Relationships After Divorce
Divorce, oddly in the dictionary, it comes before marriage. Funny, and cheesy! But let's get down to what happens to relationships after divorce. How does one maintain them? Read to know.
Signs and Stages of Twin Flame Reunion
Feature of a twin soul reunion
How does it feel to meet the person who you thought of all this while? What is to transpire between the two of you? Find out how the bond of twin flames are tempered into togetherness by their own actions and reactions.
Choosing the Right Partner for a Lasting Relationship
Quote about a lasting relationship
When it comes to choosing a life partner, you should make a proper and informed decision. Whether a person is right for you or not is undoubtedly one of the most important decisions of your life, since your future depends on it.
How to Tell if a Girl Likes You
How to tell that a girl likes you
The word 'like' gets confused for two reasons - where a girl 'likes' you as a friend and two, if she 'likes' you in a way that means more. Knowing how to decipher the subcategories of the same emotion will help you sleep better at...
Relationship Advice for Teenagers
This article deals with relationship advice for teenagers with a view to help you on how to make it work when things get rough. It isn't easy to balance one's life in a form that is convenient and functional while juggling the...
How to Fix a Huge Argument and Save a Dying Relationship
The chemistry is missing. In the ship of your relation, you both are no longer the sailors, it is just moving with the wind. You cannot trust the wind, it doesn't know the right direction. Only the sailors of the ship can guide it...
Interesting Facts about Men and Relationships
Men understand everything about a relationship. Surprised? Men and relationships are indeed a topic full of surprises. Men really do understand everything but they might not show it. They are more sensitive than most women in many...
How to Apologize and Make Up with Your Wife After a Fight
You had a fight with your significant other and now want to say sorry. This article will help you make up with your wife in an effective way.
How to Deal With Uncertainty in a Relationship
With patience, understanding and a positive approach, one can deal with uncertainty in a relationship. A change in perspective with effective communication can reconstruct your relationship in no time! The key to dealing with...
How to Make Up with Your Partner After a Big Fight
Why is apologizing so darn difficult? And more difficult when it comes to our partner. Right? Well, here is article on 'how to make up with your partner after a big fight', to reignite the spark of love. Keep reading.
Dealing with Cultural Differences in a Relationship
Differences are differences, aren't they? And of course, they aren't for the good, ever! However, when we talk about dealing with cultural differences in a relationship, it is an altogether different game. Overcome these, and make...
What is Relationship Anarchy
Love is what we make of it and relationships are settled in the casting of social norms and definitions of an 'ideal relationship'. Relationship anarchy, is one term that does not shy to contrast the ideal definition of a...
Mistakes and Consequences
Have you ever thought about how a good reaction to a bad situation can change the whole perspective and even how others perceive the situation?..
How to Deal with Unrequited Love
JM Barrie on unrequited love
Not everyone can take the pain of one sided affection and love. If you are going through the same, know how to deal with unrequited love by reading the following article. Sometimes, it's better to let go, than to hold on, isn't it?
Relationship Advice for One Sided Love
Sarah Dessen on unrequited love
If you are looking for some relationship advice on one-sided love, this article is a must-read for you. Know why it is important for you to get over someone who doesn't love you and how to deal with all the anger and pain. Living...
Platonic Relationships and their Importance
A lot of people want to know whether it is justified to indulge in a platonic relationship. The following article will tell you more about platonic relationships and their importance in one's life. Keep reading and you will have...
Relationship Tips for Men
Relationship tips for men
If you're on the lookout for some amazing relationship tips for men, these might just be the tips that amuse you for sure. Nobody is perfect in a relationship, and all of us need such useful relationship tips to make our...
How to Know if You are Still in Love
Does love really fade away? What being in love means? How to know if you are still in love? Questions galore. Keep reading further to find some answers.
Ways to Say Sorry to Your Girlfriend
Ways to apologize to your girlfriend
Here are some beautiful ways to say sorry to your girlfriend, which are sure to work for those seeking an apology. If you are a boyfriend, feeling sorry for what you have done, this article will tell you how you can make it up to...
