Here are Some Great Tips on How to Deal With Being Ghosted
Being abandoned on social media
The feeling of being ignored or boycotted by the one who is dear to us can be really depressing. In today's technology-driven dating scene, this phenomenon of being ghosted is fairly common. The key lies in knowing how to identify...
Wonder Why Celebrities Break Up More Often? Here are Some Theories
Reason why celebrities break up so often
Lately it seems like almost every celebrity in Tinseltown is breaking up with their supposed partner and/or spouse. Are there any specific reasons behind this? Why do celebrities break up more often? Let's discuss the topic in...
What Does it Really Mean When Your Ex Wants to Be Friends?
Reason why your ex wants to be friends
So what does it mean when your ex wants to be friends? From the simple wants, to get back to you, to a secret plan for revenge, it can mean anything. Keep reading further for an insight into this bothering topic...
7 Extremely Useful Tips on How to Stop Thinking of Your Ex
Tips to help get over your ex
How to stop thinking of your ex? If this is the question on your mind, suggested in this article are some tips in which you will find the answer for the same. Read on...
Want to Make Your Ex-girlfriend Jealous? These Tricks NEVER Fail
It isn't unusual to feel upset when one partner seems to be moving on, especially after a recent spat or breakup. However, there are ways by which you can make your ex feel jealous and the only way to do that is to move on yourself...
Moving on After an Affair and Rebuilding Trust in Your Marriage
Marriage is based on the foundation of trust and an event such as affair shatters the very foundation of this institution. Moving on after an affair is easier said than done, yet I have tried to share a few thoughts on healing post...
Letting Go of a Past Relationship - The Only Way to Move Forward
If it works no more, perhaps, you should let go. Letting go of a past relationship can help you get out of the rut you're stuck in...
How to Break Up With Your Girlfriend in a Graceful and Painless Way
Even though it isn't easy to break up with your girlfriend in a painless way, it is very much possible if the two of you discuss the core issues and support each other throughout the process. Be there for one another as friends and...
Here's How You Can Save Your Relationship From a Breakup
Here is an article which offers some very useful and interesting tips on saving your relationship from a break up. It's a must read for all those who find themselves in such an unfortunate situation.
Tips on How to Comfort and Cheer Up Your Friend After a Breakup
You have a big role to play in comforting your friend after that disastrous break up he/she had. Learn to comfort your friend with the tips given in this article.
How to Get Over your Ex Boyfriend
Getting over your ex boyfriend isn't easy, but it can be done by taking a few simple steps to get over the attachments. One of them is to avoid people, places, and situations that may remind you of him. Read the following article...
Best Ways to Get Over a Breakup
Just had a breakup that is not giving you the peace of mind you need? Try one of these ways to get over a breakup and it might just be what you needed all this while.
Potent Signs Which Scream That Your Ex Really Wants You Back
Don't know how to decipher the signs if your ex wants you back? This following article will help you plenty by giving you some of the most potent signs that scream that the ex needs you back. Read for more details.
How to Tell if Your Ex Really Wants You Back Badly
Confused if your ex has moved on or not? Are you getting mixed signals even weeks after you called it off? Let's see what they mean.
Take the High Road and Know How to Be Friends With Your Ex
Being friends with an ex is not something that is looked upon as a very good option. There are times when you do not have a choice. Here are a few tips on the best steps to take in such situations.
What Does it Really Mean When Your Girlfriend Wants a Break?
Everything in your relationship was a dream come true. Everyday you woke up to a happier day, until one day she said she wanted a break. What happened? Let's look at a few possibilities.
Sound Tips on How to Forget Someone You Love Deeply and Move On
It is one of the hardest things to do; moving on after you lost your ex or the person you loved so much. However, what comes after has to be endured. It is not something you can overlook, something that consumes your every thought...
When it's Unavoidable, Here's How to Break Up With Someone You Love
Breaking up with someone is one of the hardest things to do. But at times, things don't work out between two people and eventually there is a breakup. This Buzzle article presents tried and true ways to breakup without breaking...
5 Great Tips for You to Let Go of a Relationship and Heal Yourself
Letting go of a relationship and allowing yourself to heal emotionally requires strength, time, and patience.
When Inevitable, Here's How to Let Go of Someone You Love
Letting go is never easy. Learn how to let go of someone you love, so that you can be stronger than what you were before.
Don't Overlook! 5 Sure Signs That He Wants to Break Up
You have a feeling that your boyfriend wants to break up with you, but you're not very sure about it. There are some signs here and there, but you're afraid of bringing it up. Here's an article that might help you figure out...
Get Out of the Rut, Start a New Future - How to Let Go of the Past
Sometimes, circumstances can leave you reeling, unable to move beyond the grief or anger they leave you with. Learning how to let go of them can help you get out of the rut you're stuck in.
