it is attainable through being positive, and grateful for what you already have. It takes you through interesting theories of how the mind is a powerful tool, and how the universe conspires to what you want seeing that we are somehow in some way connected. An interesting read to make you look at life in a less cynical manner, while also making the most of a power you don't know you possess.

Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul
This book is a compilation of true stories as told by teenagers or those who've come into contact with them. They narrate beautiful incidents on love, pain, understanding, friendship and more, where relating to these mini stories is what will keep readers intrigued. They also feature poems, and cartoon sketches that are fun to stumble upon every few pages.

Great Self-help Books for Teen Girls

These books can help teenage girls get through a lot of problematic times in their lives, where they can serve as a way of helping them cope with adolescence.

Book TitlesAuthor
Seventeen: Trauma-ramaby Megan Stine
Laid or Loved?by Jennifer Austin Leigh
Be True to Yourself: A Daily Guide for Teenage Girlsby Shannon Berning and Amanda Ford
He's Not All That!by Dr. Gilda Carle
Born Beautiful: The African American Teenager's Complete Beauty Guideby Alfred Fornay
Stay Strong: Simple Life Lessons for Teensby Terrie Williams
Break Up Girl to the Rescueby Lynn Harris
Queen Bees and Wannabesby Rosalind Wiseman
GirlWise: How to Be Confident, Capable, Cool, and in Controlby Julie DeVillers
A Smart Girl's Guide to Friendship Troublesby Patti Kelley Criswell and Angela Martini
Stand Up for Yourself and Your Friendsby Angela Martini
Have You Filled a Bucket Today: A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kidsby David Messing and Carol McCloud
Rich Dad, Poor Dadby Robert T. Kiyosaki
Don't Sweat the Small Stuff For Teensby Richard Carlson
Help Yourself for Teens: Real-Life Advice for Real-Life Challengesby Dave Pelzer
The Teen's Guide to World Domination: Advice on Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Awesomenessby Josh Shipp
What Do You Really Want?: How to Set a Goal and Go for It!by Beverly K. Bachel
You Are Not Alone: Seeing Your Struggles Through the Eyes of Godby Shirley Perich

These self-help books will prove to be quite aiding when it comes to dealing with different aspects of a teenager's life. Be sure to look these up in your local library or on online where it can be delivered to your doorstep.