What is an Open Relationship
An open relationship has its own pros and cons, and there are many reasons people opt to get into this kind of a relationship. This article covers the details of an open relationship.
Is Becoming Friends with Benefits a Good Idea?
Friendship has its positive and negative points. But what about benefits? Can you be friends by day, physically involved by night? The debate on this modern relationship style is ongoing and fierce. But to really see something, you...
Do Platonic Relationships Really Work?
Most of us indulge in a platonic relationship at least once, for sometime. However, do platonic relationships really work? If they do, how? Platonic relationships can be saviors of another committed relationship, or they can ruin...
How to Make Your Wife Happy
There are some very simple things that you can do to to make your wife happy. Some help on those lines is available in this article. Have a look!
Relationship Tips for College Students
Relationship tips for students
There are many relationship tips for college students but what matters is the ones that work, isn't it? The following article will give you just those. Read on, to know some amazingly helpful relationship tips that will help you...
Name Compatibility Quiz
Are you head over heels for a guy/girl, but are unsure whether the feeling's mutual? Go through this Buzzle post and take our name compatibility quiz to find out.
Understanding Men in Love
Men in love are completely different as compared to when they are normal. Many will disagree, but this is my opinion of men in the prime of their existence. This article will help you in understanding men in love and why they act...
How to Prove You Love Someone
How to prove you love someone, especially if that someone is very stubborn, and you are unaware of the right ways? Get to know the best methods in this article.
Insecurities in a Relationship
If you want to know what insecurities in a relationship mean and how one can deal with them, this article will surely be of help.
When to Say I Love You for the First Time
After dating for long enough, is it still difficult to say 'I love you'? Some relationships are not as smooth as the others. They need perfect timing and setting in order to say those precious words for the first time to take the...
How to Make an Open Relationship Work
Open relationships can be tricky, more so if the path is not tread carefully. Humans are one of the most complicated species when it comes to relationships, no less when it comes to open relationships. This article provides you...
How to Express Your Love
How do you possibly express your feelings to someone who means the world to you? Let's find out ...
How to Not Fall in Love with Your Best Friend
Developing romantic feelings for your best pal? Continue reading to know why it might be a bad idea.
Effects of Lack of Empathy in Relationships
If the feeling of empathy is missing in a relationship, it could mark the start of a terrible ordeal. It can not only break a relationship, but a person as well. Not wanting to go into too many details in the description, I suggest...
How to Make a Woman Fall in Love With You
This Buzzle article is a direct blessing from above for all you men who have been busy scratching your heads, wondering how to woo your love interests. Read on to know about how to light that fire inside her, the woman of your...
Age Difference in Relationships
Does a vast age difference in relationships mean that the relationship is bound to fail? Or is it something that couples can work on together? Read on to find the answers.
Relationship Insecurity
Insecurity can ruin any relationship, however good, strong, or happy it might be. Read on to know about relationship insecurity and how to overcome it.
How to Know If Someone Likes You
There could be many different ways to know if someone likes you. It all depends upon the person and upon the opportunity that one gets to show one's likeness towards you. Noticing the signs can be very irritating, but if you take...
How to Build Trust Back in a Relationship
Infidelity is one of the major reasons that leads to lack of trust, respect, and honesty in a relationship. To build the trust again and make things fall back on track, one needs to put in a lot of effort.
Stages of a Relationship
A romantic relationship is divided into stages, did you know? Read the following article to know more about these stages of a relationship and what they are all about.
Do You Love Someone Who Doesn't Love You?
What do you do when you love someone who doesn't love you? While moping and trying to hang on is usually your first reaction, the best course of action in this case is to accept the reality and try to move on.
What Women Find Attractive in a Man
Intelligent, smart, strong and sensitive; knowing what women find attractive in a man is not really impossible. Whether it is your face or your personality, here is a guide to what women like in men.