Before Breaking Up, Ponder Over These Questions to Introspect Deeply
The decision to end your relationship must come after deep introspection. Following are some questions that you must think over before breaking up.
Getting Over a Broken Heart
Getting over a broken heart and dealing with the devastation and grief may seem like an insurmountable task for a person who has just had a relationship breakup. However, with time and patience, along with the realization that this...
Breakup Advice for Men: Yes, It's Equally Tough for Them As Well
Contrary to the popular belief, a breakup can be as hard on a man as it often is on a woman. Read this Buzzle article for some advice.
What Should You Do to Mend a Broken Heart and Get Past the Phase?
One of the most traumatic experiences is, breaking up with the person you loved the most. It seems your world has turned upside down and everything seems to go wrong. Now you are nursing a broken heart and you are searching for...
6 Ways to Help You Heal Your Broken Heart and Start Living Again
The rueful whimpering of a broken heart can never be understood by anyone. Not even by those who have suffered a heartbreak. It is only the suffered who holds the power to heal the broken heart, gather the pieces, fix them together...
Had a Break Up? Depressed? Tips That Tell You How to Survive Through
Breaking up with someone can be a traumatizing affair. But, the worst is surviving a break up. Break ups cause a change in the lifestyle and a general void, making them hard to cope with.
Here's How You Can Get Over a Broken Heart and Start a New Life
One of the hardest things to learn is getting over someone. It is perhaps the toughest part of growing up as a person. Here, I offer some tips on healing a broken heart.
Tips to Help You Move on After a Breakup and Start Life Afresh
Mourning the demise of a relationship is definitely not easy, but then life moves on and so do people. The sooner you prepare yourself to move on, the less traumatic it will be for you. This article lists some tips to help you heal...
How to Get Over a Guy
He's gone and you need to move on too. Don't know how to get over a guy? Here's a guide for a safe ride through these bumpy times. So, fasten your seat belts, get ready and read on.
Ending a Relationship
Ending a relationship becomes inevitable if it begins to sour. However, you can spare the discomfort and pain associated with a relationship breakup by calling it quits gracefully. Here is some advice on ending a relationship...
The Perfect Relationship Breakup Advice That You Would Ever Need
If you find yourself flirting with the idea of breaking up with your partner, here is some sound advice that may help put things in perspective.
The 7 Golden Rules to Help You Deal With a Breakup and Move On
Breaking up was unavoidable, because in retrospect you will find signs that you missed all along. It is an all new catch-22 situation and you certainly don't know how to deal with it. Relax and read on for the best ways to deal...
Helpful Advice and Great Tips on Dealing With a Broken Heart
Heartbreak is not an easy thing to get over, especially when the bond that is now broken, meant the world to the sufferer. Let's take a look at some helpful advice on how to deal with a broken heart.
Do You Think Your Ex Still Loves You? Check for These Signs
Do you sometimes wish to go back to your ex lover? Do you want to know whether he still loves you or not? If yes, then read this article. It will throw light on some signs that your ex still loves you.
Does Your Ex still have Feelings for You
Have you often felt that large void, even after a long gap that follows a break up? Do you wish to get back with your ex? For that matter, does he/she still have feelings for you? Here are some signs to find an answer to your...
7 Most Common Reasons Why Women Break Up With Men
If you have often wondered why your girl broke up with you, maybe you need to retrospect upon the kind of relationship you shared with her. Take a look at some reasons, which are a complete turn off for women, leading to subsequent...
Tips to Overcome Depression Following A Relationship Breakup
Going through a breakup is a difficult task and requires a lot of courage and emotional strength. Here are some of the effective ways to cope with disappointment and frustration arising from a relationship breakdown.
Does My Ex Still Love Me?
We all find ourselves caught in a web of confusion when it come to our ex loves. If he's still sending you signals post a breakup, there's a chance that he may be still in love with you. This article helps you discover the truth...
Breaking Up a Relationship
Most of us can tell if a relationship is going sour, but often we want to ignore it thinking, praying that it will be fine.
No Contact Rule After a Breakup: Does it Work? Find Out Here
No contact rule after breakup
Post a breakup, it is very hard to stop yourself from getting in touch with your ex and trying to convince him/her to get back with you. However, avoiding contact with your ex has several benefits, and it helps you get over the...
Breakup Excuses and What They Mean
Breakup excuse
Let's face it - we'd rather relocate to the South Pole, than face an unceremonious breakup, especially when we know it's going to take the other person by surprise. The mind fumbles, the tongue mumbles, and the result is some...
Questions One Should Surely Ask Before Ending a Relationship
Lack of communication causes breakups
Ending a relationship is an extremely challenging task for any couple. There are certain questions that must be asked before resorting to this final step. Questions have to be self-answered before ending a relationship, and they...
