Rose Water for Hair
Every woman dreams of having healthy, strong, and beautiful hair. Rose water is a nature's gift, which can make this dream come true. Read on to know how rose water can help promote hair growth.
Rose Water Uses
There are various uses of rose water that are mostly associated with cosmetics and skin care products. This article provides some valuable information on the uses of the same.
How to Make Rose Water
The benefits of using rose water is well-known. This Buzzle article will teach you how to make it at home.
Glycerin and Rosewater
Glycerin and rosewater for skin
Glycerin and rosewater benefits range from revitalizing the skin, bringing back its lost sheen, giving it a soft texture to rejuvenating aging skin, etc.
Rose Water for Face
How to use rose water on face
The benefits of using rose water for the face as a natural toner and astringent are highly appreciated. You can use rose water alone or in conjunction with other ingredients to have a glowing skin.
Rose Water Benefits
Benefits of rose water
Rose. The quintessential flower of romances, a gardener's delight... a respite to our sight. A rose is a rose... is a rose. Right? Wrong. A rose is a rose, yes... but it's definitely not just a rose. Not only is it a flower known...
Rose Water for Acne
Rose water for acne
We all go through a phase of breakouts on our skin. No one really gets used to the agony of dealing with them. Sadly, if these go untreated, they leave behind indelible scars, hampering your self-confidence. However, there is a...
Sandalwood Paste and Rose Water
Sandalwood paste and rose water are a superb combination to maintain healthy, glowing skin. When the qualities of these two natural products come together they treat pimples, acne scars and leave the skin germ-free! Read on to know...