Relationship Timeline
What is a relationship timeline? Do all relationships go through the same stages? Read on to find the answers to these questions.
Falling in Love With Your Best Friend
Falling in love with your best friend, is one of those rarest chance to live your life to the fullest. However, you will need a little effort from your end to get this priceless love of a best friend.
Dating & Relationships
Dating & relationships are often misunderstood as synonyms. Here's what the difference is and the stages of dating, which can lead to a relationship.
How to Enjoy Being Single
Whether you are single by choice or because you broke up, it is useful to know how to enjoy being single. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the ways in which you can enjoy this phase in your life.
Rushing into a Relationship
Many times, the thought of wanting to be with someone can lead to rushing into a relationship without thinking of the consequences. Take a look at some important tips to keep in mind when you want to take a relationship gradually...
Am I in Love with My Best Friend?
How do I know whether I am in love with my best friend or if it is just an infatuation? This article will give you guidelines to judge your feelings, and make the best of your relationship.
What Women Want Men to Know
What women want men to know? Seems like a tough one. But, it isn't. The answers are as obvious as the sun rising in the east and setting in the west, which is perhaps why it's so easily missed. In what follows, let's make an...
What Women Want in a Man
The most challenging question of all times is 'What women want in a man?' (Isn't it guys?) Understanding a woman's emotions is not that easy. With a little effort you can unravel the secret that are hidden in a woman's heart.
What Women Want From Men
Men find women difficult to understand. But, what women want from a man is quite simple. This article lists some common factors that most women look for in a man.
How to End a Relationship
It can be very hard to end a relationship, as both of you have seen bright and dark side of life together. But there comes a time, when a relationship has to be called off, due to various reasons...
Insecurity Issues
Insecurity issues in any relationship can lead to a crumbling effect. Read the following article for some interesting views on the same.
How to Fix a Broken Relationship
Broken hearts are not easy to mend. However, the task isn't impossible either. Read on to know how you can patch up.
How to Make a Relationship Work
How to make a relationship work? This might be one of the major questions before people facing troubles in their married or love life. This article on ways to make a relationship work will help you to understand this better. So...
Relationship Stages
The different relationship stages presented below should make us aware of what can be expected during happy and turbulent times of life. Mutual understanding is one of the most important things to share a healthy relationship with...
How to Love Someone
Those wondering how to love someone unconditionally need to know that it is the actions that should make the person feel loved. Expressing your feelings for the other person, and making them feel appreciated and cared for is...
Ways to Save a Relationship
Have there been consistent problems in your relationship for a while? Go through these ways in which you can save your relationship, and you might find something that can bring the magic back.
Am I in Love With Her
What is love? Am I in love with her? Does she love me? Such doubts are natural for someone who is in love for the first time. The following article offers some advice, which will help you to identify your real feelings.
How to Fall Out of Love
Hurt and battered, tears come streaming down your face. Love turns to hate and you don't know what to do. Here's how to mend a broken heart and get over the love that is no longer yours.
How to Get Back with Your Ex
Making up and getting back together with your ex after a breakup is a good idea, but it can be challenging, too. So, for those who find themselves in such a situation and are contemplating getting back with an ex, here's some...
What to Look for in a Guy
Every girl has an inclination as to what qualities her perfect guy should have. Given in this Buzzle article is a list of such traits that every woman should look for in her 'Mr. Right'.
How to Fall in Love With Your Husband Again
If you want to fall in love with your husband, again, then concentrate on the qualities that you love most about him, and do the same things you did when you two had just started dating. Here are some suggestions to begin with.
How to Get Out of the Friend Zone
If you really like a girl in your class or at work, and she considers you to be just a friend, how do you get her to think about you as more? This article has pointers in helping you get out of the friend zone.
How Do You Know if You Love Someone
Believe me, people have asked this question a million times and yet there is no perfect answer. We all have mixed feelings of attraction and emotions towards the opposite sex, but is it really love? Let's find out...
