Facts about Reptiles
Fact about reptiles
What's common to snakes, alligators, tuataras and lizards? They are reptiles. Did you know that reptiles are among the oldest animal species on earth? For more such interesting facts about reptiles, read on.
Types of Reptiles
Crocodiles, alligators, snakes, lizards, turtles ... There is no dearth of reptiles on the planet. These reptiles are grouped into four types, namely Crocodilians, Squamates, Testudines, and Rhynchocephalians.
Reptile Terrariums
Reptile terrariums can be made, but one needs adequate knowledge about the habitat of the species they have as a pet. Here is more information about the subject.
Endangered Reptiles
Besides those that we've already lost, numerous other species of animals and birds are on the verge of extinction due to human activities like poaching, deforestation, etc. Reptiles are also facing the same fate. Here's more...
Characteristics of Reptiles Explained with Pictures
Characteristics of reptiles
What is common between snakes and turtles? How are they related to lizards and crocodiles? In fact, all these animals are classified as reptiles. Though they do not look similar, there are some basic characteristics that are shared...
Features that Birds Share with Reptiles
Features common between birds and reptiles
Who would have imagined the high flying bird and the sunbathing reptile to have a common ancestor? This article sheds light on the characteristics that these two distinctly different creatures share.
Amphibians vs Reptiles
Cold-blooded amphibians and reptiles are commonly found in almost every city, living in a multitude of habitats. Though their ancestry stems from a common point, there are many differences that can be easily spotted.