Self-defense is an act of protecting oneself from an assailant. In an age where crime is increasing at an alarming rate, it becomes essential to learn self-defense techniques for one's safety. Crimes such as murder, robbery and sexual assault are on the rise. An average person finds it to difficult to deal with thugs and hardened criminals. However, people armed with these self-defense tactics can escape unscratched from dangerous situations. Keep in mind, danger strikes suddenly, without any prior warning and so knowing about self-defense mechanism is definitely an added advantage. Keeping a self-defense weapon in the purse can also be helpful to thwart an attack.
Run: Running (if possible) from the situation that has put you in danger can surely benefit you to stop the assault. Simply run away as fast as you can until you reach a place where you feel safe and secure.
Groin Kick: A groin kick can cause serious damage to the assailant. Instead of thinking what martial arts technique to use in order to combat the attack, simply kick the groin multiple times, and this will bring the attacker to a standstill. A groin kick is capable enough to put a full stop on the aggression of an assailant. A groin kick is a good option to protect oneself from any assailant. Fighting with an attacker is a close quarter combat, which can always be won with this self-defense technique.
Knee Kick: An adversary can also be managed and make the attacker helpless with a knee kick. Hitting the assailant's knee is a unique way to respond to an assault. A powerful sidekick to the knee will injure the kneecap considerably and bring the assailant down on his knees.
Eye Gouge: In this self-defense tactics, one has to press the thumb or fingers against the assailant's eyes. Eye pressing with fingers causes tremendous eye pain and leads to blurred vision. The eyes being one of the most delicate organs, an eye gauge strike is similar to delivering a punch to the opponent. As it causes blurred vision, one can take advantage of this situation by giving severe blows on the attacker's stomach and face to end the violent attack. Eye gouging is considered to be one of the best unarmed women self-defending action that strikes the eye at great impact, and even causes vision loss for a temporary period of time.
Neck Punch: Punching is an effective weapon to foil an attacker's attempt to harm you. A neck punch is a brutal way to knock out the attacker. A hard punch on the neck can disable the assailant immediately and leave him yelling with pain. This is because a severe blow that strikes the neck halts the flow of blood causing the opponent to faint.
Throat Punch: This technique of self-defense targets the throat to hurt the assailant. A powerful strike (chisel fist) on the throat can disrupt the breathing process and may even kill the opponent.
Cupped Hands: For self-protection, the cupped hand strike is indeed beneficial as it can force the assailant to pull back. The impact is similar to a tight slap. In this technique, the hand is cupped (curvature in the hand). Also referred as 'ear concussive blow', or 'boxing the ears', here one has to strike the ear to damage the eardrum severely. Most people are unable to bear the excruciating pain associated with a ear concussive blow, thus giving you sufficient time to escape from the situation.
Elbow Strike: In order to enhance your personal safety, you need to know one more self-defense move, known as the elbow strike. In case the attacker is behind, holding you, simply raise the elbow and move it behind with full force to hit the assailant. An elbow strike can be quite devastating, and will force the attacker to leave you immediately.
Palm Heel Strike: In order to perform a palm heel strike, you need to hit the aggressor on his vital body parts (groin) with the bottom part of your palm. This powerful strike will push the assailant away from you. When executed properly, this self-defense move can cause a great amount of damage to the attacker.
Remember, no spiderman or superman (as shown in movies) will come to save you from people with malicious intentions. Instead, defending oneself with these techniques would be the best possible way to rescue yourself from the clutches of these heartless attackers.