Dysfunctional Relationships
Dysfunctional relationships are always difficult to deal with. Let us find out about these in more detail in the following piece.
When to Get Engaged
The dilemma of when to get engaged is a stupendous one to deal with. It is exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Read on to know what are the considerations you need to make before you decide to get engaged.
How to Find True Love
What can you do to find true love? Well, finding true love is more about understanding yourself so that once you know yourself completely, you will automatically have the potential to create beautiful relationship in your life with...
Internet Relationships
Before getting involved in an online relationship, it is suggested that you consider some important advice on Internet relationships. This article lets you know what can make or break an online relationship and the factors that...
Is She The One
There she is, smiling at you from across the table and holding your hand, telling you how much she loves you. But there is a huge difference between a girlfriend you've been dating for a few months and someone who you love enough...
How to Fall in Love
Love happens without trying. It isn't something that can be preached, taught, or learned. It is an emotion that overtakes all your senses and has you swaying you with its enchanting tune.
How to Get People to Like You
When you are new to a certain place, it's hard to make friends and socialize. This article lists some tips to get people to like you.
How can Insecurity Ruin a Relationship?
Insecurity is one of the fastest ways to drain the love out of a relationship. So, how can insecurity ruin a relationship? The following article provides an answer to this question.
New Relationship Advice
Entering a new relationship is a bumpy ride. For this journey, which has its fair share of highs and lows, you are better off with some relationship advice from the start. Scroll down to get some tips and tricks if you feel you...
What are the Advantages of Being Single
Jealous of your best friend because he's out dating some pretty girl and you are still single? No need to worry or be sad, because single people also do enjoy life. Besides, being single has its own advantages, which are elucidated...
Handling Rejection in Relationships
Handling rejection in relationships is an inevitable truth if you have been in a relationship of any kind. Here are a few ways of coping with the bare truth of relationships.
Getting Back Together After a Breakup
Realized that breaking up wasn't the right way out? Let us see some things that you need to keep in mind if you're contemplating getting back with your ex.
Handling Rejection When Dating
Handling rejections, especially while you're dating, can be really humiliating, frustrating, and hard to digest for most of us. However, instead of drowning yourself in a wave of self pity, you can come out with some pearls of...
Overcoming Fear of Rejection
As everyone realizes at some point of time, overcoming fear of rejection in relationships, is important, if you want to give yourself an opportunity to be happy. Here are some practical tips from a guy who has been there.
How to Handle the Pain Love Brings You
Love doesn't always feel good, like many romantics would like to believe. Here is what you can do to ease the pain.
Are We Compatible?
'And they lived happily ever after... '. This is how most beautiful love fairy tales end. Fairy tales indeed... because, in real life, it is 'a bit' different. What makes two people compatible? How do you know that you and your...
How to Keep a Vow of Sexual Purity
Many young people make a promise to remain abstinent until they reach a certain age or until they get married. Here are some tips that will help in keeping the promise.
Relationships at the Crossroad
A crossroad in a relationship is an opportunity to stop and reflect on your current situation. Keep reading to know more...
Dating Don'ts: Learning from Mistakes
A list of sure-fire ways to destroy your chances with a potential partner. Keep reading!
Ways to Argue Effectively in Relationships
It is very essential that couples argue a little bit, just to clear their heads and voice their opinion. But they should know where to draw the line, and avoid making a mountain of a molehill.
Important Values in a Relationship
Be it important values in marriage or life, the following mentioned values are some of the most important values in a relationship. Read on to know more about such values.
Perks of Having a Short Girlfriend
Perk of having a short girlfriend
A short girlfriend will always look UP to you. Not convinced? We'll detail out the perks of dating a short girl, but if you already aren't dating one, it might just compel you to fall in love with one.
How to Get a Guy to Notice You
How to get a guy to notice you
How to get a guy to notice you? How to make a guy crazy for you? These are some common questions, which most girls looking for a steady relationship encounter. Here are some tips that will make getting noticed a lot easier!
