Yellow Sapphire Rings
Are you looking for an engagement ring with a difference? Then opt for one from the collection of yellow sapphire rings which have become very popular and are the latest fad in town.
Yellow Sapphire Engagement Rings
Yellow sapphire engagement rings are becoming the choice of people due to their beauty and charisma.
Key Differences Between White Sapphire and Diamond
Difference between white sapphire and diamond
Diamond and white sapphire are two of the most prized gemstones in the market. They resemble each other to such an extent that it is hard to tell the difference, unless observed closely. We shall check out the main differences...
Sapphire - The September Birthstone
Fact about sapphire
Sapphire is a favorite all over the world, on account of its availability in vivid colors and its versatility. It is a traditional as well as modern birthstone of September. It is also the birthstone of Virgo, the sixth zodiac...
Pukhraj Stone Benefits
Symbolism of pukhraj
There are several benefits of precious stones, believed to possess spiritual significance. The pukhraj (yellow sapphire) is one such gemstone which is believed to bring about mental and physical harmony for the wearer.
Information about Yellow Sapphire
Also known as Pukhraj in India, Yellow Sapphire is a colored precious gemstone well-known for its many astrological benefits. Here is a Buzzle article that gives you all the information about this stone.
Yellow Sapphire Meaning
The yellow sapphire, one of the most precious stones bears great meaning and can have a deep impact on our life. This article gives the meaning and significance of this valuable gemstone.