Is it Really OK to Break Up With Someone Via Text Messages?
Fact about using text message for break up
Break up SMS may be the latest thing doing the rounds in relationships, but is that really the right way to end a relationship? Here's a look at the flip side of SMS break up and why text messages may not really be the ideal way to...
Getting Over an Affair
Tip to get over an affair
Getting over an affair is never easy for most. Knowingly or unknowingly, we become so involved with that person that when the time comes to separate (sudden or prolonged), it leaves this dull ache somewhere deep down. For some, it...
Words of Encouragement After Breakup
Quote on breakups by anonymous author
You thought it was special... he/she was the one and now it's over. All that remains is memories, pain, and a broken heart. But instead of crying because it's over, smile because it happened! We know it's tough, but comfort...
It Isn't Easy, But This is How to Get Over a Girl You Love
Tips to get over a girl you love
Breakups are hard, whatever the duration of the relationship; the result is almost always a broken, battered heart. While many pity the fairer sex for getting hurt so often, coupled with a vengeful attitude towards men, we must...
Writing a Breakup Letter to Your Boyfriend
Tips to write a breakup letter to boyfriend
Wondering how to handle a breakup situation through a letter? Find out more on writing a breakup letter to your boyfriend...
Crucial Tips on How to Break Up With Someone Gracefully
Easiest way to break up with someone
It is very hard to break up with someone. It is even harder to break up amicably. Here are a few tips which throw light on how to break up with someone gracefully.
Getting Over a Breakup
Getting over a breakup
Breakups often open up new horizons for people to find the kind of love they actually deserve, and to get some time-out for themselves. So, getting over a breakup need not be as difficult as it is made out to be. Here are some tips...
Make Sure You NEVER Say These 8 Things to Your Ex
Things you should never say to your ex
What's done is done, and it is in the past now. You possibly cannot go back and change things. However, what you can do is avoid fights and lessen arguments with your ex by not saying a few things. After all, there was a time when...
How to Get Your Stuff Back After a Breakup in the Right Manner
Getting your stuff back after a breakup
Breakups are tough to deal with, and more challenging is the task of getting all your belongings back after it is all over. So, how to get your stuff after a breakup, maintaining the respect of both you and your ex? Here are a few...
How to Gently Break Up With a Person Who Has Suicidal Tendencies
Breaking up with a suicidal person
Breakups are hard, and breaking up with someone who has suicidal tendencies makes it even more complicated. Your partner doesn't take the 'It's not you, it's me' line the way they should. Things get ugly, and out of sheer...
10 Best Books to Read When You're Going Through a Breakup
Best books to read while going through a breakup
Single again? Relax in your favorite chair and comfort yourself with a good book that will help you get back to "being yourself". Here are a few books to read when you're going through a breakup.
It's Tricky, But This is How to Cope When You're the Heartbreaker
Way to cope when you are the heartbreaker
It will hurt, and hurt like crazy. Breaking someone's heart is never easy. You gotta be strong, you gotta be firm. Don't get carried away; you have to think long-term!
Decoded! How to Be Friends Even After a Breakup
To be friends after breaking up a relationship is one question that is quite difficult to answer. It's easy to say "Let's be friends", but is it really possible? Let's find out.
Moving on Quotes and Sayings
Moving on quote
In difficult times, an attitude to move on from the past, looking towards the future, can often come to your rescue and ease the pain. Moving on quotes and sayings can offer you solace when there is little or none.
Ending a Long-term Relationship
Graham Greene quote on ending relationships
Ending a long-term relationship is not that easy. It is painful and heart-breaking for both the partners. But, when a relationship has run its course, putting an end to it seems to be a rather germane decision. Let's take a look at...
How to Know if Your Ex Still Loves You
Having feelings for exes is something very common and something that sometimes just refuses to go away. If you think you're experiencing a similar situation with your ex, then in this article you'll find some probable signs that...
Why do Men Break Up with Women?
Fights and misunderstandings are common in a relationship; but sometimes they get so ugly that the couple decide to end the relation altogether. There are plenty of reasons for men opt of the relation first, here we have covered...
15 Famous Celebrity Breakups of All Time
Famous celebrity breakups
As perfect as they look sometimes, even celebrities have a hard time keeping their relationships together just like the rest of us. Buzzle presents 15 famous celebrity breakups of all time.
10 Types of Breakups
Just as we profess our love in different ways, the way it comes to an end also has its different ways. The manner of splitting makes the coping up period differ in time and sentiment. Here's taking a look at the various breakup...
Break Up Advice for Girls
You'll find breakup advice for girls and women, who have no clue what to do when in love, or when caught in the eye of the stormiest of relationships. Get all the help that you need, right here...