Trust Building Exercises for Couples
Trust building exercise for couples
Trust building exercises for couples become essential at times when one is faced with a failing relationship or in order to make a relationship stronger.
Dealing with Rejection
Dealing with rejection
Rejection is something that every person has to face one time or the other in their life. Whatever the reason, there are many people who take it in a negative sense, which can lead to depression and lower their self-esteem. Here...
Love in Different Languages
Love has no language
Humans have found numerous ways to experience, share and communicate the emotion called love. The language of love is universal - it just sounds different. If you happen to look up the word in a dictionary, it will give you a host...
Types of Love Relationships
Basic love styles
Love is perhaps one among the very few words that can be defined in many different ways. We bet every person's definition of love would vary from another, and who could blame them? While for one love is friendship, care, and...
Taking a Break in a Relationship
When to take a break in a relationship
Every couple goes through difficult times and has to grapple with certain issues. However, this doesn't mean that you call it quits and give up. Taking a short break from your troubled relationship is one the best options to sort...
Selfishness in a Relationship
Nick Richardson quote on love
A selfish partner negatively dominates the relationship, by burdening the relationship with loads of expectations that are often based on illogical premise. A complete denial of feelings for your partner, who is supposed to be your...
Infatuation Vs. Love
Infatuation vs love
Is it infatuation? Is it love? Why is all this so confusing? You should always be sure about your feelings towards a person, whether it's an infatuation or actual love.
Relationship Advice for Men
Relationship advice for men
A lot of times we wonder what steps we can take to make our relationship more formidable. After all, we want to keep the person happy, whom we so earnestly love.
How to Say Sorry
Paul Boese quote on forgiveness
'Sorry' is one of the three golden words in the English language. You should never hesitate to say sorry if you realize your mistake. The sooner you apologize for your mistake, the better will be the chances of being forgiven.
Is Arguing Healthy for Relationships?
Arguing in relationships
In a relationship what is the one thing that, makes women mad and men walk out in frustration? It is the whole act of arguing and that moment when falling in love looks like the biggest mistake ever. Is arguing the road towards the...
Is Age an Important Factor in Relationships?
Age is not an important factor in a relationship
They say age is just a number. It is indeed a number which cannot overpower an emotional connect and a psychological comfort in a relationship. Relationships with a severe age gap have always been debated about by several...
How to Use Reverse Psychology in Relationships
Using reverse psychology in relationships
Reverse psychology is a powerful psychological technique that can be used to influence people to do what you want them to do by suggesting the exact opposite thing of what you want them to do. Confusing? Read this post to...
What Does a Forehead Kiss Symbolize?
Forehead kiss symbolism
To kiss and tell is the perfect way to express your feelings, and perhaps an ideal example where actions speak louder than words. However, there are some instances where you need some words to understand what just happened, isn't...
Moments That Make or Break a Relationship
Make or break moment in a relationship
Relationships are our most cherished assets, and without putting in constant efforts from our end, they would not flourish. While building a relationship with a loved one, our reaction in certain situations can decide its fate....
10 Signs that You're in a One-Sided Relationship
Sign that you're in a one-sided relationship
The good old saying that "love is blind" stands true to its word in many cases, one of them being, a one-sided relationship. You might as well call the inability to identify the "emptiness" of your relationship...
40 Most Annoying Habits of Men
Annoying habit of men - snoring
Men can be difficult to handle sometimes, and when their habits begin to affect the women around them, it can result in mayhem. Would you like to know which habits tick off women the most?
How to Be a Caring Boyfriend Without Being Clingy
Tips to be a caring boyfriend without being clingy
Does your girlfriend directly or indirectly accuse you of being clingy, of not giving her the space she needs, and you fail to understand why? Many times, there is a thin line that defines if you are clingy or caring in a...
Can You Be in Love With Two People at the Same Time?
Survey about loving two people simultaneously
Can you be in love with two people at the same time? Or is it that you have a strong infatuation towards this new lover, or perhaps you have run out of love with your current lover? Buzzle throws light on this dilemma ...
How to Fight Fair in Relationships
Fighting rules for couples
Can't stand the daily battle of words and the harsh allegations? Setting some ground rules for fighting fairly will definitely help you iron out the differences without losing your cool.
9 Reasons Why We Fight With Those We Love
Why we fight with those we love
We are surrounded by people we adore and cherish. However, we often find ourselves fighting with them. This might sound weird, but it's natural to have family feuds. But have you ever wondered why we do so? Here's shedding a...
How Can an Introvert and Extrovert Have a Great Relationship?
How an introvert and an extrovert can have a great relationship
Extroverts and introverts are known to have the best of the relationships, just by bringing in the right balance required in a relationship. Buzzle talks about this balance and how it actually works.
10 Signs to Help you Identify Your Soulmate
Sign to help you identify your soulmate
Soulmate―the word that did stir up our romantic desires before we didn't, so to say, 'grow up', now feels nothing less than a mirage, so that we keep on searching for this perfect partner. But seriously, no matter how much we...
Reasons Why Couples Who Travel Together Stay Together
Reason why couples should travel together
As if traveling wasn't fun already, there is a way you can make it better - by just taking your partner along! We're listing out reasons why couples who travel together, stay together.
What Does a Kiss on the Hand Signify?
Kiss on the hand symbolism
Hand-kissing could be many things to many people, but we somehow feel that it is the epitome of chivalry, respect, and admiration. You needn't feel all boggled if, in today's world, you have been getting pecked on your hand. To...
10 Things Only Friendzoned Guys Can Relate To
Things only friendzoned guys can relate to
A nice guy meets a girl, they hit it off well, become good friends and remain friends forever. This is the story of most of the guys who become inhabitant of the no-man's land called "friendzone". In this Buzzle article,...
9 Reasons Why People Fall Out Of Love
Reasons why people fall out of love
It takes a moment to fall in love, but a lifetime to stay be in it. As you grow old your love for each other needs to change with you, if not then your love will succumb to the wounds of time.
9 Reasons Nurses Make A Great Partner
Why nurses make a great partner
Dating a nurse? If so, then you are the luckiest person on earth, because there are ample reasons to date a nurse; what's more you also get all the perks of dating a nurse in the long run of life. So, gear up dear partners, and...
What Does a Love-hate Relationship Mean?
Love hate relationship meaning
We have come across the term "love-hate" quite a lot of times, haven't we? In magazines, gossip columns, perhaps romantic teen novels too! What does a love-hate relationship mean? Is it applicable only in romantic...
Difference Between Soulmate and Life Partner
Difference between a soulmate and a life partner
We have all heard people around us casually talk of soulmates and life partners, but never really known the difference between them. Does a soulmate mean friendship, or should he be a life partner? Which of the two is friendship,...
Relationship Advice for On-again, Off-again Couples
Advice for on-again, off-again relationship
An on-again, off-again relationship calls for a repetitive cycle of makeups and breakups, in most cases, deteriorating the quality of relationship furthermore with every 'new start'. If you too are involved in this...
Understanding Conscious Uncoupling
Conscious uncoupling meaning
Conscious uncoupling is a process of separation that encourages self-reflection. Here, we will understand what the process involves and how one benefits from the same.
9 Signs You Are in a Back Burner Relationship
Quote about being in a back burner relationship
Not everyone has a storybook relationship. At times, we get into relationships which change us for good. One such relationship is the back burner relationship, in which you feel both, used and taken for granted.
Best Things About Having a Boyfriend
Memorable dates - a great thing about having a boyfriend
Love and companionship are the best things out there! And face it ladies, life sucks without your man. Whether the relationship is casual or serious, there are many benefits of having a boyfriend. For starters, you don't have to...
9 Excuses People Give About Being Single
Excuses about being single
Singles may even find the word 'Relationship Status' biased, because it has still got the word 'relationship' in it. Ask them why they do not wish to mingle, and they would give you the best excuses for being single.
What Makes Two People Compatible?
Emily Kimbrough quote on going hand in hand
Compatibility defines an attitude to be in a harmonious relationship wherein the two people involved, have a complete understanding of one another and feelings of love and mutual respect for who they are. Have you wondered what...
Monogamy and its Advantages
Monogamy is defined as the practice of having only one spouse at a time. There are many advantages of being monogamous.
Has Feminism Ruined Relationships?
Definition of feminism
The word "feminism" is always wrongly associated with male bashing. However, the feminist value is to get equal rights for women. When she demands equal rights in relationships as well, this value of feminism is...
Signs of Being in Love
Signs of being in love
Once, Elvis Presley sang - "I can't help falling in love with you..." Have you ever been in love with someone? Love is such a wonderful thing that can only be felt. But, sometimes it can be hard to tell if you are really...
How to End an Affair
How to end an affair
If you are grappling with an issue that involves ending an affair, you need to think about the injustice you are doing to your spouse. Muster up the strength to make the right decision before it is too late.
How to Set Boundaries in Relationships
Setting boundaries in a relationship is extremely essential to protect yourself physically and emotionally and also to ensure that your freedom is not being compromised upon. In this post, you will learn the importance of setting a...
Why do Men Need Women in their Lives?
Let us try to understand why do men need women, and why is it that while most men around the world take digs at their own wives and other women and even publicly loathe female companionship, they would rather prefer to be stuck...
How to Avoid Falling into the Friend Zone
Are you in a relationship with a friend from the opposite sex who says "you understand me so well" or "you're my best friend" and you think you're getting closer to the next level of romance? Watch out, you...
How to Manage Work and Family Life
Being a working parent can often spell doom if you do not know how to handle being a professional as well as a parent! Find out some simple tips on how to manage work and family life in this article, and be loved as a parent and...
How to End a Love Triangle
Tip to end a love triangle
Love is not always lucky, especially when the person you love is in love with someone else. It is a tricky situation. You don't know if you should wait or simply move on. But it is not so easy to get out of a love triangle.
How to be Really Good Friends with Someone You Like
Tip to be good friends with someone you like
In a world where most people come off as phonies, it's refreshingly rare to actually like someone in the true sense of the word. This piece discusses how to be really good friends with someone you like, to see if this liking can...
8 Signs That Show Your Crush Sees You as Just a Friend
Sign that shows your crush sees you as a friend
The most annoying thing about crushes is that they come without any warning until one fine day, you realize that you can't imagine your day without being in touch with this person. But what if your feelings aren't reciprocated in...
Romantic Relationships in the Workplace
While it may seem like a good idea to go out with someone from work, there are downsides that most would agree outweigh the positive. It may sound nice to be with someone inside the mundane world of your 9 to 5, but again, the long...
What Relationship Statuses Really Mean On Social Media
Relationship statuses on social media
Today, social media has taken over all the domains of a human's existence. Be it at home or at office, in a meeting or a vacation, the social media lingers along everywhere. And amid all this fuss, there's the 'Relationship...
10 Types Of Couples We Come Across Everywhere
Type of couple - fighting couple
Some couples look really adorable, especially older couples who have been together for decades, while some can be downright annoying―they just don't seem like a couple. We, at Buzzle, have come up with a list of 10 types of...
Signs You are a Low Maintenance Girl
Signs of a low-maintenance girl
You know you're a low maintenance girl when no one influences your wardrobe. You're neither a slob nor lazy. You're simply comfortable under your skin, and have no issues stepping out the door without your makeup. There are...
Law of Attraction and Relationships
Wondering if something known as a "perfect relationship" exists? This article will help you understand the connection between the law of attraction and relationships, and how you can use it to get what your heart desires.
Keeping the Spark Alive in a Relationship
For the love that was, and the beauty of it that faded, it's time you know the truth about relationships - love doesn't go anywhere; people do. Bring back those emotions within you, awaken that passion. Here's an abstract to help...
How to Bring Back Love in a Relationship
Bring back love by giving and not expecting
You have been together with your partner for months or years, but does it seem like the love that brought you two together is suddenly missing? Well, you are not the first couple to be in such a situation. Many couples go through...
How to Know If a Person is Emotionally Unavailable
Emotionally unavailable person
It takes two to be in a relation, and two to make it work. Given that one of the partners is shy and doesn't acknowledge the relationship as freely and comfortably as the other, what happens next? Now that's a serious problem...
Exploring the Strengths and Challenges of May-December Relationships
May-December relationship
May-December relationships have existed even before marriages itself. Unlike what most believe, many couples have had successful May-December relationships.
Things Only People in a Committed Relationship Can Understand
Quote on relationships
Someone has rightly said that "Love is an unconditional commitment to an imperfect person. To love somebody isn't just a strong feeling. It is a decision, a judgment, and a promise." That unconditional love leads you into...
Understanding the Meaning of a Kindred Spirit
Quote by Phoebe from Friends series
Déjà vu. Love at first sight. It all leads to one thing - kindred spirits. If you're wondering what the concept really means, you've landed at the right place.
7 Love Lessons We Should Learn from Military Couples
Love lesson from military couples
A military couple's love life may not be all that exciting and every day may not turn out to be an adventure. But these superheroes and their better halves can certainly teach you some things which are beyond love lessons from any...
Annoying Things Interracial Couples are Tired of Hearing
Annoying things interracial couples get to hear
What was once illegal in some parts of the United States is beginning to be accepted by society today. Still, complete change would take a lot of time. Interracial marriages, or relationships, are not yet heartily welcomed, as seen...
Things Men and Women Perceive Differently
Men Vs women - the difference in thought processes
Though men and women have their obvious anatomical differences, do they perceive things differently? Should the Mars and Venus analogy from John Gray's bestselling book, 'Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus', be given some...
How to Save Your Relationship With Your Girlfriend
Tips to save your relationship with your girlfriend
Every relationship has its share of hiccups, some have more while others have less. Find out in this article how to save your relationship with your girlfriend. Keep reading.
How to Find Out if Someone is Married
Tips to find out a person's marital status
What if you find yourself stuck in an relationship with a married person and that too without having a clue about it?! It is very important to know how to find out if someone is married or not, so that you can save yourself the...
Ways to Cope while Your Loved One is in Prison
Is your loved one in prison? Are you looking for ways to cope with emotional stress as your loved one is incarcerated? Go through this article to help yourself come out of this frustrating and stressful situation.
How to Enjoy Being Single After 40
Tips to enjoy being single after 40
Have you crossed 40 and are yet single? Are you on the lookout for ways to live life as you would have, when you were young and with your partner? Scroll down to know how to enjoy being single after 40.
Creating a Healthy Balance Between Work and Personal Life
Sometimes, we get so much involved in our professional life that our personal relationships get affected in the undesired way. Through this article learn the different ways to create a balance between your work and personal life.
Equity Theory of Relationships
The equity theory of relationships is based on a theory developed by workplace and behavioral psychologist John Stacey Adams. It explores the perceptions of humans regarding their inputs in the relationship and the outcomes they get.
Fear of Rejection
The fear of rejection is a phobia that can hamper a person's quality of life. This article explains what this phobia is like, where it stems from, and how to overcome it.
Love Relationships at Work
How wise is it to have a love relationship at work? Can a relationship at the workplace harm your job or career prospects? Read ahead to find out.
Relationships in the Workplace
Be it personal or professional, one is bound to build relationships in the workplace. However, the catch is how one handles them, as they can lead to success as well as downfall of an individual in his career. Here are a few...
Separated Beds Does Not Mean Seperated People
Why on earth would married people want to sleep in separate rooms? It's not always about sex. Keep reading to know more...